These are the Latinos/Latins, linguistically and culturally: Italians, French,Romanians,Portuguese and Spaniards. ( Latin Europeans)The Spanish-speaking people of the "Americas" have nothing to do with being Latins. They only originate from a continent called by the French "Amerique Latine" because of the Latin-derived languages: French,Spanish and Portuguese, spoken there.  They are "Latin Americans" by geographical location only and have no Latin culture. Everything Latin/Latino be it the Latin people,the Latin Language (Lingua Latina) be it the Latin Culture all comes from Roman Italy and not from Spain and not from Latin America. Latino/Latin is only a language and a culture, the language spoken by the Romans and their culture. The useless Hispanics and the U.S. Census Bureau cannot change its definition.


“We must work together to confront forces that threaten over time to undermine our values and erase the bonds of culture, faith, and tradition”, he said, capturing the theme of his landmark speech which warned of threats from within and abroad.



Lauren Southern: I Fear the ‘Beginning Stages’ of Genocide in South Africa

“nFacebook/Lauren Southern
by Charlie Nash3 May 2018800
Conservative journalist and author Lauren Southern appeared on SiriusXM Patriot’s Breitbart News Sunday to discuss the illegal immigrant caravan, the Defend Europe Alps mission, and white persecution in South Africa.
“The first thing I want to address is the shocking media coverage on [the Central American migrant caravan at the U.S.’s southern border] and [the media’s] attempts to correlate or almost combine the words ‘refugee’ and ‘migrant’,” Southern told host Breitbart News Deputy Political Editor Amanda House.

“Almost every website I’ve read about this crisis has combined the words ‘refugee’ and ‘migrant’ as if they are the same thing, and that is spitting in the face of every genuine refugee in the world because these are not the same things,” Southern declared. “You have people that are trying to come over for economic opportunities, you have people trying to come in to go on welfare systems, or even to commit crime in America versus people who are genuinely escaping political persecution.”

“And in this case, you have people coming over from, yes, relatively poor countries; Guatemala and Honduras, however, being in a poor country does not make you a refugee. If that were the case, America would have to assimilate and bring in far more people than are already even in the country,” she continued. “This would be a large amount of the world, a large amount of Africa, a lot of China, a lot of South America, and that’s just not sustainable. A nation can only sustain so many people when it has socialist systems in place, and America, unfortunately, has already become so generous with strangers that it’s now becoming unsustainable for itself.”
On the topic of Defend Europe’s Alps mission, which featured Identitarian activists defending the French Alps border from illegal immigrants, Southern proclaimed, “Initially, looking at this mission, I thought it was going to be something that would just be symbolic.”
“Like they had helicopters in the sky with ‘Defend Europe’ written on it, they built a little wall, they had flairs, and signs, and even an airplane with ‘Defend Europe’, and it looked like it was going to be symbolic, but over the past week and night they’ve been patrolling the mountains. They’ve actually sent back around eight illegal migrants, bringing them to the police,” she explained. “There’s been no violence, nothing, these activists have just been working in collaboration with local officers, and really looking at this, the amount of money they’ve saved in potential criminal costs or welfare costs from each migrant that comes into the country, they’ve probably paid off the cost of the mission of having these hundred activists down there, so it’s been rather shocking to watch that a bunch of twenty-year-olds are doing a better job it seems than the actual French government in protecting the Alpine borders.”
During her radio appearance, Southern also discussed her documentary about white persecution in South Africa, claiming the situation in the country was worse than she imagined.
“The government is not just ignoring the crisis, they’re recording these murders as robberies gone wrong, and we’re talking about murders where people are being hung upside down, tortured, and their families and children are being killed, and the government is recording this as a robbery gone wrong,” Southern declared. “Beyond just ignoring this, you have leaders within the governments, certainly the Economic Freedom Fighters, the EFF, who are on stages at their political meetings, they have ten percent of control of the government, singing, ‘Shoot and kill the Boer.’ The Boer being the white Dutch population.”
“If this were happening in any other nation on Earth, or in fact towards any other racial group… imagine if someone in the Republican Party was singing, ‘Shoot, kill the Asian,’ or ‘Shoot, kill the black,’ that would be ‘all over world news,'” expressed Southern. “It would be the biggest issue in the mainstream media, but because it is the Boer people, and because it is South Africa, the rainbow nation that is held up so highly as a socialist utopia by the left, we ignore this crisis.”
After noting that even the majority political party in South Africa is now enacting anti-white laws, such as land confiscation, she concluded, “If it continues, I fear there is going to be the beginning stages of what many would call genocide.”
Breitbart News Sunday airs on Sirius XM Patriot Channel 125, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m


Donald Trump Proposes Guarding Southern Border with the Military


President Donald Trump said he is currently having discussions in his administration to deploy military resources on the southern border.

Making his remarks during a lunch meeting at the White House with the presidents of Baltic nations, as Gen. James Mattis sat beside him at the table, Trump said, “I’ve been speaking with Gen. Mattis. We’re going to be doing things militarily,” adding, “Until we can have a wall and proper security, we’re going to be guarding our border with the military.”

The president did not detail specific plans for policing the border but appeared eager to make it happen after Democrats stalled progress on his long-promised border wall.

“That’s a big step,” Trump said. “We really haven’t done that before, certainly not very much before.”

Trump confirmed in an afternoon press conference on Tuesday that he does intend to use military force to secure the border.

“We are preparing to have the military to secure our border between Mexico and the United States,” Trump said when reporters questioned him for more details. He said he would be meeting with Mattis and other security officials to discuss the issue soon.

The omnibus spending deal included less than $1.6 billion for border structures but an impressive $700 billion for the Pentagon in FY2018.

In a 2011 interview with Bill O’Reilly on Fox News, Trump signaled interest in using the U.S. military to stop illegal immigration. “You put soldiers on that line,” he said. “Do you have a choice? They are coming over and they are climbing over a fence and there’s nobody within 10 miles.”


                                                                                                                                           MESTIZO INVASION.


Trump declares 'NO MORE' DACA deal after report of caravan with Central Americans heading to US

Border Patrol reaction to caravan of immigrants headed to US

Border Patrol union leader Brandon Judd provides insight as large group of immigrants make their way to the southern U.S. border.

President Trump declared on Sunday the deal for the Obama-era DACA program was “NO MORE” and called for "tough" immigration reform after a report stated a caravan carrying more than 1,000 people from Central America is traveling through Mexico and to the United States in hopes of entering the states illegally or by asking for asylum. 

Trump, who has vowed to end catch and release, tweeted Sunday morning that Republicans need to take the "nuclear option" when passing tougher immigration laws.

The president had given Congress six months to pass legislation enshrining the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA), which protects about 800,000 young immigrants brought to country illegally as children from deportation.

“Border Patrol Agents are not allowed to properly do their job at the Border because of ridiculous liberal (Democrat) laws like Catch & Release. Getting more dangerous. 'Caravans' coming. Republicans must go to Nuclear Option to pass tough laws NOW. NO MORE DACA DEAL!” the president tweeted.

The caravan the president was likely referring to was first reported by BuzzFeed News on Friday. Organized by Pueblos Sin Fronteras, or People Without Borders, the caravan traveled through Mexico without authorization last week, according to the report. Officials in Mexico have not attempted to stop the migrants, about 80 percent of them from Honduras. The group’s intent is to provide those people a safe way to travel to the U.S.

Hundreds of Central Americans attend a mass before they begin a Via Crucis on Palm Sunday from the southern state of Mexico to the center and north of the country, demanding respect for their human rights, asylum and reports of violence in their countries in Tapachula, Mexico March 25, 2018. REUTERS/Jose Torres NO RESALES. NO ARCHIVES. - RC1DDBDE3160

Hundreds of Central Americans marching from the southern state of Mexico to the center and north of the country.  (Reuters)

National Border Patrol Council (NBPC) union chief Brandon Judd told “Fox & Friends” on Sunday that the migrants are riding on the benefit of catch and release, when illegal immigrants are detained in the U.S. and released while they await for their court hearings.  

Trump also threatened to pull out of the free trade agreement with Mexico unless the country did more to stop the flow of illegal immigrants entering the U.S. The U.S., Canada and Mexico are currently renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement at Trump's insistence.

“Mexico is doing very little, if not NOTHING, at stopping people from flowing into Mexico through their Southern Border, and then into the U.S. They laugh at our dumb immigration laws. They must stop the big drug and people flows, or I will stop their cash cow, NAFTA. NEED WALL!” he tweeted.

“These big flows of people are all trying to take advantage of DACA. They want in on the act!” he added.

Trump also spoke about DACA and Mexico before attending Easter services at Episcopal church near his home in Palm Beach, Fla.

"Mexico has got to help us at the border," Trump told reporters as he held his wife, Melania's, hand. "If they're not going to help us at the border, it's a very sad thing between our two countries."

Organizers believe about two-thirds of the people in the caravan are planning to enter the U.S. illegally or by asking for protection, according to BuzzFeed. The caravan does not give the migrants the guarantee they will enter the U.S. and uses any form of transportation necessary to make it to the border. Most of the people are reportedly fleeing poverty and political unrest from their home country.

Hundreds of Central Americans attend a mass before they begin a Via Crucis on Palm Sunday from the southern state of Mexico to the center and north of the country, demanding respect for their human rights, asylum and reports of violence in their countries in Tapachula, Mexico March 25, 2018. REUTERS/Jose Torres NO RESALES. NO ARCHIVES. - RC194E1C4900(SPANISH-SPEAKING MESTIZO SCUMBAGS.)

Hundreds of Central Americans attend a mass before they begin a Via Crucis on Palm Sunday from the southern state of Mexico to the center and north of the country, demanding respect for their human rights, asylum and reports of violence in their countries in Tapachula, Mexico March 25, 2018.  (REUTERS/Jose Torres)

“First off, you have got a Mexican government entity that is assisting these individuals that are coming up to the United States,” Judd told “Fox & Friends.” “These individuals do not have passports or legal documents to be in Mexico, yet you got an agency that’s helping them get to our [U.S.] border.”

Judd said border patrol agents do not have the ability to stop the migrants at the border even if they only step one foot on U.S. soil. 

“Once they [the migrants] enter the country, even if we [border patrol agents] are standing at the border with our hands out saying, ‘Don’t enter, don’t enter,’ all they have to do is cross one foot into the border and we have to take them into custody,” Judd said. “If they ask for asylum or say I fear to go back to my country, then we have to process them under ‘credible fear’ which allows them to be released into our country.”

It’s unclear when the hundreds of migrants will be arriving at the U.S. border. Some of those who are traveling with the caravan are planning to stay in Mexico.  

                                                                                                                                            THE THREAT OF ISLAM

There bare no good Muslims. All the Muslims adhere and follow the teachings of the Koran, all them. They don't need to belong to any organization to kill and destroy. Absolutely not. Any Muslim at any time can go off for a kill and destroy spree in the name of  the Koran and Allah.

All of you Whites must read the books written by Oriana Fallaci about Islam.

Oriana Fallaci

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Oriana Fallaci Oriana Fallaci 2.jpg Born 29 June 1929
Florence, Italy Died 15 September 2006 (aged 77)
Florence, Italy Resting place Cimitero degli Allori, Florence Occupation Journalist, author, political interviewer Language Italian

Oriana Fallaci (Italian: [oˈrjaːna falˈlaːtʃi]; 29 June 1929 - 15 September 2006) was an Italian journalist, author, and political interviewer. A partisan during World War II, she had a long and successful journalistic career. Fallaci became famous worldwide for her coverage of war and revolution, and her interviews with many world leaders during the 1960s, 1970s, and 1980s.

Her book Interview with History contains candid, lengthy, penetrating interviews with Indira Gandhi, Golda Meir, Yasser Arafat, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Willy Brandt, Shah of Iran Mohammad Reza Pahlavi, and Henry Kissinger, South Vietnamese President Nguyễn Văn Thiệu, and North Vietnamese General Võ Nguyên Giáp during the Vietnam War. The interview with Kissinger was published in Playboy, with Kissinger describing himself as "the cowboy who leads the wagon train by riding ahead alone on his horse". Kissinger later wrote that it was "the single most disastrous conversation I have ever had with any member of the press". She also interviewed Deng Xiaoping, Haile Selassie, Lech Wałęsa, Muammar Gaddafi, Cayetana Fitz-James Stuart, 18th Duchess of Alba, Mário Soares, and many others.

After retirement, she returned to the spotlight after writing a series of controversial articles and books critical of Islam that aroused condemnation as well as support.

After September 11, 2001, Fallaci wrote three books critical of Islamic extremists and Islam in general, and in both writing and interviews warned that Europe was "too tolerant of Muslims". The first book was The Rage and the Pride (initially a four-page article in Corriere della Sera, the major national newspaper in Italy). She wrote that "sons of Allah breed like rats", and in a Wall Street Journal interview in 2005, she said that Europe was no longer Europe but "Eurabia"]

WATCH: Marion Le Pen Tells CPAC That France is Becoming The ‘Little Niece of Islam’



Marion Maréchal-Le Pen addressed the American Conservative Union’s CPAC conference Thursday afternoon, and discussed the place of France in Europe and the world and the rise of Islam in her home nation.

Making her first political speech since bowing out of French domestic politics in 2017, Le Pen — who was France’s youngest modern-era parliamentarians after she was elected as a candidate of the populist Front National aged just 22-years-old — stressed the importance of the Franco-American friendship, slammed the European Union as a force destroying the identities and freedoms of European nations, and discussed the rise of Islam in Europe.

Speaking of how attacks on French culture by the European Union had left the nation weak and unable to resist Islamisation, Marion said: “I refuse the standardised world of the EU… all I want is the survival of my nation… this young French generation are not encouraged to connect with and love their heritage, they are brainwashed with guilt and shame of their country.

“The result is the development of Islamic society in France.


“After 40 years of mass migration, Islamic lobbies and political correctness, France is in the process of passing from the eldest daughter of the Catholic Church, to becoming the little niece of Islam. Terrorism is only the tip of the iceberg — this is not the France that our grandparents fought for.”

The French political icon moved on from her pessimistic assessment of the advancement of Islamic parallel societies in France, however, and looked to the future she said conservatives were working for. She said:

“I came here to tell you there is a youth ready for this fight in Europe today. A youth, that believes in hard work, who believe a flag means something, who want to defend individual freedom and private property, a conservative youth who want to protect their children from eugenics, and from the propaganda of terrorism, a youth who want to protect their parents… and protect humanity from transhumanism.”

Marechal-Le Pen had opened her speech by joking about the reaction to her surprise visit in the American mainstream media. She remarked: “I hope you find me less terrifying than the American media finds me.

“Its crazy, yesterday I was a fascist, today I am a socialist… but whatever the media says, it is my honour to add my French voice to this [meeting of] patriotic Americans.”

Noting the long alliance between France and the United States, including through the Revolutionary War and the Great War in Europe, Marion said: “We are once again standing side by side in another battle for freedom.

“Freedom is a gift, freedom of speech, freedom of conscience… but now France must fight for its independence, France is no longer free. The French are not free to choose their policies, on economic, immigration, and even diplomacy.”

Praising President Trump’s attitude of America First, Marion said she agreed that the people of all nations shouldn’t be ashamed to want to look out for their own interests, remarking: “I am not offended when I hear President Donald Trump say ‘America First’. I want America First for the American people, I want Britain First for the British people, and I want France First for the French people.”

Marion had quickly risen to prominence in France as a leading figure among young conservatives and promises to continue being an important voice in coming years, as she launches her new political leadership school in France. Her conservative social beliefs, including of the primacy and importance of the family has seen her connect with France’s millions of conservative Catholics, an uncommon achievement in a nation which places great emphasis on the separation of church and state.


High School Locked Down After Knife-Wielding Staffer Threatens to ‘Kill Every White Man’

Bridgeport Police

A Connecticut high school was put on lockdown when an enraged black school employee wielding a large kitchen knife began yelling that he wanted to “kill every white man” he could find.

Carl Lemon, an in-school suspension coordinator at Harding High School in Bridgeport, Connecticut, was arrested and charged with second-degree threatening and breach of peace after threatening to go on a racially motivated stabbing spree, the Associated Press said.

The 63-year-old school official was later released after posting a $5,000 bond, court documents reveal.

The arrest came on March 28 after school principal Dane Brown put the school on lockdown after one of Lemon’s co-workers reported his rants about killing white people.

A police investigation alleged that Lemon was calling for “revolution” against white people during his in-school rant.

Police say that Lemon exclaimed that he “couldn’t wait for the Panthers to give the OK and a revolution begins” so he could “execute every white man he gets his hands on.”

Police say that the school employee also trampled on an American flag in front of students and told them “this is what I think about it.”

According to the Bridgeport Daily Voice, the Principal said she received one note from a student reading: “Mr. Lemon talks about shooting whites a lot! He is waiting for the Panthers to tell him to execute. He steps on an American flag and disrespects us. Check his computer. He watches radical stuff during class. I am scared he will do something. He told a teacher that he does not like the principals and he will take them out. He is crazy.”

A police report said that when officers went to his room and told him he was under arrest, Lemon paced around his desk, nervously opened and closed drawers in his desk, and tried to cover things up on his desk before finally surrendering peacefully. Police then found the large kitchen knife in his workspace.

Lemon has been arrested for harassment and disorderly conduct in the past but has no convictions on his record.

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(Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Indians, Muslims all hate Whites. Let's get rid of them while we still have power and numbers before it's too late)

Erica Leyva with the Services, Immigrant Rights and Education Network of San Jose carries a sign outside a courthouse


Here are the 10 states with the highest percentage of whites:

  1. Maine
  2. Vermont
  3. New Hampshire
  4. West Virginia
  5. Iowa
  6. Wyoming
  7. Idaho
  8. Montana
  9. Kentucky
  10. North Dakota
  11. Some some that OREGON is very Whites as well so we add Oregon as the 11th State.
    Wherever State you live in if you're White it's time to regroup  and form White enclaves as far as possible from savage non-Whites and  provide for your protection and your economy. It's important to remain in every State. This idea is different from the one proposed by Richard Spencer who advocated that Whites should have a State for themselves which is not practical to achieve.


Bill Gates: Europe Will Be Overwhelmed Unless It Stems Flow of Migrants



Microsoft founder Bill Gates has warned that Africa’s population explosion will overwhelm Europe unless the continent makes it more difficult for migrants to reach its shores.

The American billionaire’s comments come as European leaders discuss what to do about the surging number of Africans arriving in Italy each week, with Rome calling for other European Union (EU) nations to open their ports to docking migrants so as to ease pressure on the Mediterranean nation.

In an interview with the German Welt am Sonntag newspaper, Gates said massive population growth in Africa will result in “enormous [migratory] pressure” on Europe unless countries increase overseas development aid payments.

Praising Germany having achieved its commitment to devote 0.7 per cent of GDP to foreign aid as “phenomenal”, the 61-year-old called on “other European nations to follow its example”.

But Gates also spoke of a dilemma caused by ‘the German attitude to refugees’, referring to Chancellor Angela Merkel’s decision to open Europe’s borders to illegal migrants arriving from the third world.

“On the one hand you want to demonstrate generosity and take in refugees, but the more generous you are, the more word gets around about this  — which in turn motivates more people to leave Africa,” Gates told the Sunday newspaper.

“Germany cannot possibly take in the huge, massive number of people who are wanting to make their way to Europe.”

Because of this, Gates stressed that “Europe must make it more difficult for Africans to reach the continent via the current transit routes”.

Italy is demanding that other EU nations open their ports to migrants ferried from Libya as the country struggles to cope with having already received over 80,000 people this year.

Calling for African newcomers to be spread throughout Europe, the Mediterranean nation’s globalist centre-left government insisted that the EU migrant relocation programme  — which is largely limited to people from Eritrea and Syria  — should be expanded to include other nationalities, such as Nigerians.

UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Filippo Grandi, on Saturday decried an “unfolding tragedy” in Italy.

“Without a swift collective action, we can only expect more tragedies at sea,” he declared, noting that around 2,000 migrants have lost their lives on the sea route from Libya to Italy this year.

The Italian diplomat repeated calls for an “urgent distribution system” for incoming migrants and asylum seekers, and “additional legal pathways to admission”.




Over a Thousand African Migrants (Invaders) Arrive in Italy Wednesday November 22, 2017.

More sub-animal African blood-suckers arrived yesterday in Italy. It's time to start using force, lethal force against them. Bomb their boats. These uglysub-animals don't belong in beautiful, civilized Europe.

Conservative Headlines


Why Does Our Congress Keep Giving Amnesties Against Our Interests?

On the Neil Cavuto Show on Fox News this week, he interviewed a democratic U.S. senator about the DACA amnesty. The senator repeated excuse after excuse as to why 800,000 adults deserve amnesty.

The senator lambasted Congress for not passing the 2013 Comprehensive Immigration Act, but neglected to tell the audience that S744 contained a provision for allowing 20,000,000 (million) illegal aliens a free citizenship package.

What he didn’t say: that bill contained a clause to increase legal immigration from 1.1 million annually to 2.0 million annually. In other words, double the flood of immigrants into our country. Within 20 years, that number would add 40,000,000 (million) more foreign born to our country plus their children which averages a million births annually. That’s not just 2 million annually, that’s a total of 80 million in less than 30 years. At this time, we remain on course to add 100,000,000 (million) by 2050.


You must ask yourself, what kind of idiots run our country over a demographic and sociological cliff?

In that S744 bill in 2013, it made no attempt to pass E-Verify to stop all employers from hiring illegals under threat of court and prison. Thus, the illegal flood of humanity could not help but accelerate.

But not mentioned: Congress passed seven amnesties since 1986 because they refuse to stop the illegal flow or even touch the legal flow of 1.1 million annually. That flood of humanity changes the very culture, makeup, language and ethos of our country—into a quagmire of everybody else’s country.

Look at this amnesty chart:


  1. Immigration and Reform Control Act (IRCA), 1986:A blanket amnesty for some 2.7 million illegal aliens.

  2. Section 245(i) Amnesty, 1994:A temporary rolling amnesty for 578,000 illegal aliens.

  3. Section 245(i) Extension Amnesty, 1997:An extension of the rolling amnesty created in 1994

  4. Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Relief Act (NACARA) Amnesty, 1997:An amnesty for close to one million illegal aliens from Central America.

  5. Haitian Refugee Immigration Fairness Act Amnesty (HRIFA), 1998:An amnesty for 125,000 illegal aliens from Haiti.

  6. Late Amnesty, 2000:An amnesty for some illegal aliens who claim they should have been amnestied under the 1986 IRCA amnesty, an estimated 400,000 illegal aliens.

  7. LIFE Act Amnesty, 2000:A reinstatement of the rolling Section 245(i) amnesty, an estimated 900,000 illegal aliens.

Our own elected officials flood our country with no end in sight. They create a totally dysfunctional and fragmented society. You watch it weekly on news reports where everyone demonstrates for their cause, but not the American cause.

We watch organizations that spend millions to take down the United States Government. They charge into Congressional offices with sit-down strikes and threats of violence. They shoot our police in the streets. They prepare to blow us up or kill large numbers in terrorist attacks.

Today, women march to oust an elected president, Black Lives Matter march against the very concept of America, La Raza advocates for a Mexican state within America, Moslem Brotherhood immigrants promote Sharia Law to create a parallel society, DACA illegal aliens march for amnesty, 20 million illegal aliens demand amnesty for violating America’s borders.

All the while, they wave their flags from their countries such as Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras and the real kicker, just visit Detroit, Michigan or Minneapolis, MN and you will see Moslem black jihad flags flying from cars and homes of immigrants.

Today, Congress expects to give 800,000 kids dragged across our borders illegally—a free pass. But it’s not 800,000. Reports from state that the number of DACA illegals could reach 3.8 million. In other words, the mainstream media rarely tell us the facts or the truth. The cost could exceed $100 billion. Plus flood the country with more chain migration into the tens of millions.

Again, I ask you to take these two videos and send them to every person in your network. These two simply videos show where our U.S. Congress forces our country into a nasty future of overpopulation, sociological chaos, linguistic chaos, religious confrontation and total cultural breakdown. That’s what’s coming unless we stop it.

Share these videos all over America:

In a five minute, astoundingly simple yet brilliant video, “Immigration, Poverty, and Gum Balls”, Roy Beck, director of www.numbersusa.ORG, graphically illustrates the impact of overpopulation. Take five minutes to see for yourself.

The National Question And The War On Poland

James Kirkpatrick
November 16, 2017, 9:20 pm

I hid in my bathroom from anti-Semitic marchers in Poland – in 2017” screamed Sam Rubin in The Forward, (November 13, 2017) triggered by the sight of tens of thousands of Polish patriots honoring their country’s independence in a march last Saturday November 13. Needless to say, despite the clickbait headline and ritualistic invocation of The Current Year, Rubin wasn’t chased into his bathrooms by Nazis. In fact, even though he was pretending to be a reporter, he couldn’t actually report on what he saw because “I was too afraid to look out the window.” He even shuttered his windows, unplugged “every light producing appliance” and retreated to the “windowless bathroom.”

Thus, Rubin’s article really wasn’t about a Polish nationalist march at all, but simply an unintentionally comic report on his own neuroses. But he wasn’t alone. Polish patriots need to act swiftly to defend their independence from what may be an even greater threat than the innumerable foreign armies they have outlasted in the past.

The international Main Stream Media, in that curiously coordinated way it has, has exploded in outrage over the country celebrating its existence. This reaction shows hatred is indeed on the rise—not among Poles, directed against Jews or minorities, but among journalists determined to ensure not one functional Western nation-state will survive the 21st century.

In just about any other country in the world, a march to celebrate national independence would be taken for granted. And Poland poses no threat to its neighbors and is not engaged in territorial revanchism. Given the Anglosphere MSM’s insane bigotry against Russia, one would think Polish nationalism would be celebrated the same way Ukrainian nationalism (also often aligned with “far-right” elements) was mostly hailed after the Maidan. But the Polish march drew a remarkable amount of criticism and scorn from foreign journalists—showing them to be heirs in spirit to those Communist commissars who oppressed the Polish nation for so many years:

There was also a great deal of Narrative Confusion regarding the event. CNN absurdly claimed “tens of thousands of nationalist protesters disrupted Poland’s independence day events,” as if the nationalists were somehow trying to sabotage the celebrations instead of hosting them [Nationalist protesters disrupt Poland independence day events, by Matthew Day, November 13, 2017].

In reality, the only people who seemed to want to halt the events were antifa, who protested the march. One protester, an “Andy Eddles,” demanded to know why nationalists were “allowed to demonstrate on this day,” a presumptuous question considering Eddles is apparently not even Polish, but a British man living in someone else’s country [Poland marks independence day with rallies, Gulf Times, November 12, 2017].

Most reporters acknowledged that most of those marching were not “Nazis.” However, they still hyperventilated about the occasional sign or slogan they did not like. But even those regarded as “offensive” are only so to those who hate the idea of Europeans retaining control of their homelands. For example, innumerable articles referenced a slogan reading a “White Europe of brotherly nations” [Declaring ‘White Europe’ and ‘We Want God,’ 60,000 join far-right march on Poland’s Independence Day, by Vanessa Gera, Associated Press, November 12, 2017]. Yet this would have been regarded as an idealistic, internationalist sentiment in 1939, with the “White Europe” being redundant, just as “White American” was to the founding generation that wrote the Naturalization Act of 1790.

But there was a more specific agenda behind the MSM reaction. As the viscerally anti-white Anne Applebaum and many others argued, it’s not that every one of the marchers was “far right,” it was that the Law & Justice Party, a National Conservative party by orientation, “welcomed and encouraged Saturday’s march as a ‘patriotic’ action, though the party knew who was behind it” . [Anne Applebaum: Neo-fascists in Poland suddenly feel enabled and encouraged, The Salt Lake Tribune, November 13, 2017]

Thus, this international media campaign is a vast exercise in concern trolling, trying to get the Polish government to punch right and undermine its own coalition. The endgame of course, is to force Poland to accept mass Muslim immigration, break Eastern European resistance to the policies being set by Germany and other anti-white Western European governments, and reduce Poland to simply a province of the EU, rather than an independent nation-state.

And the campaign is working. After a few days of media hysteria, President Andrzej Duda was sufficiently broken and dutifully repeated the tired slogans about how “there is no place in Poland” for xenophobia. He also seemingly endorsed Poland as a proposition nation, proclaiming it didn’t matter what a person’s origin was [Polish president sharply condemns weekend nationalist march, by Vanessa Gera, Associated Press, November 13, 2017].

But if that’s true, then why bother resisting Muslim immigration, if they can somehow become just as Polish as everyone else? For that matter, why bother celebrating independence at all, if Poland is just a spot of dirt rather than homeland for a particular people?

One Narrative widely deployed by reporters is that Poland, as a country conquered by the Wehrmacht during World War II, has no right to be nationalist.

Martin Sandbu moans:

That this [the march] should happen in Poland is particularly saddening. It is a country that has benefited enormously from its return to the western family after four decades behind the Iron Curtain. And it is a country whose size means it could, in time, take its rightful place among Europe’s chief powers if it stayed on a European course.

[Poland leads the way in normalizing the far right, Financial Times, November 13, 2017]

But it’s precisely because Poland wants to remain European that is so hated by the MSM and the EU’s anti-European leadership. Indeed, it’s a step beyond Orwell that the word “European” is now used by reporters to refer to a deliberate policy of replacing the Continent’s indigenous population with the Third World and facilitating the Islamization of what was once Christendom. And to appeal to Poland’s history of foreign occupation as a way of shaming it into surrendering independence is nothing less than obscene.

Poland, like every other nation, must decide whether to resist or die. There is no other choice: the globalist elite and its servants in the press will not permit it. The National Question will dominate Western politics for the decades to come. And how each nation answers will determine whether that nation and people continues to exist. Indeed, it will determine whether Western Civilization will continue to exist.

The hateful maniacs of the global media are demanding we pretend a country’s culture and identity be considered as something entirely separate from the people who make it up. Poland’s president has already shown weakness in defying this absurd commandment.

He had better find his courage. For if he loses this ideological battle, in far less than time he could expect, it will mean the end of Poland’s national sovereignty and European identity.

The same goes for every leader of every Western nation, including President Donald Trump and the United States of America.


The Fulford File: The Rest Of The Drew Fraser Story—Sudanese Refugees ARE Crime-Prone

The antidote to the various Politically Correct moral hysterias that sweep through modern society is truth. Unfortunately, the Ruling Class doesn’t often seem to get around to correcting the record, let alone repairing the damage. So has to try instead. Here’s a case study from Australia.

Martin Witkerk wrote in his review of Drew Fraser's latest book that

Andrew (“Drew”) Fraser, long-time professor of law at Macquarie University in Australia and a too-infrequent writer for, gained public notoriety in 2005 for protesting mass immigration into Australia in a letter to his local newspaper. The scandal arose from his matter-of-fact reference to the increased crime that African immigrants could be expected to bring with them. He was immediately suspended from teaching, and a peer-reviewed academic article he had written— " Rethinking the White Australia Policy ”—was hastily suppressed.

You can see Fraser’s original Letter To The Editor down the right side below--he wrote

Now that a large number of Sudanese refugees have been settled in the Parramatta-Blacktown area, Anglo-Australians are once again expected to acquiesce in the steady erosion of their distinctive national identity.

Australia, it seems, can no longer remain the homeland of a particular people. Instead, it must become a colony of the Third World.

Thirty years ago, no one in the world had any difficulty identifying an Australian. Today, if the headline in the Sun (below) is to be believed, black Africans and Muslim Afghanis "are Aussies just like" the descendants of the Anglo-Celtic pioneers who settled and built this country.

Community Relations Commissioner Stepan Kerkyasharian declares that "Australians ...have a responsibility" to help those on the losing side in Third World civil wars to settle here, wherever and whenever it suits governments and the ever-expanding refugee industry. He assures us that the ethnic and religious conflicts endemic to every other part of the world will be magically dissolved by the state-enforced "commonality of Australianism."

That utopian fantasy is particularly likely to unravel as local African tribal groups grow in size and confidence. Experience practically everywhere in the world tells us that an expanding black population is a sure-fire recipe for increases in crime, violence and a wide range of other social problems.

The fact is that ordinary Australians are being pushed down the path to national suicide by their own political, religious and economic élites. Shutting our eyes to that fact will not make it go away.

Online at Professor Fraser fights for free speech, by Andrew Guild, Ironbark Resources. Emphases added.

Needless to say, Fraser lost his job for writing that well-expressed letter to the paper--see Wikipedia or Race row professor suspended for 'safety ',  By Jano Gibson and Tim Dick, SMH,  July 29, 2005.

That was twelve years ago. So have the Sudanese been behaving themselves in Australia since then?

Oh boy, have they ever! And by "behaving themselves", I mean "behaving like Sudanese refugees." Read more >>

Patrick J. Buchanan: Sorry, Jeff Flake, It’s Trump’s Party Now!

"More is now required of us than to put down our thoughts in writing," declaimed Jeff Flake in his oration against President Trump, just before he announced he will be quitting the Senate.

Though he had lifted the title of his August anti-Trump polemic, "Conscience of a Conservative," from Barry Goldwater, Jeff Flake is no Barry Goldwater.

Goldwater took on the GOP establishment in the primaries, voted against the Civil Rights Act of 1964, defiantly declared, "Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice," and then went down to defeat battling to the end after the assassination of JFK made LBJ invincible.


Ann Coulter: Trump Needs To Forget About “Foreign Policy” And BUILD A WALL

Battle For Columbus Day–Part Of The War On Whites

These Mestizo-scumbags don't tell that when the Europeans arrived here there was no "America" There was only a huge forest and a huge desert with a bunch of red-Skin Indians living in Teepees running around chasing Buffaloes and no  Cities, no Towns, no roads, no institutions to serve the people, no Police . no laws and no borders. The Europeans built what is now known as The United States of America.

James Kirkpatrick
October 8, 2017, 7:45 pm

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In post-America, holidays to honor what were once national heroes are now opportunities for iconoclasm. The black-clad communist terrorists known as “Antifa” have announced plans to spend Monday defacing and destroying monuments to the great Italian explorer who opened up America to large-scale European settlement [Antifa group plans nationwide ‘deface Columbus Day’ Actions for Monday, by Debra Heine, PJ Media, October 6, 2017].

Needless to say, this is only the precursor to a larger action by “Refuse Fascism,” a front group of the Revolutionary Communist Party, to try to “drive out the Trump/Pence regime” through mass action next month [Antifa’ Preps Mass Uprising To Remove ‘Fascist’ Trump, WND, October 1, 2017]. And the main target is not Christopher Columbus, nor even President Trump—it’s the Historic American Nation itself, the European-American core which created, defined and still sustains the United States.

Columbus Day, of course, has always been a target for the Cultural Marxist Left, especially the more enthusiastic Open Borders activists and anti-white Reconquista radicals. It is now standard for American universities to rename Columbus Day as “Indigenous Peoples’ Resistance and Resilience Day.” Of course, this raises the obvious question—what are they resisting?

The answer is the existence of whites on the North American continent. For example, the “San Diego State Native American Student Alliance” said plainly:

“Celebrating Columbus is a narrative that celebrates genocide and invasion,” said SDSU NASA president Marissa Mendoza. “Our education system has failed us in many ways, and it’s erasing Native Americans from history books.”

Mendoza said the main goal of the rally is to abolish Columbus Day and promote indigenous identity.

[Native American Student Alliance protests Columbus Day, The Daily Aztec, October 7, 2017]

Of course, the “invasion” was the arrival of the Europeans, which is to say, the creation of the USA in the first place. To turn Columbus Day into “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” is to redefine America itself. Instead of America an extension of Western Civilization, America becomes a random lump of dirt populated by “Native Americans” who somehow are the only legitimate “owners” of the continent.

This claim is made with a straight face even though none of the Founding Fathers would have regarded American Indians as part of the polity. Even in the generally egalitarian Declaration of Independence, the only reference to the indigenous is to “the merciless Indian savages, whose known rule of warfare, is undistinguished destruction of all ages, sexes, and conditions.

Needless to say, the standard applied to “Native Americans” does not extend to whites in their indigenous homeland of Europe. Nor, somehow, is the fate of the American Indians after mass European settlement allowed to be used as an argument against immigration.

Dawn Perlmutter at FrontPageMag correctly identifies “decolonization” as the glue which unites various Leftist movements in a larger struggle against the legacy of European settlement.

Colonialism, often synonymous with imperialism, is generally described as the process of European settlement and political domination over the rest of the world. Police and military are viewed as enforcers of the colonial oppressors. This narrative has been very successful in enlisting anti-police movements to fight under the decolonizing doctrine. Victims of real or imagined subjugation are ‘intersecting’ to join the resistance in fighting capitalism and perceived American imperialism, racism and fascism under the banner of colonization.

[Decolonize, Abolish & Bend A Knee, October 4, 2017]

However, Perlmutter errs in believing the Left’s main thrust is to “justify violence against police and armed insurrection against the government as the abolition of colonial power and the restoration of Indigenous sovereignty.” The goal is to attack whites as such

When black students at American universities (who receive preferential admissions, special programs and financial aid because of their race) scream “F**k yo’ flag” and stomp on it, they are referring to how the American flag is still identified as part of European-American heritage, not because they oppose certain aspects of Washington’s economic policy.

It’s cliché for writers to draft George Orwell and claim the English socialist would be horrified by a certain policy, usually something about surveillance. But the true message of 1984 is to warn against the manipulation and weaponization of language. The battle to redefine Columbus Day is part of a larger War on Whites which has the goal of rendering the dispossession of Europeans worldwide as legitimate and even praiseworthy.

Consider how certain Narratives have already been weaponized against normal language:

  • “All whites are racist” because of white privilege—and, by the way, you should physically attack racists.
  • Free speech is fine, but not “hate speech,” (and even reporting objective truths about history, statistics or science can be construed as “hate speech”).
  • Saying “kill all whites” isn’t hate speech. You can’t be racist against whites. Racism requires institutional power, and only whites have that. Here, just listen to this professional anti-racism speaker who is huge honorariums by the top universities explain why. Sometimes he gets drunk and taunts dying white people, but that’s actually in defense of equality, so it’s OK.
  • Yes, the government discriminates against whites in hiring and education and pro-white advocacy will have you permanently blacklisted from every job in the country. But we still live in a “white supremacist society.” Just look at how whites are still disproportionately wealthy in this country and control so much media, cultural and economic
  • Oh wait, those “white people” are actually Jewish? Well, now “speaking truth to power” is “anti-Semitism” and you are repeating anti-Jewish conspiracy theories.

The Narratives are always shifting. There is no coherent logic. Even the meanings of words can completely change depending on who is speaking. There is no “double standard,” there is only The Standard—whites are always evil and oppressive. Attacking them is always justified.

And don’t kid yourself anti-racist whites will be spared from condemnation. After all, The Root, a black news and commentary website, said white “allies” were the “worst” white people in the country, even worse than over white “racists” [It’s Official: White Allies Are The Worst Wypipo in the World, by Michael Harriot, August 3, 2017]

(Needless to say, even though the author can’t stop complaining about how evil white people are, he’s mad about not enough being done about “desegregation.” Why? Wouldn’t he want to be apart from such terrible people?

As Donald Trump predicted after Charlottesville, the drive to remove Confederate statues expanded to the Founding Fathers and even to Abraham Lincoln. Currently, the National Football League is ripping itself apart over the question of whether the National Anthem itself is offensive. Every part of the European-American past is “offensive” once the accomplishments of Western Man are redefined as “hate.”

And the manipulation of language has real political consequences.  The word “America” itself is gradually becoming offensive to people like former Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, as “America” is to be redefined as “a continent and not a country” and the United States as part of Latin America.

If Columbus Day is abolished and the campaign to rob America of its heritage is successful, European-Americans will be deracinated, atomized, cultureless and consumerist nonentities who only exist to be farmed as tax revenue by a government which despises white people but depends on its wealth and skills. The battle over symbols, language and history will determine the realities of political power in the future.

The conservative movement may occasionally bemoan iconoclasm as an attempt to “destroy history” or oppose a descent into lawlessness. But what is happening is far simpler and far more ominous. “Deface Columbus Day” is part of an attempt to dispossess European-Americans politically by delegitimizing their heritage. Following that political dispossession, economic dispossession and physical violence is sure to follow.

White genocide is no myth. Those who advocate it are now comfortably in openly declaring it. If European-Americans want to survive, they need to explicitly oppose the racially driven attack against them and their history.

And that means defending Christopher Columbus, hero and Admiral of the Ocean Sea.

                                                                                                                                    SAVAGE SUB HUMAN BLACKS.``

50 ‘Teens’ Beat White Man to a Pulp For Asking Brawling Girls to Get Off His Car



On April 22, Baltimore resident Richard Fletcher looked out his window and saw two teenage girls fighting — on top of his car. He went outside to ask them to take the fight elsewhere, and was then jumped by approximately 50 “teens” and beaten within an inch of his life. The attackers crushed his eye sockets and broke his nose, as well as several ribs.

61-year-old Fletcher is now out of the hospital but facing medical bills of “$200,000 to 400,000.”


According to the Daily Mail, the teens kicked Fletcher until he fell to the ground and then continued to beat him once he was down. Police have since arrested 17-year-old Antoine Lawson, a 15-year-old girl, and three others in connection with the beating “and are hoping to bring all of the teens, who are believed to be students at Baltimore Community High School, that participated in the beating to justice.”

Lawson was charged with attempted murder.

CBS Baltimore reports the Fletcher also suffered a “brain bleed” from the beating.

Baltimore County Police Cpl. John Wachter said: “He was brutally attacked. He wasn’t trying to intervene in their disagreement. He just wanted them to stop fighting and move away from his car.”


Ann Coulter: No Amnesty Is Good Amnesty

Ann Coulter
September 13, 2017, 5:56 pm

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Donald Trump is being told that amnesty for “Dreamers,” or DACA recipients, will only apply to a small, narrowly defined group of totally innocent, eminently deserving illegal immigrants, who were brought to this country “through no fault of their own” as “children.” (Children who are up to 36 years old.)

Every syllable of that claim is a lie, and I can prove it.

To see how DACA will actually work, let’s look at another extremely limited amnesty that was passed in 1986.

Farmers wanted temporary guest-worker permits for their cheap labor, so that they could continue pretending that the Industrial Revolution never happened and refuse to mechanize. (And, boy, did that work! We haven’t heard a peep about “crops rotting in the fields” since then.)

The agricultural amnesty was supposed to apply to—at most—350,000 illegal aliens. It would be available only to illegals who were currently in the country doing the back-breaking farm work that no American would do. Without them, crops would wither on the vine. They were saving us from starvation!

Talk about deserving. Are any Dreamers saving us from starvation?

But instead of guest-worker permits, then-Rep. Charles Schumer—from the lush farmland of Brooklyn—decided to grant full amnesty to any illegals who had done farm work for at least 90 days in the previous year.

That’s pretty restrictive, isn’t it?

In the end, “up to 350,000 farm workers” turned into 1.3 million.

Oh well, what are you going to do? No use worrying—let’s just move forward and get all these people voter registration cards!

This innocent little amnesty for a small, clearly defined group of illegals quickly became amnesty for anyone who applied. The same thing will happen with any other amnesty, no matter how strictly the law is written. (And it won’t be written strictly.)

In the first few years of the agricultural amnesty, internal Immigration and Naturalization Service statistics showed that 888,637 legalization applications were fraudulent. According to immigration agents, “farm workers” stated in their interviews that cotton was purple or that they had pulled cherries from the ground.

Of the 888,637 fraudulent applications, guess how many our government approved. Answer: More than 800,000. [Lessons Learned from the Legalization Programs of the 1980s, by By David North, CIS, January 1, 2005]

The agricultural amnesty was so carefully administered that not one, but TWO of the 1993 World Trade Center bombers were in this country because of it. (More on that in another column.)

The main problem with the farm worker amnesty, the DACA amnesty or any amnesty is that everyone involved in the entire immigration apparatus is feverishly working, on the taxpayer’s dime, to transform this country into a Third World hellhole. Lawyers for La Raza and lawyers for the government both believe it is their mission to humiliate and destroy white Christian America. (Actually, this country is “biracial Christian America,” plus a few Amerindians and anyone else who assimilated to Western European culture.)

There are multitudes of them, and they will never, ever stop.

Congress could pass a law granting amnesty to any 7-foot-tall, left-handed, red-headed illegal aliens from Lichtenstein—and hundreds of left-wing outfits would instantly set to work, demanding amnesty for witch doctors, cannibals, pederasts, terrorists and the rest of the multicultural universe that makes America so vibrant.

On the other side of the application process would be government immigration bureaucrats who either used to work at La Raza, or hope to in the future.

On the off chance that some particularly risible amnesty application is denied by a stodgy rules-follower in our immigration bureaucracy, that denial will be litigated before a federal judge in Hawaii, then appealed to the Ninth Circuit.

For two decades after the 1986 amnesty, the federal courts were tied up with dozens of class-action lawsuits brought on behalf of illegal aliens—regular illegal aliens, farm worker illegal aliens and still-in-Mexico illegal aliens—challenging every aspect of the law.

Is that how American tax dollars should be spent? On endless litigation, brought by America-hating activists on behalf of people who have no right to be in our country and decided by Democrat-appointed judges? (Who are also America-hating activists.)

And when their work is done, there will be a lot more Democrat-appointed judges because there will be a lot more Democrats.

Lawyers sued over everything—the absence of Creole interpreters, the requirement that illegals have proof of prior farm work and the rare denials of amnesty. Congress desperately tried passing laws that would prevent courts from hearing these cases—all to no avail. Left-wing lawyers just had to pick the right judge, and they won.

In 2005—nearly 20 years after the 1986 amnesty—the Ninth Circuit was still granting amnesty to hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens who claimed they had been unfairly denied because they were not in the country for the first amnesty. Seriously.

No matter how the law is written, as long as anyone is eligible for amnesty, everybody’s getting amnesty.

President Trump is the last president who will ever have a chance to make the right decision on immigration. After this, it’s over. The boat will have sailed.

If he succeeds, all the p@ssy-grabbing and Russia nonsense will burn off like a morning fog. He will be the president who saved the American nation, its character, its sovereignty, its core identity. But if he fails, Donald Trump will go down in history as the man who killed America.


Ann Coulter is the legal correspondent for Human Events and is the author of TWELVE New York Times bestsellers—collect them here.

Her book, ¡Adios America! The Left’s Plan To Turn Our Country Into A Third World Hell Hole, was released on June 1, 2015. Her latest book is IN TRUMP WE TRUST: E Pluribus Awesome.


Pat Buchanan: What Still Unites Us?

Patrick J. Buchanan
August 24, 2017, 7:46 pm

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Decades ago, a debate over what kind of nation America is roiled the conservative movement.

Neocons claimed America was an “ideological nation” a “creedal nation,” dedicated to the proposition that “all men are created equal.”

Expropriating the biblical mandate, “Go forth and teach all nations!” they divinized democracy and made the conversion of mankind to the democratic faith their mission here on earth.

With his global crusade for democracy, George W. Bush bought into all this. Result: Ashes in our mouths and a series of foreign policy disasters, beginning with Afghanistan and Iraq.

Behind the Trumpian slogan “America First” lay a conviction that, with the Cold War over and the real ideological nation, the USSR, shattered into pieces along ethnic lines, it was time for America to come home.

Contra the neocons, traditionalists argued that, while America was uniquely great, the nation was united by faith, culture, language, history, heroes, holidays, mores, manners, customs and traditions. A common feature of Americans, black and white, was pride in belonging to a people that had achieved so much.

The insight attributed to Alexis de Tocqueville–“America is great because she is good, and if America ceases to be good, she will cease to be great”–was a belief shared by almost all.

What makes our future appear problematic is that what once united us now divides us. While Presidents Wilson and Truman declared us to be a “Christian nation,” Christianity has been purged from our public life and sheds believers every decade. Atheism and agnosticism are growing rapidly, especially among the young.

Traditional morality, grounded in Christianity, is being discarded. Half of all marriages end in divorce. Four-in-10 children are born out of wedlock. Unrestricted abortion and same-sex marriage–once regarded as marks of decadence and decline–are now seen as human rights and the hallmarks of social progress.

Tens of millions of us do not speak English. Where most of our music used to be classic, popular, country and western, and jazz, much of it now contains rutting lyrics that used to be unprintable.

Where we used to have three national networks, we have three 24-hour cable news channels and a thousand websites that reinforce our clashing beliefs on morality, culture, politics and race.

Consider but a few events post-Charlottesville.

“Murderer” was painted on the San Fernando statue of Fr. Junipero Serra, the Franciscan who founded the missions that became San Diego, San Francisco, San Juan Capistrano and Santa Clara.

America’s oldest monument honoring Columbus, in Baltimore, was vandalized. Sen. Tim Kaine of Virginia called for Robert E. Lee’s statue to be removed from Capitol and replaced by–Pocahontas.

According to legend, this daughter of Chief Powhatan saved Captain John Smith from being beheaded by throwing herself across his neck. The Chief was a “person of interest” in the disappearance of the “Lost Colony” of Roanoke Island, among whose missing was Virginia Dare, the first European baby born in British America.

Why did Kaine not call for John Smith himself, leader of the Jamestown Colony that fought off Indian attacks, to be so honored?

In New Orleans, “Tear It Down” was spray-painted on a statue of Joan of Arc, a gift from France in 1972. Besides being a canonized saint in the Catholic Church and a legendary heroine of France, what did the Maid of Orleans do to deserve this?

Taken together, we are seeing the discoverers, explorers and missionaries of North America demonized as genocidal racists all. The Founding Fathers are either slave owners or sanctioners of slavery.

Our nation-builders either collaborated in or condoned the ethnic cleansing of Native Americans. Almost to the present, ours was a land where segregationists were honored leaders.

Bottom line for the left: Americans should be sickened and ashamed of the history that made us the world’s greatest nation. And we should acknowledge our ancestors’ guilt by tearing down any and all monuments and statues that memorialize them.

This rising segment of America, full of self-righteous rage, is determined to blacken the memory of those who have gone before us.

To another slice of America, much of the celebrated social and moral “progress” of recent decades induces a sense of nausea, summarized in the lament, “This isn’t the country we grew up in.”

Hillary Clinton famously described this segment of America as a “basket of deplorables … racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic … bigots,” and altogether “irredeemable.”

So, what still unites us? What holds us together into the indefinite future? What makes us one nation and one people? What do we offer mankind, as nations seem to recoil from what we are becoming, and are instead eager to build their futures on the basis of ethnonationalism and fundamentalist faith?

If advanced democracy has produced the disintegration of a nation that we see around us, what is the compelling case for it?

A sixth of the way through the 21st century, what is there to make us believe this will be the Second American Century?

Patrick J. Buchanan 


Donald Trump, in Poland, Urges West to ‘Defend Our Civilization’

President Trump during his speech in Krasinski Square, in Warsaw, on Thursday. Credit Stephen Crowley/The New York Times

WARSAW — President Trump signaled a tougher line against Russia on Thursday, a day before his first face-to-face meeting with its president, Vladimir V. Putin — but he still refused to concede that Moscow was solely responsible for interference in the 2016 election.

Mr. Trump, delivering a stark message to a friendly Polish crowd before a two-day summit meeting of Group of 20 leaders, cast the West’s battle against “radical Islamic terrorism” as a way to protect “our civilization and our way of life.” He portrayed his domestic agenda as an equally serious challenge to powerful, entrenched bureaucracies in the United States and Europe.

“I am here today not just to visit an old ally, but to hold it up as an example for others who seek freedom and who wish to summon the courage and the will to defend our civilization,” Mr. Trump said in a speech in Krasinski Square, where a monument commemorates the 1944 Warsaw uprising against the Nazis.

“The fundamental question of our time is whether the West has the will to survive,” he said, employing the same life-or-death language as in his inauguration speech, which promised a war against the “American carnage” of urban crime. “Do we have the confidence in our values to defend them at any cost? Do we have enough respect for our citizens to protect our borders? Do we have the desire and the courage to preserve our civilization in the face of those who would subvert and destroy it?”

Continue reading the main story

Mr. Trump also decried “the steady creep of government bureaucracy that drains the vitality and wealth of the people,” citing the value of individual freedom and sovereignty, in front of an audience that was composed in part of loyalists bused in for the occasion.

Poland will prevail,” he said, citing the country’s centuries-long history of endurance in the face of invasion, partition, Nazi occupation and communist domination. “Poland will always prevail.”

Mr. Trump had harsh words for North Korea after its recent test of a new long-range missile, but he refused to say during a short news conference with the Polish president, Andrejz Duda, what steps he would take to punish Pyongyang.

He said earlier on Thursday that he was weighing “some pretty severe things” to respond to the North Korean nuclear threat, and he called on all nations to confront what he called the “global threat” from Pyongyang.

“We’ll see what happens — I don’t like to talk about what we have planned — but I have some pretty severe things that we’re thinking about,” Mr. Trump said at the news conference. “They are behaving in a very, very serious manner, and something will have to be done about it.”


Friendly crowds gathered to listen to Mr. Trump’s speech. Credit Stephen Crowley/The New York Times

Mr. Trump — who is under pressure to confront Mr. Putin on his attempts to sway the election — delivered a mixed message on Russia, one tailored for his Polish audience, the other straight out of his Putin playbook.

The president, acknowledging Polish concerns about Russia’s intervention in Ukraine, said, “We are working with Poland” to deal with “Russia’s destabilizing behavior.”

But he said he was still not entirely convinced that Russia was solely responsible for interference in the 2016 election, breaking with American intelligence agencies that have agreed that the efforts emanated from Moscow and were directed by Mr. Putin.

“I think it was Russia, and it could have been other people in other countries,” Mr. Trump said when asked for a yes-or-no answer to the question about Russian meddling. “Nobody really knows for sure.”

Mr. Trump also came with an announcement intended to emphasize his commitment to defending Poland against aggression — possibly from Russia — and to helping American workers. Mr. Duda’s government has agreed to buy the Patriot missile defense system from the United States, a senior administration official said.

Mr. Trump emerged from a Marriott in Warsaw on Thursday a little after 9:15 a.m., his sprawling motorcade of flag-flapping black sedans, police escorts and shuttle buses riding along the Vistula River to a back entrance to the presidential palace. He was greeted by Mr. Duda, and disappeared for closed-door meetings after a session with photographers, emerging only for the news conference.

Unlike in Hamburg, Germany, the site of the G-20 meeting, no major protests were expected in Warsaw, but there were signs of dissent. Wednesday night, around the time Air Force One arrived in Warsaw, environmental protesters projected a message on the side of the Palace of Culture and Science, reading “No Trump, Yes Paris,” a dig at America’s plan to withdraw from the Paris climate accord.

And Michael Schudrich, Poland’s chief rabbi, and other Jewish leaders issued a statement Thursday morning that was critical of the White House’s decision not to visit a monument to the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in 1943.

Every American president and vice president who has visited Warsaw since the fall of communism in 1989 has visited the monument. “We deeply regret that President Donald Trump, though speaking in public barely a mile away from the monument, chose to break with that laudable tradition, alongside so many other ones,” the statement read. “We trust that this slight does not reflect the attitudes and feelings of the American people.”

But Mr. Trump’s appearance in a setting that symbolizes the Polish people’s resistance to tyranny was well received, as was his message linking the fight against the Islamic State to Poland’s resistance of German invasion and occupation from 1939 to 1945.


                                                                                                                                 Honest Rabbi is telling the truth.


Pat Buchanan: Is America Still A Nation?

Patrick J. Buchanan
July 4, 2017, 12:33

  In the first line of the Declaration of Independence of July 4, 1776, Thomas Jefferson speaks of “one people.” The Constitution, agreed upon by the Founding Fathers in Philadelphia in 1789, begins, “We the people…”

And who were these “people”?

In Federalist No. 2, John Jay writes of them as “one united people … descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion, attached to the same principles of government, very similar in their manners and customs…”

If such are the elements of nationhood and peoplehood, can we still speak of Americans as one nation and one people?

We no longer have the same ancestors. They are of every color and from every country. We do not speak one language, but rather English, Spanish and a host of others. We long ago ceased to profess the same religion. We are Evangelical Christians, mainstream Protestants, Catholics, Jews, Mormons, Muslims, Hindus and Buddhists, agnostics and atheists.

Federalist No. 2 celebrated our unity. Today’s elites proclaim that our diversity is our strength. But is this true or a tenet of trendy ideology?

After the attempted massacre of Republican Congressmen at that ball field in Alexandria, Fareed Zakaria wrote: “The political polarization that is ripping this country apart” is about “identity … gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation (and) social class.” He might have added–religion, morality, culture and history.

Zakaria seems to be tracing the disintegration of our society to that very diversity that its elites proclaim to be its greatest attribute: “If the core issues are about identity, culture and religion … then compromise seems immoral. American politics is becoming more like Middle Eastern politics, where there is no middle ground between being Sunni or Shiite.”

Among the issues on which we Americans are at war with one another–abortion, homosexuality, same-sex marriage, white cops, black crime, Confederate monuments, LGBT rights, affirmative action.

Was the discovery of America and conquest of this continent from 1492 to the 20th century among the most glorious chapters in the history of man? Or was it a half-millennium marked by mankind’s most scarlet of sins: the genocide of native peoples, the enslavement of Africans, the annihilation of indigenous cultures, the spoliation of a virgin land?

Is America really “God’s Country”? Or was Barack Obama’s pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright, justified when, after 9/11, he denounced calls of “God Bless America!” with the curse “God Damn America!”?

With its silence, the congregation seemed to assent.

In 1954, the Pledge of Allegiance many of us recited daily at the end of noon recess in the schoolyard was amended to read, “one nation, under God, indivisible.”

Are we still one nation under God? At the Democratic Convention in Charlotte to renominate Barack Obama, a motion to put “God” back into the platform was hooted and booed by half the assembly.

With this July 4 long weekend, many writers have bewailed the animus Americans exhibit toward one another and urged new efforts to reunite us. Yet, recall again those first words of Jefferson in 1776:

“When in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them…”

Are we approaching such a point? Could the Constitution, as currently interpreted, win the approval of two-thirds of our citizens and three-fourth of our states, if it were not already the supreme law of the land? How would a national referendum on the Constitution turn out, when many Americans are already seeking a new constitutional convention?

All of which invites the question: Are we still a nation? And what is a nation? French writer Ernest Renan gave us the answer in the 19th century:

“A nation is a soul, a spiritual principle. Two things … constitute this soul, this spiritual principle. One is the past, the other is the present. One is the possession in common of a rich legacy of memories; the other is present consent, the desire to live together, the desire to continue to invest in the heritage that we have jointly received.

“Of all cults, that of the ancestors is the most legitimate: our ancestors have made us what we are. A heroic past with great men and glory … is the social capital upon which the national idea rests. These are the essential conditions of being a people: having common glories in the past and a will to continue them in the present; having made great things together and wishing to make them again.”

Does this sound at all like us today?

Watching our Lilliputians tearing down statues and monuments, renaming buildings and streets, rewriting history books to replace heroes and historical truths with the doings of ciphers, are we disassembling the nation we once were?

“One loves in proportion to the sacrifices that one has committed and the troubles that one has suffered,” writes Renan, “One loves the house that one has built and that one passes on.”

Are we passing on the house we inherited–or observing its demolition?

Happy Fourth. And God bless the USA.



       The woman in the video Faith Goldy is a Jew. Jews have always pushed the governments for massive non-White immigration in order to dilute the  number and power of  Whites so they can better manipulate the countries in which they moved in in past centuries. They have ancient grudges against White Europeans going back of when Romans were in the Middle East. Now, unfortunately for them, this massive non-White, largely Muslim, immigration is backfiring on them. These people that they helped immigrate hate all the Jews and Jews now are on the run. Jews, blame yourselves. Do us a favor: Go back to your ancestral lands of where you originated  fromand that is what is approximately now Northern Iraq and get lost.

You see it called out in the comments sections on YouTube videos, on political websites and occasionally in letters to the editor. You see the term increasingly referenced in Conservatism Inc. videos. And you certainly see the horrifying reality of it through the policies perpetrated by almost every government of the West. It’s “white genocide”—an idea popularized by former economics professor and Reagan Administration staffer Bob Whitaker, who recently passed away. As Whitaker noted, “genocide” does not necessarily mean killing.


According to the 1948 Convention on the Prevention of the Crime of Genocide, the United Nations has a very interesting definition of genocide: “Any of the following acts committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnic, racial or religious group … ”

  • “Killing members of the group”
  • “Causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group”
  • “Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part”
  • “Imposing measures intended to prevent births within the group”
  • “Forcibly transferring children of the group to another group”

The relevance of this to the plight of whites, in the U.S. and worldwide, is obvious. Today, the hard reality is whites are being eclipsed. 28% of the world population in 1950, they are projected to fall to only 9.8% of the population by 2060. By 2050, whites will be a minority in both the U.S. and their indigenous homeland of Europe.

This “diversity” is only being inflicted upon white countries. As Hillary Clinton’s VP nom Tim Kaine put it: “I think the burden is on those of us who are in the majority — Caucasians. We have to put ourselves in a place where we are the minority.”

He doesn’t mean that metaphorically but quite literally. Kaine, for instance, supports Amnesty for illegal immigrants. He even gave a pro-mass immigration speech on the floor of the Senate in Spanish.

The white population of the United States will drop from 90% in 1940, prior to the infamous Hart-Celler Immigration Act, down to 46% by 2065 [America is in the middle of an extreme demographic shift, by Drake Baer, Business Insider, October 9, 2015]. Due to Leftist support of illegal immigration, the Latino population will begin displacing the whites in America. The Latino population will grow from 4.5% in 1970 to 24% in 2065.

According to the US Census Bureau, the white population is contracting at an incredible rate in absolute terms, falling from 211,460,626 to 196,817,552 during the decade from 2000 to 2010. This is a loss of 14,643,074 people in that period alone; almost 15 million. Similar trends are taking place in Europe.

This is significant because whites will be the only ethnicity on Earth without a country of their own. Black people will still have the entire continent of Africa. Asians will still control the entire continent of Asia. Jews will have Israel. Even Native Americans will have Reservations. Whites alone slowly being dispossessed.

The only question: whether this is a deliberate effort or not. Even a casual glance suggests it is.

Japan can have strict immigration laws to protect their bloodline and culture. Israel can have an ethnostate where non-Jews are treated as second-class citizens. But if Lefists see any population of white people, they condemn it as a moral abomination to be cured by “diversity.”

Indeed, white identity in and of itself is seen as unique evil. On college campuses, there are diversity officers and organizations specifically designed to promote black, Latino, gay, Jewish and Muslim identity politics. In communities around the country, you will find innumerable rallies or festivals in celebration of every conceivable cultural or racial identity. And when it comes to immigration policy, nonwhites demand Open Borders on explicitly racial or ethnic grounds. But white Identitarian movements are pathologized and those who practice even implicit white identity politics often suffer violent attacks.

The dispossession and replacement of the global white population in their own homelands is sometimes justified as supposed revenge for colonization, slavery and imperialism. Muslim immigrant Yasmin Alibhai-Brown, then of London’s Foreign Policy Centre, told The Guardian: “The empire strikes back really. There was this extraordinary assumption that white people could go and destroy peoples and it would have no consequence. It astounds me” [The last days of a white world, by Anthony Browne, The Guardian, September 3, 2000].

Of course, this is an implicit admission that Open Borders proponents know mass immigration is bad for whitesand support it for that reason. Also left unanswered: why European nations with no history of empire are forced to accept mass immigration and why non-European nations with expansive histories of imperialism and slavery (including of whites) are seemingly exempt from this historical burden.

In practice, “diversity” means deconstructing Europeans so that whites are ashamed to acknowledge or stand up for their own identity, even in the face of total dispossession and overt campaigns of hatred against them. At the same time, nonwhite identity and racial solidarity is actively cultivated and rewarded by powerful institutions in our society.

A study from Michigan State University found: “African American people who identify more strongly with their racial identity are generally happier”. [Racial identity tied to happiness, study finds, Science Daily, March 7, 2011]

Not surprisingly, as white identity has been so thoroughly pathologized, whites are in spiritual as well as physical decline.

White poverty is all but ignored by the Main Stream Media. [White poverty exists, ignored, by Leonard Pitts, Jr., Miami Herald, October 5, 2014] Whites are experiencing epidemics of depression, suicide and opioid abuse, the so-called “White Death.” The U.S. white suicide rate spiked by 43% among white men ages 45 to 64 and 63% for women in the same age-range since 1999—while the suicide rate for black males actually fell [US suicide rate surges, particularly among white people, April 22, 2016].

Not only are these issues essentially ignored by those in power, when someone dares defend the interests of the white working class, they are vilified by the MSM and politicians alike. [No Sympathy for the Hillbilly, by Frank Rich, New York, March 19, 2017] Whites aren’t just being demoralized and demonized to the breaking point, they are mocked for seeking desperation solutions to this existential despair.

What’s more, even as their own numbers decline, whites are compelled to subsidize a huge population explosion in Africa and importing such massive numbers of Third Worlders that they threaten the survival of the white population. “More than half of global population growth between now and 2050 is expected to occur in Africa,” said a United Nations report on World population prospects. “Of the additional 2.4 billion people projected to be added to the global population between 2015 and 2050, 1.3 billion will be added in Africa.”

A study at Clemson University found that foreign aid from white countries has enabled this population growth [Does Foreign Aid Induce Population Growth? By David Cuberes and Kevin Tsui, Clemson University, July 2007]. At the same time, our leaders tell us we can’t afford to have our own children and that more children are bad for the environment.

The African and Middle Eastern migrants flooding Europe are mostly young, military age males. According to a recent Pew poll 73% are males [Number of refugees to Europe surges to record 1.3 million in 2015, by Philip Connor, Pew Research Center, August 2, 2016]. And of course the surge in mass Third-World immigration has correlated with alarming increases in incidents of rape, particularly in more lenient countries like Germany and Sweden.

In Muslim occupied cities like Oslo, Norway recent police statistics have shown, “100 percent of assault rapes between strangers were committed by immigrant, non-Western males. And nine out of 10 of their victims were native Norwegian women. “

According to the German Federal Criminal Police Office, “During the first three quarters of 2016, migrants committed 2,790 sex crimes, or around ten per day” [Germany’s migrant rape crisis: January 2017, by Soeren Kern, Gatestone Institute, February 13, 2017].

And following a wave of sexual assaults by migrants in Cologne, Germany taxpayer dollars were used to teach migrants how to flirt with white German women [How one German town is teaching refugees about sex, flirting with local women, Fox News, October 6, 2016]. The purpose of this was to encourage them seduce the European women rather than outright raping them.

From the perspective of the survival of Europeans as a unique people, the consequences are the same.

Many Leftists acknowledge this decimation of white people around the globe and crack jokes like, “What are you saying it’s difficult being the minority in a country?” Of course, what is left unsaid is every other people in the world will still have their homelands. Whites, and only whites, will have nowhere to go.

The numbers do not lie. The double standards cannot be denied. The demonization and campaigns of hatred by the MSM are no longer even concealed. And the policies which replace whites through mass immigration, export their jobs through outsourcing, and make it unaffordable to start families are achieving their planned results. The governments of the West are waging a campaign of slow extermination against their own core populations. It is white genocide.

And those who resist should no longer shy away from calling it what it.

The irony is that what is happening to Whites  is self-made. Is not that we are weak and defenseless people and are being invaded by masses of third world savages. No, nobody is winning any war against us because we are the most powerful people in the world. It's that we are allowing the third ward savages to enter our countries and we give them work and refuge. So call it SELF-GENERATED WHITE GENOCIDE.  Ok it's not all of us. It's  our  traitorous White politicians in congress and the brainless White liberals and the Jewish with their media propaganda against White Christians.Then we have a  divine right to demand that this be stopped of we have to reserve the right to revolt against those who would like us to disappear from the earth. A few years ago in Northern Africa millions of citizens revolved against oppressive governments and they did it peacefully finally winning and forcing the rulers to flee. We can do the same in all the White Countries.

JEWS MUST BE THROWN OUT OF ALL OUR WHITE CHRISTIAN NATIONS. These scumbags are not European and don't belong with us. They have been causing trouble ever since they entered Christian Europe.

WHITES WAKE UP.  PRESIDENT TRUMP WILL NOT US.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        THE WHITE  SCUMBAGS IN THE U.S. CONGRESS WILL NOT SAVE US EITHER.

Polish PM on Manchester Attack: ‘Europe, Rise from Your Knees or You’ll Be Crying over Your Children Every Day’



AP Photo/Alik Keplicz


The prime minister of Poland has launched a blistering attack on the “political elites” of Europe in the wake of the Manchester terror attack, warning the continent must put in place “strong politicians” willing to tackle the threat or risk “crying over your children”.

Speaking in the Polish Parliament on Wednesday, Beata Szydło seized the moment to launch an excoriating attack on European Union leaders following the Manchester attack which, among others, claimed the lives of a Polish couple, leaving their two daughters as orphans.

“We are not going to take part in the madness of the Brussels elite,” she railed. “We want to help people, not the political elites.

“Where are you headed Europe?” she demanded. “Rise from your knees and from your lethargy or you will be crying over your children every day.

“If you can’t see this – if you can’t see that terrorism currently has the potential to hurt every country in Europe, and you think that Poland should not defend itself, you are going hand in hand with those who point this weapon against Europe, against all of us.

“It needs to be said clearly and directly: This is an attack on Europe, on our culture, on our traditions.”

Getty Images

Addressing the people of Europe, she asked: “Do we want politicians who claim we have to get used to the attacks, and who describe terrorist attacks as incidents, or do we want strong politicians who can see the danger and can fight against it efficiently?”

Szydło’s Government is currently locked in a battle with Brussels over Commission plans for every member state who is signed up to the Common European Asylum System to take in a quota of migrants from Greece and Italy as a solidarity measure.

The previous Polish Government agreed in 2015 to take in 4,500-5,000 migrants, the commitment increased by the EU to 6,200, but Szydło’s administration reversed that decision upon taking power and has promised instead to give aid to people in refugee camps in the Middle East.

Brussels has responded by issuing threats of sanctions if no migrants are taken by June. The same threat has been made to Hungary, which also has yet to take any migrants in under the quota system.

Although the Commission has not made clear what sanctions would be applied, politicians in other member states have called for Poland and Hungary to have their EU funding withheld until they participate in the programme.

But Poland’s Interior Minister Mariusz Błaszczak is defiant, insisting that taking the migrants would be “much worse” than any sanctions the EU could lay down.

“We mustn’t forget the terror attacks that have taken place in Western Europe, and how  — in the bigger EU countries  — these are unfortunately now a fact of life,” he said earlier this month.

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‘Unprecedented effort’ by ‘white supremacists’ to recruit and target college students, group claims.

(They call Patriot people " White Supremacists" when in fact the only thing they're doing is preserve our European culture, way of life, Christian Faith and civilization.)

March 6

Emboldened by the current political climate, groups that the Anti-Defamation League identifies as white supremacist are pushing to recruit college students and plaster campuses with their message, according to an analysis by the ADL.

The Anti-Defamation League described “an unprecedented outreach effort to attract and recruit students on American college campuses.”

The group, which seeks to document and prevent anti-Semitism and other bigotry, has tracked 104 incidents since the beginning of the school year in September, with an apparent surge in intensity in 2017: More than half of the incidents happened since January.

After a polarizing election and intense protests over race and police violence, reports of racist graffiti, students wearing blackface and using slurs, and other ugly incidents have been reported at colleges across the country. (There have also been a few reports that were later discredited as fabricated.)

The Anti-Defamation League attributes some of that surge to a calculated effort by hate groups.

“White supremacists have consciously made the decision to focus their recruitment efforts on students and have in some cases openly boasted of efforts to establish a physical presence on campus,” Jonathan Greenblatt, chief executive of the Anti-Defamation League, said in a statement. “While there have been recruitment efforts in the past, never have we seen anti-Semites and white supremacists so focused on outreach to students on campus.”

Some of the white-supremacist tactics include flooding campus fax machines with racist fliers, hanging anti-Muslim, anti-immigrant or anti-Semitic posters, visiting campuses to talk with students, giving public speeches, and holding rallies, according to the ADL’s Center on Extremism.

Incidents have happened at schools in 28 states, from Michigan to Tennessee to California to Virginia.

There have been multiple rounds of racist posters at Texas State University, said Debra Monroe, a professor who first saw some after the election that warned that words such as “multiculturalism” were code words for “white genocide,” worrying students and others on campus.

The Anti-Defamation League attributed many of the incidents nationally to three groups: Identity Evropa, American Vanguard and American Renaissance.

“The ADL needs ‘White supremacist’ boogeymen to stay in business,” Reinhard Wolff, director of administration for Identity Evropa, wrote in an email. “We’re not supremacists by any means, but we’re not really concerned with such childish labels. Our adversaries have to resort to name-calling and buzzwords because that’s all they have left at this point.”

Leaders of American Vanguard and American Renaissance did not respond to requests for comment.

American Renaissance’s website urges action, including inviting the founder to speak. “We especially recommend this option to students at universities,” the site says.

Grade Point newsletter

News and issues affecting higher education.

American Vanguard’s website says, “The American Vanguard is a National-Socialist youth organization using direct action to fight for a White America. Using the tactics made famous by National Action, we use flash demonstrations and flyer-pasting campaigns to achieve maximum publicity.”

Identity Evropa’s website includes this:

#ProjectSiege is the beginning of a long term cultural war of attrition against the academia’s Cultural Marxist narrative … If we are to be successful in combatting the current paradigm, it is imperative that we create space for our ideas at universities across the country. Speaking with students and helping them unpack some of their assumptions while gaining name recognition for our organizations are the ways in which we will create the foundation for that space. As students then begin to realize that the direction their lectures take them is based upon false assumptions by their instructors, they will begin rejecting the false narratives and begin looking to us for answers.
We have found that many students are open minded and willing to speak with us.

The site explains how the group works to build trust with students on different ends of the political spectrum, and noted in October that the group had put up fliers and stickers at more than two dozen colleges across the country.

ADL ‘White Supremacists on Campus’ List by Susan Svrluga on Scribd

Susan Svrluga is a reporter for the Washington Post, covering higher education for the Grade Point blog.

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French Mayor Fined for Mentioning Demographic Changes in Local Schools





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  • George Soros ‘Has Ruined the Lives of Millions of Europeans’ Says Hungarian Prime Minister

    George Soros ‘Has Ruined the Lives of Millions of Europeans’ Says Hungarian Prime Min


French mayor Robert Ménard has been fined by the government for hate speech after mentioning that French children were being “replaced” in schools in his town.

Mr. Ménard, who serves as the mayor of Béziers, was sentenced to a fine of 2,000 euros for the comments he made on Twitter in September of 2016, France 24 reports. The independent mayor, who is supported by the Front National, then told local television station LCI a few days after making the post: “In a class in the city centre of my town, 91 per cent of the children are Muslims. Obviously, this is a problem. There are limits to tolerance,”


Wild Boars Kill Three ISIS Fighters

Ménard wrote he was witnessing “The Great Replacement”, a term used by the French populist right and coined by openly gay prolific French author Renaud Camus.

According to Camus’ theory, France and Western Europe are undergoing a cultural and demographic replacement due to mass migration. He argues the last time Europe underwent such a rapid transformation was during the so-called barbarian invasions during the collapse of the Roman Empire in the third century.

The judge in the hate speech case against Ménard assigned one thousand euros for the hate speech and another thousand euros to cover the court costs of the seven anti-racist organisations who brought the matter to court including the League for Human Rights and SOS Racisme, two organisations who have received funding from left-wing billionaire George Soros’s Open Society Foundations in the past.

The prosecutor in the case denounced the comments saying of Ménard: “He reduces them to their religion, regardless of whether they have French nationality or do not practice this religion.” Ménard’s lawyer framed the issue as an infringement on freedom of speech and told the court not to pass “a death penalty of the freedom to think”.

“If the truth, what we see, becomes an offence, we can never say anything again,” Ménard said. “I have described a situation, I have said what all the elected officials find and never dare to say,” adding: “To leave them like that is to condemn them. That’s why I’m trying to solve this problem.”

Ménard supports Marine Le Pen in the French presidential race and shares many of the same views on mass migration. Le Pen has promised that if elected she will get France out of the open-border Schengen agreement and has proposed to deport foreign radical Islamists following the shooting on the Champs Élysées that killed a police officer last Friday.

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Donald Trump Blasts Ninth Circuit for Blocking Sanctuary Cities Order: ‘See You in the Supreme Court!’


  • Far-Left Austrian President: All Women Must Wear Headscarves to Fight Islamophobia

    Far-Left Austrian President: All Women Must Wear Headscarves to Fight Islamophobia

Rutgers Conservative Union flyer

onlinedylan Photo by Facebook |

The Rutgers Conservative Union president posted a flyer (right) on official graduating class Facebook pages with a striking resemblance to one created by the white nationalist group American Vanguard (left). The group plans to hand out the flyers at a tabling event.

On Tuesday, Dylan Marek, the president of the Rutgers Conservative Union, posted a picture of a flyer into several Rutgers University graduating class Facebook pages. Branded “Take Your Country Back,” the flyer featured an American flag logo in the corner and urged students to "take a stand" and join the newly official campus organization.

The poster was intended to attract people who felt disenfranchised from the American political scheme, Marek said.

“It was an organizationally-sponsored poster,” the School of Arts and Sciences first-year student said.

Marek said the content of the poster was his idea, but the template was borrowed. He elaborated on this, saying he took the template from Microsoft Word, but the message written on the flyer was originally his own.

On Dec. 8, a self-proclaimed white supremacist group, the American Vanguard, posted a near-identical flyer on their official Facebook page. The Vanguard's poster also featured the phrase “Take your country back” in capitalized letters with an American flag logo in the top right corner and a six-line paragraph of text beneath — of which more than 30 percent of the wording was identical to the Conservative Union’s flyer.

The most notable aesthetic discrepancy between the two documents was the logo, Twitter handle and website that appeared in a 1-inch black bar at the bottom of the American Vanguard’s flyer.

This was the exact same logo and bar that appeared at the bottom of the anti-Muslim flyer found at the Paul Robeson Cultural Center on Feb. 13. This poster, which garnered widespread media attention, featured the Twin Towers and the caption “Imagine a Muslim-free America.”

Marek said his organization, which includes 80-90 members, has no affiliation with the American Vanguard, and that he first heard of the white supremacist group a few weeks ago, after reading an article about the incident.

The placing of posters on the Paul Robeson Cultural Center was free speech, he said, adding that he supports the fact that charges will not be brought against the culprit if they are found.

“As far as the message of the poster … it was very provocative, to say the least. But I think a discussion should be brought about whether or not the key tenets of Islam, which talk about you know, killing gays and forcing women to wear burkas, not to drive, not to have education, these types of things, the key tenets of Islam should be under question and whether or not they’re compatible with America, or what we stand for, that should be up for debate,” Marek said.

The key tenets of Islam, commonly referred to as the five pillars of Islam, are oneness of God, prayer, fasting, charity and pilgrimage to Mecca, said Yasmin Ramadan, the vice chair of the Rutgers University Muslim Alumni Association. 

"In order for something to be up for debate, the facts must be clearly laid out — and the fact of the matter is, misguided assumptions about the religion of 1.6 billion people based on no factual evidence cannot be taken seriously," she said.

Ramadan said Islam does not advocate for the killing of gay people, forcing women to wear burkas, not to drive or not to have an education. 

"In one sense, you're right: those things are not compatible with American values. And they are most certainly not compatible with Islamic values. Anyone who believes otherwise must learn to separate fact from political propaganda, and realize that these stereotypes have direct, harmful (and often fatal) consequences on fellow human beings. This sort of harmful rhetoric has no place Rutgers, which is strengthened by its diversity and has continually represented tolerance informed by facts rather than ignorance," she said. 

In a statement to The Daily Targum on Tuesday, University spokesperson Karen Smith said officials condemn the original flyers on the cultural center and are continuing to investigate the situation.

“Our goal is to make sure all of our students feel comfortable and supported in our diverse campus environment and we take this kind of speech very seriously,” Smith said.

The University mandates that only Rutgers-affiliated student organizations and departments are authorized to post or distribute printed materials. Additionally, all advertising is required to “comply with University non-discrimination policy,” according to the Student Center website.

Marek said the Rutgers Conservative Union plans to use its new status as an official organization to table, invite speakers to campus and hand out flyers. The first tabling event is scheduled to take place before spring break, and the organization plans to hand out the “Take Back Your Country” flyer, alongside two or three other forms, he said.

The point of rebranding the organization from "Make Rutgers Great Again" to the "Rutgers Conservative Union," was to give members a platform to promote conservative and American nationalist values on campus, Marek said.

“As far as speakers go, we’ll keep you in suspense, but we have some people we’re thinking about trying to contact and bring over,” he said.

Yes, we have to take our Country back, we have to take all of our White Countries back. This forced massive racial mixing is against natural laws. We have no obligation to people who are not our people.

Rep. Steve King Endorses ‘Dutch Trump’ in Battle Over ‘Civilization’

The incendiary Iowa congressman came out in support of far-right Dutch politician Geert Wilders on Sunday, warning that ‘somebody else’s babies’ may pose a threat to civilization.

Wilders understands that culture and demographics are our destiny. We can't restore our civilization with somebody else's babies.



Donald Trump and the Twilight of White America

Racial resentment and economic anxiety are not separate forces. For many Trump supporters, they are inextricably linked.

On June 25, 2015, a week after Donald Trump announced his candidacy for president of the United States, the Census Bureau released a landmark report on the demographics of American children under the age of five. For the first time in U.S. history, it reported that a minority of this group is “white”—neither black, nor Asian, nor Hispanic.

The notion of America’s ethnic majority has been dubious for a long time. What today many people call “white” is really a catch-all for various European groups once seen as racially distinct. But this report threw the entire concept into chaos. “A majority of American babies are now minorities,” Bloomberg reported, somewhat paradoxically. In a country where most people are minorities, the majority does not exist. Even within the headline, the word majority is collapsing in on itself.

It is unlikely that a printed copy of this Census report hangs in a gold-plated frame on Trump’s wall. But the specter of America's all-minority future has stalked his campaign. Trump’s core constituency is clear: Republican whites, particularly men, and especially those who didn’t go to college, who feel their American whiteness like a second skin. Many of these first beneficiaries of the franchise now feel disenfranchised. The original middle class feels cut out of the American Dream. The majority is collapsing in on itself.

The lie that the Whites who voted for Trump were not college educated is just that ,a LIE. Millions of those of us who voted for President Donald Trump are very well college educated. And the media would like us to believe that all those Blacks, Hispanics Muslims, Asians and the rest of the non-Whites welfare recipient who voted for Clinton are all college educated!!!



The horrors of Black violent criminality.

Ten Years After: Knoxville Horror A Tale Of Black Atrocity, MSM Lies, Justice System Failure–And Parental Agony...

The Main Stream Media is working very hard right now to send down the Memory Hole the abduction and days-long torture of an 18-year-old disabled white man by four blacks, including one he pathetically thought was his friend, who (incredibly) livestreamed the atrocity on Facebook. Not coincidentally, there seems to be no national media coverage of this weekend’s tenth anniversary of an earlier stellar moment in American race relations and MSM malfeasance: what I have called “The Knoxville Horror,” the kidnap-gangrape-torture-murders in Knoxville TN, by yet another black gang, of white sweethearts Channon Christian, 21, and Christopher Newsom, 23

Channon was a senior sociology major at the University of Tennessee; Chris was a carpenter. Their families are sure they would have ended up married. But they were carjacked and kidnapped at gunpoint on January 7, 2007, and taken, bound and gagged, to the house where the gang was staying.

The details of what the gang, which included

    • Lemaricus Davidson, his half-brother

    • Letalvis Cobbins

    • Vanessa Coleman, Cobbins’ girlfriend

    • Eric Boyd

Then did to Channon and Chris was so horrific that it’s common to get reactions like this, from then-Knox County District Attorney General Randy Nichols:

You start to wonder how someone could do this kind of stuff. What kind of person could do this to another human? It’s hard to get off of that. I’d been a prosecutor for a long, long time, so you’d think by then—and I used to say it—that nothing shocked me anymore.

Christian-Newsom: 10 Years Later,, January 6, 2017.

And yet the plain fact is that no-one should be “shocked.” These black-on-white atrocities are just a fact of life in today’s America. Chicago is just a minor case. There was an eerily similar black-on-white abduction-gangrape-murder in Wichita Ks. seventeen years ago. And does anyone remember the Pearcy Massacre? Etc. etc.

Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom and were both tortured, raped and killed. Newsom was forced to hobble to nearby railroad tracks, his ankles tied, shot him three times, and set on fire.

Prosecutors believe that it was Eric Boyd (right)  who anally raped Newsom, because police had found male homosexual pornography on his cellphone. [ Knox prosecutor doesn't shut the door on future charges in torture slayings, by Jamie Satterfield , January 6, 2017]At least two of the killers implicated Boyd. But unlike them, he never made any self-incriminating statements, and there was no crime scene evidence tying him to the crimes. Boyd was caught harboring the fleeing Lemaricus Davidson in an abandoned house, and so all that the authorities could get him on was Accessory After The Fact. Read more >>

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No immigration for 50 years? White nationalist leader unloads 5 of his most horrifying hopes for America

Jared Taylor spoke with the Young Turk's Eric Byler at a recent conference — and it was interesting

No immigration for 50 years? White nationalist leader unloads 5 of his most horrifying hopes for AmericaFILE - In a March 22, 2015 file photo, U.S. writer Jared Taylor, author of the book "White Identity" speaks during the International Russian Conservative Forum in St.Petersburg, Russia. Taylor, a Yale University-educated, self-described “race realist, ” runs the New Century Foundation.

aylor explained that he wants to put a hold on U.S. immigration for possibly 50 years… sort of… 

“Put a hold on all immigration for the next 5, 10, maybe 50 years,” Taylor proposed. “Let the country reestablish itself as a nation and at the same time, we could give a preference to Europeans.”

2. He then backtracked by revealing he just wants the United States to give preferential treatment to immigrants of European descent.

“There are about 200,000 people who leave the country every year, if those were replaced by 200,000 people, some from South Africa, for example, south African whites, that would help us reach a new equilibrium in terms of what the nation should be about,” he added.

3. He appeared disgusted with equal representation across the board. 

“Diversity is a terrible weakness to the United States,” Taylor told Byler. “Diversity means that we still have race riots. Diversity means that every attempt to distribute resources is a shoving game,” he concluded.

“Have the Hispanics got enough? Have the blacks got enough? Have the Asians got enough? Whether it’s from the Harvard entering class to the nominations for the Oscars,” he said.

4. He claimed that overpopulation is a relatively new discussion in America (it’s not).

“In 1945, the United States had 125 million people. Nobody thought the country was overpopulated. Now we have 325 [million]. Where do we stop?” he asked.

Jared Taylor might want to check out this New York Times Op-Ed written at the start of the Second Industrial Revolution in 1870.

“One would imagine that our country had begun to feel the pressure of overpopulation, so careless have we become regarding the preservation of human life,” reads the first sentence.

5. He revealed when he believes America was “great.”

“Until 1965, the United States had an immigration policy that was clearly designed to keep the country majority white. There was nothing wrong with that,” Taylor told Byler, referencing the Hart–Celler Act.

The white nationalist also believes that if someone had told [the signers] that, in 70 years, white Americans would become the minority, “no one would have voted for that law.”










The Immigration Invasion: How Third World Immigration is Destroying the First World and What Must be Done to Stop It by [Kemp, Arthur]

The Immigration Invasion: How Third World Immigration is Destroying the First World and What Must be Done to Stop It Kindle Edition

You can buy this book now on and fight back against this massive, non-White, third world invasion.


‘We will multiply our numbers’ Muslim migrants aim to outbreed Christians, ‘They want us to be Islamized’

Muslim Immigration

migrant horror

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Some of the most revealing data about “the new Europeans” is coming from translators and Arabic speakers who work in several migrant centres. One Arabic speaker worked in a number of asylum centres across the country and went undercover to discover migrants were preaching “pure hatred” about non-Muslims and women were planning to have more children to “destroy Christians.” One said the hostility is also visible at asylum homes, where Muslim children refuse to play with Christians.

They want us to be Islamised. They despise our country and our values’: Translator at German refugee camp says Muslim migrants display ‘pure hatred’ of Christians

It is a slow fuse, but it has never failed to go off.

Jihad emigration to non Muslim lands as commanded by Mohammed. Look how Islam has spread — it was not all armed conquest (not in the conventional sense). Ignore it, pretend it isn’t real, it doesn’t happen or matter if you wish. But one day you or your descendants will be in the minority and all the freedoms you hold dear will be gone (and in reality, the death of your place in Western civilization will have come long before that).

Do nothing and your grandchildren will have very different and probably much shorter lives than you.

The truth is revealed here by a translator in Germany assumed by Muslims to be one of them.

migrants slovenia3


“We will multiply our numbers’ Muslim migrants aim to outbreed Christians, translator says”
A TRANSLATOR living in Germany has revealed that Muslim migrants believe the country “should be Islamised”, according to a new report.
By Will Kirby, The Express, Nov 17, 2016

After working in migrant centres Germany for several years, the translator claims a number of the Muslim migrants she has spoken to have revealed a hatred for Christians and are determined to destroy the religion.The 39-year-old translator revealed that despite her Christian beliefs she is often presumed to be Muslim and – as a result – Muslim migrants often confide in her and tell her about their dislike towards Christians.

Merkel Muslims

A translator in Germany has expressed concerns over rising hostility between Muslims & Christians

She said: “Christians are oppressed, intimidated and harassed by Muslim refugees. This is normal.

“Some women told me, ‘We will multiply our numbers. We must have more children than the Christians because it’s the only way we can destroy them here’.”

The translator, who arrived in Germany in 1991 as a refugee from Eritrea, said she began volunteering in asylum centres after wanting to give something back following the “open-minded reception and support” she received on arriving in the country.

Christians are oppressed, intimidated and harassed by Muslim refugees – this is normal


Clashes between Christian and Muslim asylum seekers have been on the rise in recent years.

A report released last month claimed that 743 Christians have been the victims of attacks in Germany’s asylum system since May, with 416 reported to have suffered physical abuse.

Of the 743 victims, 44 said they had been sexually assaulted and more than 300 received death threats.

migrants bavariaGETTY

Germany has received a huge number of asylum seekers in recent years

In a shocking revelation, the perpetrators in 205 of the cases were employed as guards at asylum homes – flouting their duty to protect the migrants in their care.The translator continued: “Pure hatred against non-believers is preached, and children are brought here from an early age here in Germany.”It’s very similar in asylum housing, where Muslim boys refuse to play with Christians.


Migrants queue to register in Berlin

When she has tried to encourage Muslim children to play with their Christian counterparts, she said typical responses include: “I don’t play with Christians. My parents hate them too.”Religious tension has been rife in Germany in recent months.In October, an appalled father claimed his daughter had been forced to chant “Allah Akhbar” in a Bavarian primary school class.

                                                                                                                                         IMMIGRATION VISA SCAM.                

Fake U.S. embassy in Ghana shut down after decade issuing visas

By Matthew Mpoke Bigg | ACCRA

Authorities in Ghana have busted a fake U.S. embassy in the capital Accra run by a criminal network that for a decade issued illegally obtained authentic visas, the U.S. State Department said.

Until it was shut down this summer, the sham embassy was housed in a run-down, pink two-storey building with a corrugated iron roof and flew a U.S. flag outside. Inside hung a portrait of President Barack Obama.

"It was not operated by the United States government, but by figures from both Ghanaian and Turkish organized crime rings and a Ghanaian attorney practicing immigration and criminal law," the State Department said in a statement released late on Friday.

Turkish citizens, who spoke English and Dutch, posed as consular officers and staffed the operation. Investigations also uncovered a fake Dutch embassy, the State Department said.

Officials in the Netherlands were not immediately reachable for comment on Sunday.

The crime ring issued fraudulently obtained but legitimate U.S. visas and false identification documents, including birth certificates at a cost of $6,000 each, the statement said.

During raids that led to a number of arrests, authorities also seized authentic and counterfeit Indian, South African and Schengen Zone visas and 150 passports from 10 different countries along with a laptop and smart phones.

The statement did not say how the gang obtained the authentic visas. And the State Department did not say how many people were believed to have illegally entered the United States and other countries using visas issued by the crime ring, which used bribery to operate unhindered.

"The criminals running the operation were able to pay off corrupt officials to look the other way, as well as obtain legitimate blank documents to be doctored," the statement said.

There was no immediate comment from Ghana's Criminal Investigations Division.

Visas for Western countries are in high demand in Africa and embassies say the visa market is a big target for organized crime.

The real U.S. embassy in Ghana is a prominent and heavily fortified complex in Cantonments, one of the capital's most expensive neighborhoods. Lines of people queue outside each day for visa appointments and other consular business.

The fake embassy was open three mornings a week and did not accept walk-in appointments. Instead, the criminals advertised on billboards in Ghana, Togo and Ivory Coast and brought clients from across West Africa to Accra where they rented them hotel rooms in nearby hotels.

U.S. authorities conducting a broader security operation were tipped off about it and assembled a team including the Ghana Detectives Bureau and police as well as other international partners to shut down the ring.

Report: One new Immigrant for Every two U.S. Births in 2015   - Spanish-speaking mestizo Indian blood suckers. Immoral, cultural violent, welfare dependent, vicious, vindictive, loud, low-class, out-of-wedlock illegitimate "children-criminal" manufacturers. Scum of people. Screwing that's all what they know how to do and Whites pay for their immorality. The strange thing is that Donald Trump is pandering to these "Hard-Working" screwing people!!!



Thousands More Migrants Arrive in Italy Over Weekend

Italy is the principal destination for migrants traveling from North Africa and seeking to reach Europe. The voyage across the Strait of Sicily is perilous, and more than 3,000 migrants have lost their lives attempting the crossing this year.

  • According to Professor Anna Bono, who teaches African History and Institutions at the University of Turin, most of the migrants coming to Italy are not refugees escaping from war or even poor people fleeing hunger. The migrants tend to be young, middle-class males, she says.

Bono says that the enormous costs of emigration contradict the common thesis that migrants are fleeing dire situations of indigence, noting that those who want to come to Europe must procure as much as 10 thousand dollars to pay traffickers for their passage.

The professor also stated that there is extensive propaganda by traffickers in African countries promoting emigration to Italy.

“In the countries of sub-Saharan Africa there are advertisements inciting people to go to Italy, explaining that everything here is free. And indeed it is,” she said.

“I imagine the phone calls these guys make home to their friends, confirming that everything is actually given them for free,” she said.

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Breitbart London, Immigration, National Security, Anna Bono, Europe Migrant Crisis, immigration, IOM, Italy, Matteo Renzi, Strait of Sicily

rtx1gj8je1436197887697-vi This Ugly Arrogant African Blood-sucker is not going back.  We will have to remove him and all the other invaders by force.


Lampedusa migration






“Irredeemable”? In This Battle For Survival, Donald Trump And His Supporters a.k.a. White America Are In It Together

Paul Kersey
October 16, 2016, 6:38 pm

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Earlier: Paul Kersey’s Open Letter To Donald Trump: Defend Freedom Of Association (And Property Values) Against Obama’s Racial Socialism

A Republican headquarters building is firebombed.  [Republican HQ in Orange County firebombed, by Jim Morril, Charlotte Observer, October 16, 2016] Trump supporters’ cars are vandalized. [Police on the lookout for vandals who spray painted cars outside Trump rally in Bangor, by Michael Shepherd, Bangor Daily News, October 16, 2016]. Trump supporters are repeatedly being assaulted. Trump himself is the object of an assassination attempt by an illegal immigrant. And that’s only the beginning of what’s coming, both for Donald Trump himself and for Trump supporters.

The Left, for example hectoring Muslim immigration lawyer Khizr Khan, love to mock the idea Donald Trump has made sacrifices, but the truth is Donald Trump has paid a steep personal price after declaring for President. If he loses, the Left will move to destroy him as a private individual. And they are going to try to do the same to his supporters.

A huge number of companies abandoned Donald Trump after he announced his opposition to immigration. His brands have lost millions; bookings for his hotel properties have dropped 59 percent [Bookings at Trump Hotels Plummet, Priceonomics Data Studio, May 25, 2016]. Billionaire Mark Cuban smirks that Trump will go bankrupt within a few years if he loses the election because of his “toxic brand” . [Mark Cuban’s New Trump Troll: Bets He’ll Go Personally Bankrupt Over “Toxic Brand”, by Ryan Parker, Hollywood Report, September 29, 2016]. And he’s probably right.

While Trump’s courageous, America-First campaign inspired millions of people across the country who had given up on politics, it also fuelled the wrath of the American Left. The supporters of Hillary Clinton don’t just hate Trump, they want to destroy Trump’s (overwhelmingly white) supporters. A recent poll showed 53% of Clinton voters believe whites have too much influence in society, compared to just 8% of Trump’s supporters. [Poll: Hillary Clinton Voters Think America Is “Too White,” HeatStreet, September 28, 2016] This can only mean that an intensified form of racial socialism will be imposed if Clinton wins the White House.

One vehicle for this attack against whites will be Black Lives Matter, which is already targeting Trump personally. This past weekend, the Trump International Hotel was vandalized by Black Lives Matter supporters, with threatening “No Justice, No Peace” and “Black Lives Matter” graffiti sprayed by the entrance. [Black Lives Matter Vandalizes Trump International in DC – Liberal Media COMPLETELY IGNORES Attack, by Jim Hoft, Gateway Pundit, October 2nd, 2016].

"ANTI-WHITE, ANTI-AMERICAN PRESIDENT OBAMA WITH HIS "BLACK  POWER SALUTE".                                                                           A      BRAINWASHED,  BLACK-LOVER, WHITE WOMAN CREATED THIS OBAMA MONSTER".  (emphasis ours )                                          

Days before and not far from the Trump hotel in D.C., President Barack Obama continued his increasingly flagrant inciting of the Black Lives Matter thugs—who, remember, have been implicated in at least 10 police assassinations—when he raised a Black Power fist while entertaining the 2016 Olympians as well as blasts from the past Tommie Smith and John Carlos, infamous for raising Black Power fists back during the 1968 Olympics:

“Their powerful silent protest of the 1968 games was controversial, but it woke folks up, and it created a greater opportunity for those that followed,” Obama said.

black_power_ap_imgThe White House extended the invitation at the time of a national debate over San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, whose decision to take a knee during the playing of the National Anthem has sparked a heated debate over the Black Lives Matter ..movement.

At a town hall-style forum with military families in Virginia Thursday, Obama said Kaepernick should be sensitive to the feelings of Gold Star families hurt by his refusal to stand for the flag — but also that people should understand the frustrations of black Americans about the shooting of unarmed African-Americans by police.

[Obama invites ‘Black Power’ protesters to White House Olympic ceremony, by Gregory Korte, USA Today, September 28, 2016]


The people with a right to be frustrated with a black community prepared to riot on behalf of criminals are those white Americans who find themselves caught in the crosshairs. President Obama, the Main Stream Media and these extremist activists have enabled a surge of violence leading to nightmarish scenes, such as Americans being trapped in a car during urban riots, pleading for help. [Charlotte motorists trapped in standstill pleaded for rescue from protests, by Mark Washburn, Charlotte Observer, September 26, 2016].

And the frank racial hatred underlying these riots shouldn’t be overlooked. After all, a reporter from a Philadelphia news station got a black rioter in Charlotte to candidly admit on film that “white lives don’t matter,” confirming the anti-white nature of the riots. [Do ‘White Lives Matter’ in Charlotte? Internet Outrage Grows After Protests Turn Violent, Heat Street, September 23, 2016].

But Democratic Presidential nominee Hillary Clinton continues to rail against “systemic racism” as culprit behind police shootings of black people [In wake of Keith Scott shooting, Hillary Clinton visits Charlotte, By Hannah Fraser-Chanpong, CBS News, October 2, 2016]. Of course, the facts present a far different picture.

Consider: A Harvard study found there is no racial bias by police in shootings, despite The New York Times crying crocodile tears over every black male shot by police [Surprising New Evidence Shows Bias in Police Use of Force but Not in Shootings, by Amanda Cox, New York Times, July 12, 2016].

The report actually found that white people are more likely to be shot by police then blacks [How a controversial study found that police are more likely to shoot whites, not blacks, by Max Ehrenfreund, Washington Post, July 13, 2016]. This confirms what Peter Moskos, assistant professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice at the City University of New York, discovered.

“He reported that roughly 49 percent of those killed by officers from May 2013 to April 2015 were white, while 30 percent were black. He also found that 19 percent were Hispanic and 2 percent were Asian and other races. Adjusted to take into account the racial breakdown of the U.S. population, he said black men are 3.5 times more likely to be killed by police than white men. But also adjusted to take into account the racial breakdown in violent crime, the data actually show that police are less likely to kill black suspects than white ones.”

[Police kill more whites than blacks, but minority deaths generate more outrage: Analysis contradicts widespread views about racial targets, By Valerie Richardson, The Washington Times, April 21, 2015]

Most damning, a Washington State University study found that “even with white officers who do have racial biases, officers are three times less likely to shoot unarmed black suspects than unarmed white suspects.”[This study found race matters in police shootings, but the results may surprise you, by Tom Jackman, Washington Post, April 27, 2016].

If I could say anything to Mr. Trump, I’d tell him his opponent and the current President are actively working to agitate the black population into what can only be described as anti-white hate.

Yes, it masquerades as anti-cop rhetoric, but when the riots in both Milwaukee and Charlotte kicked-off when a black cop shot a gun-toting black suspect (in both cases the black suspect refused to put the gun down), they quickly become nothing more than anti-white orgies of violence. [VIDEO: Milwaukee agitators shout ‘black power,’ attack white drivers, American Mirror, August 14, 2016]

Hillary has already condemned Trump’s supporters as a “basket of deplorables” and “irredeemable.” If they are “irredeemable,” what kind of a future can Trump and his voters expect if she wins?

There’s a reason Donald Trump attracts such enthusiastic and dedicated supporters.

In this battle for survival, Trump and white America are in it together.


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State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America Paperback – October 2, 2007



Excerpted & Adapted From Patrick Grimm’s
How The Jewish Supremacists Wrecked America Here

Real Jew News Is Published By Brother Nathanael Kapner - Copyright 2008-2010
This Article May Be Reproduced Only With Link To Real Jew News

Or Send Your Contribution To:
Brother Nathanael Kapner; PO Box 547; Priest River ID 83856

HOW THE JEWS ARE DESTROYING AMERICA      (...and all the White Christian Nations)  emphasis ours.


1. The Jews have emasculated our nation by destroying our pride in America’s Christian history. Without a commonly held memory a nation ceases to exist as a cohesive unit.

2. The Jews have labeled America’s Christian Founding Fathers as “racists” and “white slavers” while at the same time suppressing the fact that Jews financed and participated in the Black slave trade.

3. The Jews have promoted multiculturalism, celebrating every culture — no matter how backward and barbaric — except for Western white European culture. As Jewish feminist Susan Sontag, (originally named Susan Rosenblatt), stated: “The white race is the cancer of humanity.” But Susan Rosenblatt Sontag’s own cancerous contagion is her lesbian perversity with photographer Annie Leibovitz and Nicole Stephane Rothschild, the banking heiress turned movie actress.

4. The Jews have driven our Christian heritage from the public square through the efforts of the Jewish Lobby Groups, the ADL and the ACLU. American children will grow up in a society wiped clean of any vestiges of the Bible, Christ or the Cross. However, the Menorah is still allowed in public displays and in the White House for Hannukah celebrations.

5. The Jews have torn our borders open, permitting, indeed cheering, the Third World immigrants who will soon replace the white Christian American majority. The Jacob Javitzes and the Lautenbergs have designed legislation that will genocide us. They have done all this while simultaneously supporting Israel’s “Jews-only” immigration policy.

6. The Jews have pushed, created and profited from pornography and perverse entertainment. The “chosen people” make up 90% of all American pornographers. The Hollywood they run has mainstreamed wife-swapping, common law marriages, fornication, homosexuality, lesbianism, transvestitism, pedophilia, drug and alcohol abuse and self-indulgence. Bestiality will be next on the list for these society-corrupting Jews.

7. The Jews have brought homosexuality out of the closet and into our faces through numerous “rights” legislations. Sodomy is shown in their Jewish controlled media and movies as normal, healthy, enjoyable and something to celebrate openly in as brazen a fashion as possible. Six year old children in our Public Schools are shown videos promoting anal sex between males. The Jews have founded, funded and fronted every homosexual advocacy group in America.

8. The Jews have brainwashed American children in other areas besides sexual depravity. With their control of the Public Educational System and Collegiate level academia, they have filled the minds of the young with Marxism, Deconstructionism, relativism, anti-White hatred, and lies about “diversity” and non-judgmentalism. These sundry isms are the pernicious lies that have jettisoned the positive isms that once bloomed in our society: absolutism, patriotism, altruism, individualism, nationalism, etc.

9. The Jews have subverted our government. With Zionist control of the media, both print and television, the two major political parties have been steered away from the interests of the European-American majority, rendering us incapable of self-preservation. The war in Iraq, the 9/11 attacks and a possible clash with Iran in the near future, are all results of the Zionist subjugation of the most powerful nation on earth, and the prioritizing of Israel’s concerns over those of the United States.

10. The Jews have brought radical feminism to American women and girls. Thanks to the steady diet of anti-male, anti-marriage and anti-family books, lectures and college courses from the likes of the Gloria Steinems, the Betty Friedans, and the Susan Sontags, many women now see the prospect of marriage and child-rearing as an impediment to their liberation.

11. The Jews have made abortion into a sacrament. Planned Parenthood and the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL) is run from top to bottom by Jews. Unregulated abortion on demand is touted in the Jewish controlled Media as a positive social good for the United States. With a large percentage of abortion doctors being Jewish, the Jews have definitely made a killing out of killing.

12. The Jews have sold us the packaged lies of egalitarianism. All are equal in intelligence, morality, accomplishments — except of course, for one group. The Jewish “race” as their own leaders refer to their people, is covertly declared as being uniquely moral and wise. The Jews truly believe they have a God-given right to rule over us. To criticize their pernicious power is the most egregious societal taboo resulting in being blackballed as being, “Anti-Semitic!”

Everything on this list can be easily verified. Jews, mostly Zionists, have spearheaded every movement that now threatens our destruction. Jews have extended their tentacles into all facets of our country squeezing every vestige of wholesome life out of America.

Along with Jewish expansionism comes the debauching of all peoples, all heritages, and all traditions, except for their Judaism and Hanukah Menorahs now erected during our Christmas on the White House Lawn. But no Nativity Scenes will the Jews allow! They are hypocrites! The Jews cry out “separation of church & state” don’t they? Except when it comes to their wretched Anti Christ menorahs!

What can we do to stop the Jews? Will we fear and quake before the buzzword of “anti-Semite” or will we stand and battle for the survival of Christian civilization? It’s up to all of us to wage war against the Jews, especially we Christians, for America will either be a Christian America or a Jewish America. There is no in between!

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State of Emergency: The Third World Invasion and Conquest of America Paperback – October 2, 2007


Coulter: Election ‘Will Determine Survival of Western Civilization’


In an interview with, Stefan Molyneux, host of Freedomain Radio, conservative commentator Ann Coulter, author of “In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome!” warned that the upcoming election between Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump and Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton will “determine” the survival of Western Civilization.

“[T]his election will determine the survival of Western civilization. And it is because of cultures, and demographics. Well, those are people bringing particular cultures with them. It has taken centuries to create the freest, most prosperous, fairest societies in the world, and there have been lots of studies about this — especially Samuel Huntington, some professors at Harvard, UCLA. You never hear about this, so that the left can go on persuading Americans, and I suppose Canadians and British and so on, that American culture is the worst culture in the world, and as soon as we replace ourselves, the better off we are. We are somehow oppressing these throngs of the third world that are now being brought in to replace us.  But the truth is exactly the opposite: We do have the most successful culture in the history of the world. It is the fairest to the weak, the vulnerable, women, children, plants, animals, on honesty versus corruption.”

Donald J. Trump

22 hrs ·

We are going to change our immigration system to reflect American values! -DJT

Image may contain: 1 person , text


Unemployed Migrant Family Of 10 DEMAND Upgrade To MANSION – Council Gives PERFECT Response…

Greg Campbell

08 Sep, 2016 by Greg Campbell

Europe is under siege from a flood of refugees. Many are fleeing violence in search of a better life, some are terrorists waiting for the right time to strike and many are opportunists seeking to exploit Europe’s permissive government’s and cultural norms.

When one refugee family demanded a taxpayer-funded upgrade to a mansion, they got more than they bargained for as the French judge became outraged by the greed.


                                                                                                                                  UGLY AFRICAN BLOOD SUCKERS.

The father of a migrant family of 10, who not only refuses to work for his $147,000 benefits per year but is a full-time student on the taxpayer’s dime, recently refused a free 5-bedroom house to demand a mansion for his growing family. However, after the councilman heard of the family’s entitlement, he reneged on the offer and instead gave the perfect 7-word response.

Arnold and Jeanne Sube fled Cameroon as asylum seekers in search of a better life, which they quickly found in France. Unfortunately, France’s benefits didn’t live up to the Subes’ standards, so they headed to Britain, where they finally began living the welfare lifestyle of which many impoverished taxpayers and homeless veterans dream.

However, instead of gratitude for draining the taxpayers and refusing to contribute anything in return except more children, Arnold and Jeanne, both 33, demanded a larger house because their free 3-bedroom home is “too cramped.” Hearing their plea, the Luton council decided that offering 2 extra bedrooms wouldn’t be too far beyond the city’s budget to suit the whining migrants. To their surprise, the family not only turned down the offer but had yet another demand.

The Express reports that the Sube family responded to the council’s generous offer of a free 5-bedroom home by insisting on being given a mansion with at least 6 double bedrooms. Shocked at their entitlement, a Luton Borough Council spokesman told them that since they’re going to continue to demand without contributing, “We will offer the property to another family” and they will remain in their 3-bedroom house.

“We managed to find Mr. and Mrs. Sube affordable housing large enough to house them and their children,” the council spokesman stated. “If declined without, what we judge, good reason, then we will offer the property to another family.”

“There are not many five-bedroom council houses in Luton and they were lucky to be offered one. I haven’t a lot of sympathy for them,” Tory leader Michael Garrett added.

According to The Sun, the migrants are now complaining that the council is purposefully oppressing them. However, this particular family accrues over $147,000 in handouts each year and ran up a $51,156 hotel bill with $28,000 of it on room service alone after the council placed them there for 4 months.

Still, Arnold says he and his family, with children ranging from 3 months to 16 years, has been “neglected” by the city. This neglect apparently includes a large flat-screen HDTV, a TV in one of the children’s rooms, and an XBOX game console, all funded by taxpayers. While Arnold complains of the “cramped” quarters, he forgot to mention that he turned one of the bedrooms into his personal gym.

“Me and my family have been neglected. We are in a three-bedroom house. It’s so cramped and the conditions are terrible,” Arnold said, adding that there wasn’t space for his things. “The council is trying to make things hard for us. My wife is a full-time mother and I am a student. They’re just making excuses. We need a five or six-bedroom house with double rooms to comfortably fit in. We have developed depression, anxiety, which we were on medication for. The area is the worst I have lived in. This is the worst house.”

Councilman Tom Shaw explained that the Subes have already turned down 2 homes worth between $332,000 and $360,000.

“People have to realize we are in the middle of a national housing crisis,” Shaw said. “We have more than 10,000 people on the waiting list and 1,000 in temporary accommodation. This family are living in a large three-bed house. We managed to find them a large four-bed house and then a five-bed, which they turned down. We can’t be any more sympathetic. We can’t just magic the property people want out of thin air.”

The Subes are the epitome of the refugee crisis, a migration opportunity for many economic migrants. The West has offered up its most generous benefits at the expense of the taxpayers and our guests are holding out for something better. These asylum seekers who claim to have fled from war, desperation, unlivable poverty, and political oppression are looking at a house with 5 bedrooms and all the amenities our own lower class taxpayers don’t even have and they’re accusing us of “neglect.”

This is not an uncommon story. While this particular instance is astonishing for the outrageous entitlement, each and every day in Europe and the U.S., our too-generous welfare systems are challenged by entitled “takers” of society who believe that they have a human right to take from society and contribute nothing in return.


Latinos  (Actually is Latin Americans)for Trump Founder Warned "Defend Your Country" from Hispanics

                                                                                                    THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA BEING TAKEN OVER BY NON WHITES.

Just before the founder of Latinos for Trump warned in a television interview there would be "taco trucks on every corner" if Mexican immigration to the U.S. goes unchecked, he told other Trump supporters "Hispanics are taking over" and called on the fellow supporters to "defend your country."

Marco Gutierrez, the group's founder, apparently recorded the conversation while driving to his interview with Joy-Ann Reid of MSNBC on Wednesday, during which he made the taco truck comment.

He also warned about the growth of the Hispanic population in the U.S. saying the culture is "colliding and I think the Americans are starting to react to that."

"Let's be honest," he adds. "If you don't do something about it, us as Hispanics, we're going to have the White House full of taco trucks and we are going to be selling paletas (frozen fruit popsicles) on every corner around the White House. And, we are going to have piñatas and atole (a Mexican beverage) ... I know my people guys … You need to defend your country, our country."

He followed in the MSNBC interview with a warning about the spread of the Latino culture. (It's Latin American Culture)

"My culture is a very dominant culture," he told MSNBC. "And it is imposing, and it is causing problems. If you don't do something about it you are going to have taco trucks on every corner."

Gutierrez did not respond to NBC Latinos' text and phone call requesting comment and elaboration on his statements.

Gutierrez's group staged Operation Taco Bowl, a rally whose moniker came from Trump's Cinco de Mayo tweet with a taco bowl. The group has also declared September, part of which is Hispanic Heritage Month, Taco Bowl Awareness Month.

In his nearly 17-minute video, Gutierrez says Trump's immigration policies are essentially intended to get a head count of who is here and what they've done for the country. At one point, he laments that Chinese have "completely taken over" parts of Chinatown in California.

"I'm going to speak as if I was still Mexican," said Gutierrez, who was born in Mexico. "If you guys as Americans don't do something about this, us Hispanics, we're taking over. I have six kids, guys. Let's be honest. Let's be frank here. In the next three generations, if my kids have six kids, you are talking about 280 million people with the illegal immigrants and all the people who are here, Hispanic based."


From: (In Synthesis)

  What Can I Do In This Hour Of Crisis ?

   Immigration is the issue of the hour. Sinister forces are feverishly working like termites within the government to make this a non-White nation against the wishes of the vast majority of White European Americans.

   Our children face a nightmare future unless we join together and act NOW ! We demand that the outrageous "refugee" ripoff of the taxpayers be abolished ! Let's unite to vote out those who support "open immigration" and let's run candidates for office who will fight TO STOP ALL ( Non-White) IMMIGRATION ! 

    Let us open the eyes of every concerned citizen.  This conspiracy can be halted if we all work together immediately, while our numbers still make up 70% of the U.S. population.

Our Input: Tell of those Whites who are still in the today's anti-White Democratic Party to get out of that party and join our conservative movement and vote for Donald Trump as President next November. By voting Democrat those stupid Whites are doing nothing but empower the minorities who hate us.



                                    ANN COULTER

Lucas Jackson / Reuters

Latest from Politics

Coulter is different. She’s an ideologist herself. She realized the potency of the immigration issue among conservatives before Trump did. On June 1 of last year, she released Adios America, which devotes six chapters to the subject of immigrants and rape. Two weeks later, Trump—having received an advanced copy—famously picked up the thread in his announcement speech.

Since then, they’ve been allies. But unlike many Trump defenders, Coulter makes clear that her primary allegiance is not to Trump the man. It’s to the nostalgic “Make America White Again” brand of conservatism that she began peddling even before he did. In In Trump We Trust, Coulter calls Trump a “tasteless, publicity-seeking, coarse billionaire” and argues that, “the one thing voters weren’t wild about was his personality.”

The secret of Trump’s success, she argues, has been ideological. He recognized that “Americans,” by which she mostly means Republicans, “are homesick.” They don’t just oppose immigration because they believe it depresses wages and strains government services. They’re homesick for a whiter America, an America that was once truly free because “it’s not in the Anglo-Saxon character either to take orders or to give them.” (Never mind about slavery.) Since 1965, however, when Lyndon Johnson signed legislation allowing more immigration from Latin America, Asia, and Africa, the United States has been, according to Coulter in In Trump We Trust, overrun by “illiterate peasants … who can be instructed to learn certain symbols and bloc-vote for the Democrats.” In response, Democrats, along with rich Republicans, keep the doors open to non-European immigration, and thus America has grown “browner” and “shorter.” (That’s Coulter’s description from Adios America). Corruption rises. So does terrorism and rape.

Coulter’s ideological interpretation of Trump’s appeal is plausible. It explains, for instance, why support for Trump correlates more strongly to racial resentment than economic misfortune.

Trump may win votes by moderating his stance on immigration. But that’s not how Coulter sells books.

Coulter’s problem is that on the very week she’s unveiled her immigration-themed defense of Trumpism, Trump himself has begun jettisoning it. On Wednesday night, he admitted that it’s “very, very hard” to deport all the undocumented immigrants in the country and implied that he would be open to some people being allowed to stay legally without becoming citizens, provided they pay back taxes. Suddenly, Trump is flirting with an immigration policy that resembles that of every other Republican who ran for president. Which makes Coulter look like a dupe. On Thursday on his show, Rush Limbaugh had a hearty laugh at her expense.

So far, Coulter has responded in contradictory ways. She’s fired off tweets attacking Trump’s immigration shift. But she’s also downplayed it.

Maybe Coulter, like the other high-profile supporters Trump has burned, will accept her humiliation and resort to defending Trump no matter what he says. Her incentives, however, are different. Unlike most of the folks who appear on television supporting Trump, she has an independent brand. And it’s built on white nationalism. Trump may win votes by moderating his stance on immigration. But that’s not how Coulter sells books.

Coulter also needs an explanation for Trump’s likely defeat, an explanation that will preserve her ability to claim that America’s silent majority believes the things she does. By emphasizing Trump’s immigration flip-flop, Coulter could argue that this issue cost him the white votes he needed to win.

Trumpism—a brand of conservatism defined above all by white racial nostalgia—will survive November’s election. Less clear is whether Trump will remain its champion or become its fall guy. Like many people Trump has done business with, Coulter has learned that trusting Trump is not the wisest of investments.


Thousands of Italians march against EU’s forced “diversity” agenda







If you're a Latin European: Italian, French, Romanian, Portuguese an Spaniard whether you live in Europe or any place else you have the duty to defend your European Culture. Educate yourselves and fight back against its denigration by so-called "Hispanics" of the "Americas". Even if you're Anglo-Saxon or German most of your culture is Roman-Latin based. Basically, all the people whose areas were under Roman Rule have benefited from that culture and must defend it.


ADDRESS OF THE U.S. CENSUS BUREAU:                                                                                                                                                       U.S. Census Bureau
4600 Silver Hill Road
Washington, DC 20233       Call Center: 301-763-INFO     (Write or Call


STOP THE WHITE GENOCIDE.                                                                                                






Adopted by Resolution 260 (III) A of the United Nations General Assembly on 9 December 1948.

Ann Coulter: If Trump Loses, "It's Over" For America, "We'll Be Homesick Forever"

COULTER: Americans don’t WANT immigration! They don’t want any more! Why can’t we have a home? Everybody else can have a home, you see, you know, National Geographic, and oh, the indigenous people and they love their home, “I’m going home!” No, we’re the only people on earth who aren’t allowed to have a home!



                                                                                                   WHITES STOP BEING NICE TO NON-WHITES. WAKE UP.

 Now  after 2000 years of Roman-Latin History the "Hispanics' of the Americas want to sabotage thishistory and put themselves as the real Latins/Latinos and want to impose this false label on our entire society even challenging the original creator and holders of this Great Roman Civilization: The Italians. Apparently the U.S. Census Bureau has caved into this lie. Being Latino or Latina doesn't have anything to do with speaking Spanish, looking Mestizo/a or coming from Latin America.

These are the only people who can use the label Latin/Latino: Italians, French, Romanians, Portuguese and Spaniards.


Everything Latin/Latino, the Latin People,the Latin Language, (Lingua Latina) and the Latin Culture, all comes from Italy and not from Spain and not from Latin America. There was nothing Latin here before the Latin European Colonizers: French, Portuguese and Spaniards came here and called those area south of what is now the United States of America "Latin America". Actually, the French named it "Amerique Latine" because they spoke Latin-derived languages: French, Portuguese and Spanish, had Roman-Latin Laws and worshiped Roman Christian Catholicism. Its was and it is Latin America as  geographical location. It's not a Race and not an Ethnicity. It's a location and Latin America doesn't mean Latino. Latino/Latin already has a 2000 year-old definition: Having inherited the Roman Latin language, Roman-Latin Culture, Roman Laws and Roman Religion: Roman Christian Catholic Religion. This is what mean being a Latino or Latina as a general identification. Hispanics originating from Latin America are "LATIN AMERICANS". They speak Latin-derived languages, mostly Spanish and Portuguese, many worship Roman Catholicism BUT they don't have a "Latin Culture" as in the past 200 years after the colonizers left they developed they own culture and way of life. Even if they had retained their Latin Culture they could not use it as a Racial and Ethnic identifier for themselves as they do now. Hispanics must use their own race/races to identify themselves as well do and these are the races: White, Black, Asian and Red-Skin Indian or a mixing of these but Latino is not their Race and not their Ethnicity.

White Man: Why Are You Giving Away Your Country?

Christopher De La Viña, American Renaissance, April 23, 2015

A Hispanic student wants to know.

As a child in public schools and now as a graduate student in history, I have learned one thing to be true about the United States: It is a white country. The founders were white, white men established its core principles and political system, and white men and women built the nation into what it is today.

Even before I became aware of the importance of race, I never thought this was “racist” or unfair; it was simply a fact. America has always been a white country and always should be. Why, then, are white people giving away their country?

Immigration and assimilation

My maternal great-great grandfather had a saying in Spanish about the immigrants who began coming to the United States after the 1960s. In English it would be: “Their stomachs are in America, but their hearts are in Mexico.” This perfectly sums up the attitudes of immigrants from most Third-World countries.

Immigrants are pouring into the United States, not for the American dream, as many politicians, both Democrat and Republican, like to say. They are coming to exploit our economy, with no intention of embracing the culture, adopting the language, or considering themselves American. When asked, most will say they are proud Hondurans or proud Nigerians–proud nationals of the country they came from.

When I lived for a time in a border city, I saw how many American citizens were really nothing more than anchor babies, born in the U.S. but living in the neighboring Mexican city their wholes lives. They had American birth certificates, but they were wholly Mexican. They had no allegiance to this nation; their stomachs were in America, but their hearts were in Mexico.

Unchecked immigration should by far be white America’s most urgent concern, but for white politicians, getting elected to another term is more important than securing a future for whites. Both liberal and “conservative” white politicians and pundits take a soft stance on immigration, careful not to offend anyone or to appear “racist.”

Only whites are afraid of being called “racist.” The Japanese don’t care what non-Japanese think of their immigration policy, and Mexico does not hesitate to deport Central Americans. Only in white countries are people afraid of name-calling.


Whites continue to elect politicians who do not represent them. As a Hispanic, I cannot understand this. There is not one white congressman in Washington today who actually looks out for whites, at least not openly.

If I were a Hispanic activist or a member of La Raza, I could run as a pro-Hispanic candidate, exclusively on the issues and concerns of the Hispanic community. I would probably win, especially if I lived in a border city or border state. However, if a white wanted to fight for the issues and concerns of white people, he would be branded a “white supremacist.”

The double standard in American politics is obvious. White politicians have to represent everyone of every race, but non-white politicians can openly represent only their own people. No one seems to find this strange or unfair.

So I repeat my question to you, white people: Why do you continue to vote for moderate Republicans and “conservatives” when they do not care about you? The average American politician would much rather win an election with a million Hispanic or black votes and zero white votes rather than lose with ten million white votes and not a single non-white vote.

Some white Americans still hold the belief that mainstream conservatives will one day advocate for white interests, but the truth is that politicians will continue to pander to non-whites, particularly Hispanics. Politicians do not care about your vote; they care about my vote. Your vote will matter only if you start running pro-White politicians who are willing to fight the establishment.


Culture sets nations apart and gives its people an identity. The European-influenced culture of the United States is disappearing under the weight of immigration. Indeed, America is experiencing a rapid Hispanicization.

You white people now have two options: You can go along with Hispanicization and eventually become a minority whose ancestral culture is erased and replaced, or you can stop Hispanicization and help keep America the way it has been essentially since the days of the first permanent English settlement in Jamestown.

I have grown up around Hispanic culture, and as rich and vibrant as it can be, my ancestors left Mexico for a reason. I am at least a sixth-generation American, so I can be sure my ancestors did not leave Mexico to take advantage of American welfare. The system that can be so easily exploited did not exist then, and the American dream actually meant something. My ancestors understood that American culture was far superior and offered more than the culture of Mexico.

Today, even third- and fourth-generation Hispanics have not fully abandoned their ancestral ways. Spanish is the dominant language even for many who have been here for several generations.

Many expect society to learn Spanish, and it is clear that Spanish has become a second unofficial language in America.

Many Hispanics still do not value education. I am lucky to have a family that does value education, and I attribute that to both genetics and at least a century of assimilation. Half or more of the Hispanics I know don’t care about education, and many end up in gangs. This seems to be particularly true in Southern California.

There is no greater culture in the world than European culture. I can admit it because it’s true. I enjoy living in a First-World nation shaped by people of the same stock as George Washington, Ben Franklin, Beethoven, Picasso, and Galileo.

Have whites decided that their people and cultures are no longer worth fighting for? Is Guatemalan or Ethiopian or Vietnamese culture better for America? Whites must believe this, because why would they otherwise let a great nation’s culture be replaced with that of Third-World immigrants?


I cannot understand whites. Time and again, I see white university students who are happy to watch not only their nation but their genes disappear. They say they would be happy not to have children or to have children with non-whites.

When I try to talk about race with my white classmates or coworkers most are totally apathetic or sometimes even hostile. Blacks and Hispanics are much more race conscious. They know race exists, and that they have interests as a race. Whites are uncomfortable even talking about race and may try to scold me when I say something honest about it.

Sometimes I meet a white person who appreciates my understanding of white interests, and, even if he does not fully understand the implications of race, he is at least not ashamed to be white. This is a good sign for white people, but these people are rare.

America cannot survive without whites. It will not survive when whites are a minority. If any remnants of Western Civilization are to persist on the North American continent, white people will have to begin to care about the future of their people. My people cannot accomplish what yours have accomplished in the almost two and a half centuries that the United States has existed.

Only crazy or highly indoctrinated people would hand over to immigrants the nation their ancestors built. I don’t think you whites are crazy, nor do I think you can be so easily brainwashed.

So, why are you are giving away your country?


                There is a lot of controversy these days in the United States of America regarding people known as "Hispanics" who for the past past few years have identified themselves a "Latino" or "Latinos" and they're using this label as their own Ethnicity and at times as their own Race. These are the Spanish-speaking people of the Americas. We're going to start with what Latino or Latin real means: Latino/Latin is the language spoken by the ancient Romans and their own culture. The Romans eventually colonized most of Europe and spread their Latin language, their Latin Culture and their Christian religion. Eventually over the centuries the Latin Language went through many changes in all the Latin European Countries: Italy, France,Romania,Portugal and Spain. The Latin language changed into the modern Latin languages of today known as Romance languages. When the Latin European colonizers: French, Portuguese and Spaniards, came to this continent they brought with them their Latin-derived languages, Roman Laws and Roman Catholic Christianity.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                       There was nothing Latin before the Europeans arrived here. There were two Americas: The one where they lived and the one where we live now called United States of America. This one here was English speaking and Protestant. The French wanted to make a distinction between the two Americas as they spoke Latin-derived Languages and were Roman Christian Catholics so they called that area of this continent "Amerique Latine: (Latin America)

                  A person coming or originating from Latin America is a Latin American by geographical location and not by Race and not by Ethnicity. In fact Latin/Latino is not a race and is not an ethnicity and cannot be used as such. Being Latino/Latina doesn't have anything to do with speaking Spanish, being Mestizo or coming from Latin America. U.S. CENSUS BUREAU: The U.S. Census Bureau lists "Hispanic/Latino" as an "Ethnicity" option for Hispanics. This is an outright lie and an attack on the Great Roman Language, culture and civilization. Latino/ Latin is not an Ethnicity. We don't even think that "Latin American" could be an Ethnicity as people from Latin America come mostly from multiple racial mixing and do not represent an  Ethnicity

.              What is an ETHNICITY.  An Ethnicity is a specific identifier within one people which differentiate them from other people from the same race like for instance a Russian and a Polish and a British or between an Ethiopian and a Nigerian, same race but different Ethnicity. The U.S. Census Bureau is pandering to Hispanic pressure and blackmailing even going against established history. Difference between Latino and Latin: There is no difference at all. It's like Americano and American. Only that in English and French they don't put the "o" and the "a" at the end of the word. When the term Latino and Latina can be used.

                The term Latino and Latina can be used when identifying a general population's linguistic and cultural background. For instance like saying: "Yes, I'm Latino or I'm Latina when only identifying a linguistic and cultural background of people whose language and culture and religion originate from the Romans. However, the terms Latino, Latina cannot be use as a personal racial and ethnic identification. Exactly what means Latino and Latina? First Latino/Latin refers to the language spoken by the Romans. Secondly, Latino in general terms refers to: Latino:A male member of any European Latin Countries. Latina: A female member of any European Latin Country. Which are the European Latin Countries?: Italy, France, Romania, Portugal and Spain. Are there any Latin Foods or anything else? There is no Latin Food, No Latin Music, No Latin Dance, and No Latin "Look",and no Latin Blood, like, OOOOh, he looks Latino, OOOh, She looks Latina!!! It's all an invention of the Hispanics of the Americas. They are Latin Americans by geographical location only.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                One observation: Why don't often hear from Latin Europeans calling themselves Latins or Latino ? Very Good Question. They don''t often do it because they identify themselves with their race and their race is WHITE. However, in instances where they have to generalize in identifying themselves they'll say that they are Latins. Hispanics must do the same thing as we all do when identifying ourselves. We identify ourselves by our races and these are the races: White, Black, Asian and Red-Skin Indian. Latino/Latin is not the race and not the ethnicity of the Hispanics and will add not the culture of the Hispanics as in the past 200 years they have generated their own unique culture. We used to have the Great Silent Movies Actor Rudolph Valentino in the United States. He was Italian and was known as " The Latin Lover". So, there are instances when the term Latino/Latin is applicable. If you are of Latin European origin or a European you will do a good deed if you got in touch with the U.S. Census Bureau and made a complaint about their misuse of the term "Latino" as an ethnic identification for "Hispanics".                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 CLOSE THE BORDERS FOREVER TO NON-WHITES. STOP THIS MASSIVE NON-WHITE ILLEGAL AND LEGAL IMMIGRATION OF PEOPLE WHO HATE US AND WANT TO LIVE ALL OFF OF US. THEY HAVE TAKEN US FOR SUCKERS. CHRISTIANITY, BEING TOO GOOD HAS BEEN OUR BLESSING FOR CENTURIES AND NOW IT'S OUR MAJOR ENEMY, OUR DESTRUCTION. CHRISTIANITY HAS MADE US TOO WEAK. NO, WE DON'T HAVE TO HELP PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT OUR PEOPLE AND WHO ACTUALLY HATE US AND WANT TO SEE ALL OF US DEAD AND GONE. ANY WHITE IN THE UNITED STATE WHO IS STILL IN THE NOW DAYS ANTI-AMERICAN, ANTI-WHITE DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS A TRAITOR OF OUR CIVILIZATION. TODAY'S DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS NO LONGER THE PARTY WHICH REPRESENTS THE INTEREST OF WHITE AMERICA. TODAY'S DEMOCRATIC PARTY IS THE PARTY OF THE NON-WHITES WHO HATE US AND WHO ARE ALL LIVING OFF OF US. WE ASK WHITES TO GET OUT AND JOIN THE CONSERVATIVE MOVEMENT SO WE CAN HELP EACH OTHER. BY REMAINING IN THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY THEY'RE DOING NOTHING BUT HELPING THEIR OWN ENEMIES GAIN POLITICAL AND ECONOMIC POWER OVER US WHILE THEY MULTIPLY BY THE MILLIONS EVER YEAR AND SOON THEY WILL BE THE MAJORITY AND WE WILL BE SUBJECTED TO THEIR HUMILIATION AND DISCRIMINATION.

Stupid question by the "Hispanics". Italians are Latins/Latino and why we don't hear often from them identifying themselves as Latins? Well, stupid "Hispanics" and who are you to think that you have a right to even question the Roman Latin identity of the Italians? You have no business with anything Latin/Latino. Comprendes?  Italians identify like everybody else using their race: WHITE. "Hispanics" will have to do the same. They will have to identify themselves by their race or mixing of races and not by twisting the meaning of  "Amerique Latine"," America Latina" and making it "Latino" and  using "Latino" as their race or their race and ethnicity exclusively to identify themselves.   Now 200 hundred years later the "Hispanics' of the Americas want to sabotage history and put themselves as the real Latins/Latinos and want to impose this false label on our entire society even challenging the original creator and holders of this Great Roman Civilization: The Italians. Apparently the U.S. Census Bureau has caved into this lie. Being Latino or Latina doesn't have anything to do with speaking Spanish, looking Mestizo/a or coming from Latin America.

These are the only people who can use the label Latin/Latino: Italians, French, Romanians, Portuguese and Spaniards.


Everything Latin/Latino, the Latin People,the Latin Language, (Lingua Latina) and the Latin Culture, all comes from Italy and not from Spain and not from Latin America. There was nothing Latin here before the Latin European Colonizers: French, Portuguese and Spaniards came here and called those area south of what is now the United States of America "Latin America". Actually, the French named it "Amerique Latine" because they spoke Latin-derived languages: French, Portuguese and Spanish, had Roman-Latin Laws and worshiped Roman Christian Catholicism. Its was and it is Latin America as  geographical location. It's not a Race and not an Ethnicity. It's a location and Latin America doesn't mean Latino. Latino/Latin already has a 2000 year-old definition: Having inherited the Roman Latin language, Roman-Latin Culture, Roman Laws and Roman Religion: Roman Christian Catholic Religion. This is what mean being a Latino or Latina as a general identification. Hispanics originating from Latin America are "LATIN AMERICANS". They speak Latin-derived languages, mostly Spanish and Portuguese, many worship Roman Catholicism BUT they don't have a "Latin Culture" as in the past 200 years after the colonizers left they developed they own culture and way of life. Even if they had retained their Latin Culture they could not use it as a Racial and Ethnic identifier for themselves as they do now. Hispanics must use their own race/races to identify themselves as well do and these are the races: White, Black, Asian and Red-Skin Indian or a mixing of these but Latino is not their Race and not their Ethnicity.

        Meaning of the name "America": The name America doesn't have anything to do with any Spanish speaking Indian/mulatto/Mestizo people. The name "America" comes from the Italian explorer AMERIGO VESPUCCI in whose honor the United States of America was named. Christopher Columbus: was an Italian navigator-explorer who discovered the Americas for the Europeans. His name is Columbus in its Latin form. In the new Latin, that is the Italian Language his name is Cristoforo Colombo. LATIN AMERICA: This area of the Americas was erroneously and without merit called "Latin" America". The French certainly could have called the territories that they controlled French -India or French -America, so could have done the Spaniards and Portuguese. The British could have done the same in areas under their own administration. However the "Latin" designation was never meant to imply or extend to include local Indian/ mestizos anti-European subjects. It applied only to European colonizers. An important note: why then French-speaking and culturally Latin Quebec was not included in this so-called "Latin-America"? If there was a more deserving people to be called Latins/Latinos it was certainly the French in Quebec. Strange isn't it! THERE IS NOTHING LATIN/LATINO IN " LATIN?" "AMERICA". THOSE ANTI-EUROPEAN/ANTI-AMERICAN, ANTI-WHITE PEOPLE LIVING THERE CAN ONLY CLAIM THAT THEIR LANGUAGES ORIGINATES FROM THE LATIN OF ITALY. THEY HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THE LATIN CULTURE. WHO IS A LATINO?: a Latino is an Italian man or from one of the other mentioned European groups. WHO IS A LATINA?: a Latina is an Italian woman or one from the other mentioned European groups. All the others are a bunch of liers including the so-called Whites in Spanish speaking, Portuguese speaking of the South Americas. Those "Whites" have lost their original European Culture and not only are not Latins culturally speaking, they are not even to be taken as Europeans as they ally themselves and see themselves much, much different from being Europeans and identify themselves with local indigenous sub-cultures regardless of where they or their forefathers claim origin in Europe. There have being so many racial changes during the past centuries that one has to be careful when trying to identify a person merely on the appearance. We can have a White person, totally White person seating next to us but that person my actually be our enemy. So don't believe what you see. Investigate first. HOW TO SOLVE THE INVASION OF THE BARBARIANS. MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS ARE ENTERING HERE THE UNITED STATES AND ENDANGERING THE SURVIVAL OF OUR RACE AND OF OUR CIVILIZATION. We are being invaded right and left by those we call "Hispanics" and by third-world barbarians and enemies of Western Civilization and if keeps going this way there is going to be hell for Whites who are already running for their lives. White Flight has being going on for the past 50-60 or so years and it's more visible now than ever. Whites are abandoning their houses, their jobs, their friends, everything they built over centuries of hard work to accommodate people who are bent on destroying us and our civilization. We have thousand of pregnant Mexican women and women from all the other Spanish and Portuguese speaking countries and an unaccounted number of pregnant third world women ready by the Mexican/U.S. Border to cross into the United States to give birth to their ugly children in United States territory so they can be instant U/S. Citizens with all the benefits given by the White Government to its citizens. This is a racket and we must stop this assault on our sovereignty, culture and way of life. The same or similar problems are causing the downfall of the other White Countries. Whites wake-up before it's too late. NO to multiracialism, NO to multiculturalism no to race-mixing. NO TO WHITE POLICE RACIAL SENSITIVITY TRAINING. It's our Civilization!!!!!!!!!!! It's time for Whites to take back their own way of life and to forget about Christianity as at this moment in History the Christian Churches are operating against the will of God by proposing a universal race and the erasing of all European Centered achievements and set values. We are not saying to reject the word of Jesus. We are saying that the Christian or so-called Christian Churches are conspiring to bring down the White-European race by helping the invasion of the Barbarians and circumventing laws and the will of the White people. We have millions of people from the third world who cross the Border with Mexico and Canada with no papers and no right to be here in the USA, yet our government does nothing to prevent this invasion. Therefore the people within their constitutional right must do it. NO MORE HISPANICS, NO MORE BLACKS,NO MORE MUSLIMS, NO MORE THIRD WORLD PEOPLE. WE ALSO ASK FOR FORCED DEPORTATIONS FROM THE UNITED STATES OF ALL NON-WHITES. IT'S AN OBLIGATION TO GOD TO BE DEFENDER OF ONE'S RACE. STOP THE UNCHALLENGED INVASION OF THE UNITED STATES BY MEXICANS, DOMINICANS,HONDURANS, COLOMBIANS AND THE REST OF THEM. GRANT UNILATERAL INDEPENDENCE TO THE WELFARE TRIBE OF PUERTO RICO. GRANT TO EVERY WHITE-EUROPEAN PERSON THE UNDISPUTED RIGHT TO SETTLE IN THE UNITED STATES PERMANENTLY WITH NO VISA REQUIREMENTS. LET  ONLY OUR PEOPLE COME HERE.                                                                                            

Undated from N.Y.Daily News A changed nation. Woodside: An open letter to all the veterans of D-day: When you stormed the beaches of Normandy, I was three weeks away from being born. You risked your lives to ensure that I and all the children yet to come would live in a better world. Fifty years later, I live in a country where I have less opportunity for employment, medical care and legal access than a person just off the boat, where I can't even hear my native English tongue spoken and where I live behind bars in my own home. Where is the country you saved for me? I thank you for your bravery, but could things be any worse if you hadn't won. Vera De Milo.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Habla espanol. Y tu? Bronxville, N.Y.: Voicer Emily Butler's letter about her encounter with the two Spanish-speaking women in a Jackson Heights pharmacy was right on target. Of all the ethnic groups that have immigrated to America, only Hispanics arrogantly demand that everyone else learn their language to communicate with them. No other group of people -Asian, European or African-comes here demanding that Americans learn their mother tongue. Just for the record, I speak,read and write Spanish fluently. Steven I. Danko

 Classical education. Manhattan: Juan Gonzalez ("Hunger strike feeds a Columbia U-turn," April 16) has trouble with core curriculum that focus on European culture. Need I remind him that his name,language and culture are European in origin. The Italians latinized much of Europe, including Spain, which in turn brought "Latin" culture to the New World. If Mr. Gonzalez had a better grasp of history, he might understand how important European history was in the development of his own people. I might add, what 2,500-year-old Native American writer does he propose college students read instead of Homer. John Catherall.                                                                                  California incident. Bronx: Why did the President have to comment about the Mexicans who were beaten after they drove 90mph and hurled objects at the Police? If a group of Americans did this in Mexico, the bodies would probably never be found. Susan Badillo.                                                                                Wrong label. Moca,P.R: Why do the media use the term "Hispanics" for Puerto Ricans and other Spanish-speaking people? Blacks are a race, but Hispanics are not. As a descendant of Spain, I and others find it offensive to be classified other than what we are. The media should not try to create a race of Spanish-speaking people. They don't do that to Italian-Americans,Greek-Americans,Polish-Americans or Irish-Americans. Richard Sands.                 We're loosing our self-esteem" said 17-year-old Erasma Bares of Julia Richman High School. The Blacks,the minorities, the Puerto Ricans have being taken to be the violent people." (thanks for telling the truth!)

     Another Mejor Menace-Muslims among us. Muslims in Europe spewing hate against Christianity and European institutions.                                                                     Place of Origin. Manhattan: I came to this country from Spain, and I am shocked that every American I meet never heard that Spain is a country in Europe. I am further taken aback by the number of Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, and other Latin Americans telling people they are "Spanish". Just speaking the language does not make you any more Spanish than an American or a Canadian is made English because they speak English. Juan Azul From Past News: "Judge Nullify Law Mandating Use of English". "Hispanic Growth in California. "Sneaking Mexicans (and others into the US) ____________________________________________     "As Suburbs Speak More Spanish,English Becomes a Cause" "Farm Law Abused by Illegal Aliens" "Proposed English Law Makes Hispanics angry" ____________________________________________   STOP THE FAKE IMMIGRATION MARRIAGES, FIANCE VISA. STOP THIS FRAUD BY IBERO/MULATTOES/INDIANS, BY THE BLACKS AND ALL OTHER THIRD WORLDS DERELICTS. ____________________________________________  STOP THE ASYLUM SEEKERS LIES.CLOSE THE BORDERS TO NON-WHITES. ALL OF THEM.



Our Country Coming Undone

Chilling Costs of Illegal Alien Migration


By Frosty Wooldridge
January 11, 2016

Over New Year’s, the British Broadcasting Company reported that African-Syrian refugees sexually attacked 1,000 German women. Even CBS News reported the attacks this past Sunday night, January 10, 2015!

On Saturday night, a Muslim gunman screamed praises to Allah in Philadelphia as he shot 12 rounds into a police car at an intersection in praise of the Islamic State. Miraculously, the officer survived. Whether it’s San Bernardino or the Boston Marathon, Muslim refugees continue to bring jihad to America at an ever increasing rate of speed. The Koran prescribes the violence: “Convert or kill all non-believers.”

What does it mean? Answer: Muslim refugees carry their culture into host countries with a vengeance. No amount of welfare, pity or aid stops cultural sexual tendencies and violence of Muslims.

Over 1,000,000 (million) refugees stormed into Germany in 2015. Hundreds of thousands more of them flooded into Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Austria.

Because of her welcoming of those refugees, Time Magazine named German Chancellor Angela Merkel “Person of the Year”. Historians may well rename her “Most Foolish Woman of the Century” when the final collapse of Germany and the rest of Europe manifests.

Which brings a sane person to consider the following points:

The United Nations’ demographic experts show that third world countries add 80,000,000 (million) desperate, hungry and illiterate babies to the world annually. In reality, 57 million human beings die annually around the world from all causes. Third world mothers not only replace the 57 million deaths with 57 million new babies, but they add another 80 million more babies, net gain. Thus, 137 million new babies hit the planet every year. They need water, energy, food, housing, clothing, education, medical care and all services for living.

In reality, nothing on Earth and no entity can facilitate the viability of 137 million new babies. None of those countries enjoys educational facilities or work or food or teachers to sustain them.

Thus, over 10 million children starve to death annually. Another 8 million adults die in poverty. Those facts grow larger every year as you see millions of desperate people migrate from Africa, Asia, Indochina and South America—into first world countries, i.e., Europe, Canada, Australia and America. All those countries maintain stable populations and have since 1970.

Notice that Japan, China and India take zero immigrants of any kind. Middle Eastern countries refuse to take them.

What does that mean? Answer: European countries absorb cultures, religions and people who lack any affinity or preparation to move into first world cultures. Once they reach Europe or America, they tap into welfare systems not available in their own countries. They continue birth rates that caused their desperate situations in their own countries. Whether it’s war for water, energy or resources, third world people cannot survive in their overpopulated countries.

For example, today, Africa houses 1.1 billion people. Demographic experts project 2 billion within 34 years by 2050 and 4 billion by the end of this century. That means no one takes responsibility for their fecundity rates in those countries.

Thus, worldwide, the refugee line grows by 1 billion every 12 years and an added 3 billion by 2050.

While first world countries maintain stable populations at 2.00 children per woman, those same countries explode their populations by endless immigration.

What’s it doing to the West? Answer: genocide of Western cultures and ultimately death to economic systems. This video should be seen by every American, Canadian, European and Australian.

A short 20-minute documentary on what could be called "The Great Displacement," namely the flooding of Western countries with foreign immigrants--whereby the majority populations become the minorities in their own countries. Regardless of how one feels on the topic, this grows as the number one issue in the near future as demographics shift dramatically in The West.

The Endgame: A Documentary on 'Western Genocide'

In the United States, the European-American population in 2015 will become a minority group as it gives way to a 51 percent Latino-Mexican-Hispanic majority by 2042—a mere 26 years from now. Canadians will become a minority in their own country sooner. Europeans already face minority status in their own countries within decades.

If America’s 1965 Immigration Reform Act continues, 1.2 million legal immigrants, their children and chain migrated relatives will continue their invasion of America into the endless future. The consequences grow as to changing the culture, language, ethnic mix and ethos of America.

Not only will such a massive migration invasion change the course of history for all Americans of every race, creed and color—but it will destroy our ability to function as a viable civilization. And, in fact, America ultimately will collapse.

What’s amazing about this fact: not a whisper by our leaders, the main stream press, and/or the American people because they do not understand their own bleak futures.

If you don’t want a Paris, France or San Bernardino event in your community, it’s time to call for a total “Immigration Shutdown Now.”

Call your senators and House rep: 1 202 224 3121. Demand a stop to all immigration and stop to any Syrian immigration.

Definition of slogan: "Immigration Shutdown Now means the American people want a total shutdown on all legal and illegal immigration. That means we want all illegal immigration stopped by arresting, prosecuting and jailing employers of illegal aliens. We deport all illegal aliens by taking their jobs away and as we catch them. We want English mandated as our national language. We demand a cessation of Muslim immigration in order to protect our culture, language and way of life. We can’t save the world but we can destroy our civilization. We demand a stable population that allows everyone to live, work and thrive into the 21st century. Especially our children." FHW

That’s why you need to take action. Send this series to everyone in your network. Educate them. Urge them to take action by joining these websites to become faxers of prewritten letters and phone callers. We must force Congress into an “Immigration Shutdown Now!







America will become majority minority in 2044, according to new Census data projections.

Today, minorities comprise 38 percent of the total U.S. population.

But the Census says that America’s minority population will nearly double by 2060, while the white population will see a net decline from today.

“While the non-Hispanic white alone population is projected to remain the largest single group, no group will have a majority share of the total and the United States will become a ‘plurality’ of racial and ethnic groups,” it says. “The point at which the non-Hispanic, white-alone population will comprise less than 50 percent of the nation’s total population has been described as the point at which we become a ‘majority-minority’ nation3 According to these projections, the majority-minority crossover will occur in 2044.”

Americans of two or more races are expected to see the fastest growth during the period, at a rate of 218.9 percent.

Next fastest are Asians, at 129.1 percent, followed by Hispanics at 114.8 percent.

growth rates by race

The U.S. will also become increasingly reliant on its minority population to keep a steady fertility rate, which is good for the economy.

Right now, whites account for more than half of the U.S. population under 18 years old.

By 2060, the Census says, nearly two thirds of America’s under-18 population will be minority, with young Hispanics accounting for one third of this share.minorities

The research group IHS Economics recently projected that Hispanics will account for over 40 percent of the increase in U.S. employment through 2020, and 75 percent from 2020 to 2034.

The Psychology of Why Hispanics Changed Races from One Census to the Next

New Hispanic Voters

How America’s electorate is becoming less white, in one chart


Racial inequality has sucked trillions from the economy, new report says

Nonwhite invaders pour into Greece from ships facilitated and paid for by the EU.                                          NON WHITES INTO THE EUROPEAN UNION. THESE SCUMBAGS ARE NOT REFUGEES. THEY ARE LAUGHING AT BEING ABLE TO GAME THE WEAK EUROPEAN SYSTEM.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Macedonia-02                                                                                                                            

Macedonia-02                                                           BLOOD SUCKER SAVAGES THREATENING EUROPE.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Macedonia-01                                                                          UGLY NON WHITE CRIMINALS  IN EUROPE.

trash-02                                      THIRD WORLD INVASION BETWEEN ITALY AND AUSTRIA.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  FROM; BARENAKEDISLAM.COM

WHITE GENOCIDE…made inevitable by the current Muslim invasion of Europe and the U.S., fully orchestrated and facilitated by Leftist self-loathing traitors In America, this was initiated by Senator Ted Kennedy in 1965, who changed the U.S. immigration system into one that would welcome third world welfare-dependent garbage while restricting immigration from first world white Christian countries.                                                                                                                                       The Story of Mohammed                                                                                                                                             

WHITE GENOCIDE…made inevitable by the current Muslim invasion of Europe and the U.S., fully orchestrated and facilitated by Leftist self-loathing traitorsIn America, this was initiated by Senator Ted Kennedy in 1965, who changed the U.S. immigration system into one that would welcome third world welfare-dependent garbage while restricting immigration from first world white Christian countries.                        

Census: White majority in U.S. gone by 2043                                                                                      

Eric Kayne / for NBC News

Miriam Ibarra holds her 6-month old son, Andrew Chavaria. For the first time, America's racial and ethnic minorities now make up about half of the under-5 age group.                                                                                                                                                                                                                          IMMORAL BLACKS, HISPANICS AND ALL OTHER MINORITIES WILL BECOME MAJORITIES. THEY DON'T HAVE TO WORK BECAUSE WHITES GIVE THEM ALL FOR FREE AND THIS GIVES THEM PLENTY OF TIME TO HAVE SEX AND HAVE MILLIONS AND MILLIONS OF ILLEGITIMATE CHILDREN AND THE MORE CHILDREN AND THE MORE BENEFITS.                                                                                                              


Close the Border!

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

The United States was settled by White people as an extension of European civilization and culture. Since its inception, it has been a country of, by and for Whites. But now American Whites are declining to minority status in their own country. According to the Washington Post, Whites will become a minority population in the US by the year 2050. Many observers, however, feel that the racial crisis is much worse than that, and that White minority status is only years away, not decades. Already, White children are a minority of elementary school pupils.

One reason that Whites are on the skids to minority status is the low White birthrate. White Americans, in fact, have a negative birthrate: more Whites die each year than there are White children being born. A greater immediate danger, however, is the flood of non-White immigrants pouring into the US. Consequently, the Number One priority in saving White America is to close the border. We need to stop the flow of non-White invaders into the United States, and begin a program to systematically expel those who are already here.

The number of non-White invaders who have surged across our borders is staggering. In fact, it is so bad that no one knows for sure how many illegal invaders are already here. The official figure given by the government is 11 million, but this is surely a gross underestimation. Former ambassador to the US from Mexico, Aturo Sarakhan, says that the true number may be as high as 30 million – or roughly a tenth of the total US population! The figure 30 million illegal aliens has also been repeated by US presidential candidate Donald Trump and rightwing political pundit Ann Colter.

The official US government statistics claim that the total number of aliens, both legal and illegal, is over 40 million – or about 13 percent of the total. But this number is also too low. More reliable is the breakdown of aliens by race and ethnicity:

46 percent are non-White Hispanics, with the majority of these coming from Mexico;

26 percent are from Asia;

9 percent are Black;

17 percent are biracial or other;

2 percent are White

Clearly we are being swamped by a tidal wave of people who are genetically and culturally different from the indigenous White American population.

The political elites in Washington, as well as the news media, readily admit that there is a problem with unchecked migration into the US. In fact, there have been various proposals to solve the crisis for 40 years. But nothing effective is ever done.

This is because the ruling elites do not really want to fix the problem. If they did, the Mexican border could be shut overnight by simply stationing troops there with live ammunition. A humane program of repatriation could then be implemented. But this will not be done because:

  • The Republicans want illegal immigration, because they want cheap labor. The capitalists would rather pay slave wages to invaders than pay a decent living wage to White workers.
  • The Democrats want a flood of non-White immigrants because in time, most of the invaders will become US citizens, and they will vote for the Democrats.
  • The Churches want to see a massive invasion from Latin America, partly for theological reasons, but primarily because it strengthens their numbers, especially those of the Roman Catholic Church.
  • And above all, the Jews want to see White America drown in a sea of non-White humanity, while they themselves retain their ethnic purity. Through their control of the news media and the entertainment industry, the Jews aggressively push for increased non-White immigration at every opportunity.

Here is what needs to be done:

  1. The border needs to be sealed against all further non-White immigration, both legal and illegal.
  2. All illegal non-White aliens should be immediately deported to their homelands.
  3. Employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants should be imprisoned.
  4. A thorough investigation should be made of those non-White invaders who are here legally, to determine who among them should be allowed to stay.
  5. The amount of money that non-citizens may send out of the country should be limited to $100 a month per adult.

The common complaint made against a proposed deportation of millions of illegal aliens is that, “It can’t be done; it would be too expensive.”

Bullfeathers! Not only can it be done, but is has been done in the past, and with a minimum of fuss and expense. In 1954, the US government, with the cooperation of the Mexican government, instituted a program known as “Operation Wetback,” which systematically identified and expelled over a million Mexican illegals living in the US. Forcible deportations were carried out both in border regions, and in cities such as Chicago, San Francisco and Los Angeles. Additionally, untold numbers of invaders left voluntarily to avoid forcible deportation.

It was done before and it can be done again.

In fact, it must be done again. We need to close the border to further non-White invasion, whether illegal, or under the cover of law. Beyond that we need to expel those non-White immigrants who are already here.

And we must do this as quickly as possible, and regardless of whatever expense or hardship is involved, because our very future as a White nation is at stake.

 In days gone by, it was said that “Racial purity is America’s security.” This must be our watchword again as White America moves into the future – because the alternative is White extinction!

MORE  UGLY NON-WHITE INVADERS ENTERING ITALY AND EUROPE. IT'S TIME FOR THE ITALIAN PEOPLE TO RISE UP AND STOP THIS INVASION. WHERE IS THE MILITARY???                                                                                                                                                                               italy-boat

IT'S TIME FOR THE MILITARY TO INTERVENE DECLARE MARTIAL LAW AND ARREST ALL THE POLITICIANS WHO ARE AIDING AND ABETTING THIS NON-WHITE INVASION.                                                                                                                                                                                                 

Israel Bars “Refugees,” Builds Wall—While Jews Support “Refugee” Invasion of Europe                                                                                                                                                                                          ********************************************************************************************************EVEN OUR OWN FEDERAL COURTS AND THE U.S. SUPREME COURT ARE AGAINST US. THEY ARE AIDING AND ABETTING THE NON-STOP THIRD WOLD, NON-WHITE IMMIGRATION/INVASION.  TRAITORS ALL OVER AT THE FEDERAL AND STAT LEVEL. READ THIS FROM : VDARE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           WHAT A SHAME

What Democracy? Court Nullifies Overwhelming MT Immigration Patriot Victory

James Kirkpatrick
May 13, 2016, 10:16 am

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    It’s the usual way democracy works in this wonderful American experiment in self-government.

  1. The voters see mass immigration is a problem.
  2. They react against it and pass a law.
  3. Judges decide the law doesn’t matter, because obviously the Founding Fathers intended the Constitution to provide illegal immigrants with an unlimited amount of welfare payments stolen from Americans.
  4. Eventually, Americans are simply replaced by the new invading population, whereupon they are lectured they weren’t generous enough in offering unlimited admission and benefits to begin with.
  5. And then in the final stage, ridiculous supposed “conservatives” and “libertarians” tell us this is actually how “limited government” functions.

The drama is playing out again in Montana. One of the few bright spots in 2012 was LR-121, a law which restricted illegal immigrants from receiving welfare benefits and requiring illegals to be reported for possible deportation. Naturally, the Republican Party ran screaming from the bill and its Senate candidate duly lost. However, LR-121 passed with almost 80 percent of the vote.

But the point of our government isn’t to represent the people and serve our interests but to replace us an make our lives worse. Therefore, a court decided this law just couldn’t be allowed.

In a unanimous decision, the court struck down the last piece of a voter-approved law meant to deter undocumented immigrants from living and working in the “Treasure State.” It upholds a 2014 ruling stating that the law denying unemployment benefits, university enrollment and other services to people who are in the country illegally was unconstitutional.

The Montana Supreme went further, rejecting the one remaining position that required state workers to report to federal immigration officials the names of applicants who are in the U.S. undocumented.

[Montana court strikes down anti-immigrant law, allows undocumented to get servicesFox News Latino, May 12, 2016]

What’s the rationale for such a decision?

The courts ruled the state was attempting to meddle in an area of federal jurisdiction using a term that is unconstitutional because it conflicts with the federal laws. The entire law is pre-empted by federal immigration laws, the Montana Supreme Court opinion said.

Plaintiffs’ attorney Shahid Haque-Hausrath said the decision sends a message that the state has no business creating its own immigrant enforcement schemes.

“The law was a discriminatory attempt to drive immigrants out of the state, and would have unjustly targeted immigrants with valid federal immigration status,” he said.

Of course, it’s the same old argument. Only the federal government can enforce immigration law. However, it is the policy of the federal government to enable as much Third World immigration as possible. This allows more cheap labor for Republicans, more welfare dependents for Democrats, and more multicultural grievances to adjudicate and complain about for academics, reporters, and bureaucrats. Everyone wins, except for Americans who have to pay for it. But their votes don’t matter anyway.

Hopefully this will be appealed. But it’s these kinds of examples why I can’t take anyone who babbles about “the Constitution,” or “limited government,” or “Founding principles” seriously. This is what all that rhetoric boils down to in practice, a criminal conspiracy by a government against its own people. And it’s because of cases like this people are turning to someone like Donald Trump to save us from a regime far more unrepresentative, tyrannical and despicable than that of the relatively benign George III.


  13 May, 2016
The following excerpts are from: NEWNATION.

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    DNA evidence links (black) man to 1999 rape, attempted murder in KCK
 Jibri BurnettWhite female victim of black savageKANSAS CITY, KS - A man recently convicted of a rape committed decades ago is headed to prison, but his victim says, in this case, justice should have come years earlier. For the first time in 17 years, a woman, who we will call Juliette, came face-to-race with her attacker. In court, she detailed the medical bills, insurance stresses and costs to the justice system that brought her to this day. She said she wasn’t the only victim due to her attack and looked over at her 21-year-old daughter. But she’s less angry at him than the system she said failed to bring her justice sooner. "What's really the most heartbreaking part of this for me is that I lost my faith in humanity. It just changed my world view," Juliette said. Almost two decades after the attack and she still struggles with fear. To protect her identity, she asked to go by Juliette. "Unless you've been through this I don't know if you can even fathom," she said. When she was 32 years old, Juliette lived in a house on Eaton Street in Kansas City, KS. In August 1999 she woke up to someone massaging her feet. Fifteen years, nine months and 25 days later, Jibri Burnett was convicted of raping and trying to kill her. He stabbed her over and over. He was 21 when he attacked Juliette. He plead guilty to first-degree attempted murder and rape and took a plea deal that means he will spend the next 17 years in jail. He appeared repentant and said that justice was being served. Juliette said she’s happy Burnett is behind bars, but she’s frustrated it took so long. She blames law enforcement. "Kansas City, KS, Police Department received notification that there was a DNA match in 2009 or 2010. They sent that to the KCKPD who did nothing with it," - (Black-on-white)
    (Black) Teen Student Arrested After Assault On (White) Teacher At Concord School
black teen attacks White teacherCONCORD — A teenage student at Concord’s Mt. Diablo High School was arrested and will likely be expelled after assaulting a teacher while someone filmed the fight with their phone. Video of the incident was posted to YouTube, showing a male student assaulting the male teacher in a locker room at the school. The student struck the teacher, who sustained a minor injury, and declined medical attention. Police said that the 15-year-old student was arrested at the school and booked into the Concord Police Jail on one count of felony battery against a school official. The student was released to his parents, and then suspended by the school. - (Black-on-white)
    (Black) ‘Free Hugs’ Guy Accused Of Attacking (White female Canadian) Tourist In Times Square Due In Court
Jermaine HimmelsteinSophie Violene DauvoisNEW YORK — A man offering free hugs in Times Square is due in court Friday for allegedly attacking a tourist when she didn’t give him a tip. Jermaine Himmelstein, known as the “free hugs” guy, is often seen toting a cardboard sign around Times Square offering free hugs. But on Thursday afternoon, police said Himmelstein jumped into a picture 22-year-old Canadian tourist Sophie Violene Dauvois was taking, hugged her and then demanded $5. Police said he then attacked her when she wouldn’t hand over the cash, punching her in the face. Himmelstein ran off but the victim took a photo as evidence and showed it to police, who found him in the area, authorities said. He faces charges of attempted robbery and fraudulent accosting. The woman was taken to Mount Sinai West Hospital and was treated for an injury to her eye as well as cuts and bruises. - (Canada) - (Black-on-white)  

12 May 2016 - Archived - (click at left for full coverage)

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    Second (black) man convicted in 2012 brutal beating death (of White man)
Jontez Garvis and David ThomasFred JacksonFred JacksonJACKSON, Miss. —A Hinds County jury on Wednesday convicted David Thomas in the 2012 beating death of Fred Jackson. Jackson, of Vicksburg, was welding security bars at Tri-Miss Recycling in Jackson on Jan. 29, 2012, when he was attacked by two men wearing hoods, police said. Jackson was robbed of a cellphone, $500 and a payroll check. Jackson died in March 2012 of injuries that he suffered as a result of the beating. Jontez Garvis, 33, pleaded guilty last month to manslaughter and robbery charges and was sentenced to 25 years in prison. It is not clear when Thomas, 29, will be sentenced. - (Black-on-white)  

    Dark duo convicted for killing (White) man in 'Murder Kroger' parking lot
Damarius ThompsonShontavious ChestnutJoshua RicheyATLANTA - A jury convicted the men accused of shooting and killing 39-year-old contractor Joshua Richey in the parking lot of a Kroger on Ponce de Leon Ave in March 2015. Fulton County DA Paul Howard said 26-year-old Damarius Thompson was found guilty on the charges of Felony Murder, Murder, Entering Auto, Aggravated Assault and other related charges. 26-year-old Shontavious Chestnut was found guilty of Entering Auto and Criminal Attempt to Enter Automobile. The March 10, 2015 shooting happened when Richey attempted to stop his truck from being stolen, according to police. Atlanta Police believed Richey was targeted for his work truck and the construction equipment inside it. They said Thompson pulled the trigger while Chestnut was the getaway driver. - (Black-on-white)  

    (Homeless black ex-convict) to undergo mental evaluation after stabbing a (White) man to death
Billy Joe MitchellJoshua SinesA homeless man accused of stabbing a man to death in March at The Salvation Army in Texarkana, Ark., will undergo a mental evaluation to determine if he is competent to stand trial for second-degree murder. Billy Joe Mitchell, 43, appeared before a judge. A lawyer entered a not-guilty plea on Billy Mitchell's behalf and asked to order an evaluation of Billy Mitchell's psychological fitness to proceed. Billy Mitchell is accused of stabbing 33-year-old Joshua Sines in the chest March 26 at about 5:30 p.m. Witnesses snapped cellphone pictures of the alleged attack. Police who responded at the shelter were informed by witnesses that Billy Mitchell appeared to be heading north...police, assisted by Texarkana, Texas, officers, took Billy Mitchell into custody on the Texas side of State Line Avenue shortly after the assault. Sines was transported via ambulance to a local hospital, where he died of his injuries. Prosecuting Attorney Stephanie Black signed off on a felony information formally charging Billy Mitchell with second-degree murder May 2. Because Billy Mitchell has four or more prior felony convictions, Black is seeking to enhance the sentencing range to six to 60 years. - (Black-on-white)  

    (Black) Drunk driver sentenced to 20 years in fatal parade tractor crash that killed a (White) man
Michael BurrleDon Joseph DauzatA Gretna man who admitted drunkenly crashing into a convoy of Mardi Gras parade tractors in Marrero, killing one of the operators, was sentenced to a total of 20 years in prison Tuesday (May 10). Michael Burrle, 56, pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide and reckless operation of a motor vehicle, according to the Jefferson Parish district attorney's office. Burrle was speeding on Lapalco Boulevard in Marrero around 3 a.m., Feb. 7, 2015, when he ran a red light at Paxton Street, authorities said. His 2001 Ford Explorer slammed into a tractor driven by Don Dauzat, 53, of Westwego. Dauzat was one of several tractor drivers who pulled floats in the Krewe of Excalibur's Metairie route the night before the crash. The tractor drivers had just dropped off the floats on the West Bank and were headed to the staging area of the Krewe of King Arthur, scheduled to roll a few days later. - (Black-on-white)  

    Federal court stays (black) Alabama cop-killer inmate's execution
Vernon MadisonJulius SchulteMONTGOMERY, Ala. — A federal appeals court Thursday morning stayed the execution of a man convicted of the 1985 murder of an Alabama police officer to consider arguments that a series of strokes have rendered him incompetent to face his execution. Alabama had scheduled the execution of the 65-year-old Vernon Madison for Thursday at 6 p.m. Central. But Madison's attorneys argued the strokes have affected his memory, mental capacity and ability to understand his circumstances. - (Black-on-white)  

    (White) Mega-church pastor stabbed in southwest Charlotte home invasion (by dreadlocked black with droopy-doper eye)
Corey EdgertonMatt BentleyCHARLOTTE, N.C. — A worship leader at one of Charlotte’s biggest churches is at home with his family a day after he was robbed and stabbed as he opened the door to his home in west Charlotte, the victim's friends said. Matt Bentley opened the door Wednesday afternoon to walk into his home on Barringer Drive when a man who had broken into the home attacked him, friends said. “He just kind of bum-rushed him, kind of swinging, asking for keys, wallet, phones, et cetera,” roommate Hudson Hower said Thursday afternoon. The attacker stabbed Bentley four times on the arms, the side and on his face, but none of the wounds were life-threatening and Hower said Bentley was released from the hospital Thursday morning. “He's in good spirits. He's glad that the injuries aren't any worse than they were,” said Stacey Martin, communications director at Forest Hill Church in Charlotte. Bentley is a ministry leader and a musician who prepares the congregation for worship at the church’s Ballantyne campus. Martin said Bentley called one of his colleagues at the church, and news of the attack spread quickly. “So he's being loved on, cared for well, being covered in prayer,” Martin said. Police arrested Corey Edgerton, 25, a few hours later in connection with the attack. Prison records show that Edgerton spent two years in prison for break-ins in Wake County and was wanted by probation officers as an absconder. - (Black-on-white)
    (Black thug) gets 25 years for shooting (White) Chicago Police officer
Paris SadlerChicago Police officer Del PearsonBefore the gunman who nearly killed him was sentenced to 25 years in prison Thursday, Chicago Police officer Del Pearson thanked his colleagues and hospital personnel for saving his life. “My family and I are greatly indebted to them,” Pearson said of the “brave and quick-thinking” officers who were with him and all the other men and women in blue who didn’t know him but rushed to his side on March 19, 2012. Pearson spoke from the witness stand just feet away from Paris Sadler, who pleaded guilty to attempted murder Wednesday as Cook County prosecutors and assistant public defenders prepared for jury selection for his trial. Del Pearson said he and his family are “happy” that they can finally move on to the next chapter of their lives. Pearson nearly died after Sadler shot him twice after a foot chase in the 8500 block of South Kingston. He still suffers nerve damage, Assistant State’s Attorney Daniel Groth said. “It is by the grace of God, and with the strong courage and support of his fellow officers, that Officer Pearson was spared his life in yet another senseless shooting on the streets of Chicago." - (Black-on-white)  

  • No Bond For Suspect In Shooting Of Chicago Cop - March 21, 2012
    Pearson, 47, survived the shooting despite being shot just above his protective vest and losing nearly two-thirds of his blood, and police said he owes his life to two of his quick-thinking colleagues. Sadler has posted numerous Facebook photos and messages associating himself with the street gang known as the Every Body Killers. On his Facebook profile, he goes by the name “Pistol P.”

    (Black boyfriend) Suspect in (murder of his white girlfriend) arrested
Keith WileyMarie Elizabeth ColburnFor weeks, Marie Elizabeth Colburn’s family has been weighed with worry knowing the man police say is a suspect in her death remained on the run. The 30-year-old was found stuffed in a closet at her Pontiac home last month. On Wednesday, relatives learned federal authorities had arrested Kevin Jermaine Wiley after a lengthy search. Acting on a tip received by Oakland County Sheriff’s officials, the U.S. Marshals Service tracked Wiley, 34, to Kentucky on Wednesday. Wiley, in Elizabethtown, Kentucky, awaits extradition to Michigan. The Oakland County Sheriff’s Office, U.S. Marshals and FBI officials long had been searching for Wiley, Colburn’s boyfriend, as a suspect in her death. Her mother found Colburn’s body April 22 in an apartment on Ridgemont in Pontiac. She had been suffocated. Wiley was on parole for manslaughter and cut off a GPS ankle tether. He has been found guilty of several charges: possession of cocaine, possession of marijuana, felony murder and second-degree home invasion. “This guy should never have been out on the street in the first place, based on his record,” McCabe said. “Somebody died as a result of this.” - (Black-on-white)  


Dangers of interracial dating

    Homo Sex for money argument led to Gulfport murder
Warren PerkinsAaron "Trouble" WilsonGULFPORT, MS - An affidavit filed in Harrison County Justice Court reveals more details about what happened inside the Gulfport home of Aaron “Trouble” Wilson on May 1. Wilson’s cousins found him shot to death inside his house around 10:30 that morning. According to the affidavit, the deadly shooting happened after Warren Perkins, 19, decided he did not want to have (homo) sex with Wilson for money. Perkins is charged with second-degree murder in the case. Phone records show Wilson, 63, contacted Perkins on April 30, according to the affidavit. The document says Perkins told a detective he went to Wilson’s 34th Ave. home to have sex for money, but when he got there, he changed his mind. According to the document, Perkins said Wilson walked to a back bedroom in the home and walked back out into the hallway holding a small, black handgun. Perkins told investigators Wilson dropped the gun, and that’s when he picked up the firearm and shot Wilson one time, the affidavit said. - (Black fags)
    (Black) Child Molester Back in Jail
Dashon Fleeks A man who received 10 years probation for sexual acts with a 9 year-old girl in 2013 is back in Wichita County Jail for allegedly violating his probation. 29 year old Dashon Fleeks has a bond of 20 thousand dollars. Authorities filed to have his probation revoked because they say he tested positive for marijuana and alcohol in January, failed to pay fees, failed to attend required sex offender counseling, and many more alleged violations. He was arrested for aggravated sexual assault of the girl, and agreed to plead guilty to indecency with a child by contact. Investigators say the victim reported the sexual acts to a teacher, and they also found her diary where she wrote about the abuse.  

  • (Black) Charged with Aggravated Sexual Assault of Nine-Year-Old
    A Wichita Falls man is charged with the aggravated sexual assault of a nine-year-old girl after the alleged victim made an outcry to her teacher. An arrest affidavit states in May, the girl told her teacher 26-year-old Dashon Fleeks was doing "nasty" things to her. The girl was interviewed at Patsy's House and told forensic interviewers that Fleeks touched her while she was napping. Authorities say the girl provided detailed information about sexual abuse that she wouldn't know unless it had happened to her. The alleged victim says she wrote about the abuse in her diary.

    Alabama man charged with killing girlfriend, now accused of raping juvenile
James Morris Johnson Jr.A Dothan man charged with killing his girlfriend in March is now accused in the rape of a juvenile. Court records show James Morris Johnson Jr. was arrested Monday and charged with three counts of first-degree rape. His bond was set at $750,000 on those charges. Dothan police Sgt. Lynn Watkins said Johnson is accused of raping an underage girl over the course of three years. Johnson was previously arrested March 11 and charged with murder in the March 3 shooting death of his girlfriend, Tanisha Norton, court records show. Records claim Johnson fatally shot his girlfriend at their residence on Aberdeen Road using a .38-caliber revolver.
    Child called 911 while mother sexually assaulted
Charles HarrisCHARLOTTE, N.C. — A man will face a judge Thursday, accused of sexually assaulting a woman while her child was in the car with them. Charlotte-Mecklenburg police arrested Charles Harris Wednesday night. They said he and the victim had known each other for about two months, and that she asked him for a ride to the airport with her 11-year-old child. Police said Harris attacked her at knifepoint in the car, and then drove her to a home on Polk Street and assaulted her again. Officers spoke with the child, who called 911, and told officers that his mother was inside the house being assaulted. Officers said they found the woman inside being held down by Harris.
    Alabama man accused of raping intellectually disabled woman
Germane WalkerA 43-year-old Dothan man is accused of raping an intellectually disabled woman in his vehicle on Monday. Germane Walker was arrested Tuesday and charged with first-degree rape after the victim reported the alleged crime to police, Dothan police Sgt. Lynn Watkins said. The victim is an intellectually disabled woman with a mental capacity of an 8-year-old, he said. The alleged rape occurred on Monday when Walker gave the woman a ride in his car. The victim told police that Walker forced her to have sexual intercourse in the vehicle in the 100 block of Young America Drive.
    (Black) Man wanted for exposing himself to female teen in local restaurant
black exposerMEMPHIS, Tenn. — Memphis Police are searching for a man accused of exposing himself to a female minor. Authorities said on Sunday, April 24, they received the call from the McDonald’s in the 3800 block of East Shelby Drive. A 16-year-old told police a man, approximately 30 to 40-years-old, walked into the business and took a seat in the back of the dining area near the bathrooms. While she was on break, the man began talking with the victim, at which point he reportedly exposed himself. The suspect took off running when the teen went to notify the manager. bongo

    "Boyfriend", father of 8 arrested in shooting rampage that killed (black) woman, wounded 4 of their 8 kids
Coral Anita WilsonA mother of eight children – the youngest less than a year old - was gunned down in her Birmingham home, and the father of those children was taken into custody hours later after police found him asleep under a pile of clothes in a vehicle. The Jefferson County Coroner's Office this morning identified the victim as Coral Anita Wilson. She was 34, and pronounced dead in the living room of her home at 11:37 p.m. Police did not say if the couple had ever been married, but did say they were both the parents of all eight children. In court records, Wilson identified the 36-year-old suspect as her boyfriend. In March, she filed a protection from abuse request saying her boyfriend had pushed her over a table.

    Black female Detroit school principal - gets 18 months prison for bribery, embezzlement of gift cards
Tia'von Moore-PattonDETROIT — After spending her entire career with the Detroit Public Schools, a special education high school principal left a federal courthouse Thursday in shame, hiding her face after having admitted she cheated the city's most vulnerable students out of supplies in exchange for six gift cards totaling $4,000. "I plead guilty," said Tia'von Moore-Patton, 46, principal at Jerry White Center High School.  



  • Philadelphia Crime Wave - headlines
  • Violent Night Leaves At Least 5 Dead In Philadelphia
  • 1 Dies, 4, Including Teen and Man in Wheelchair, Hurt in Separate Philly Shootings Wednesday
  • Overnight Shootings Leave 1 Dead, 1 Critical in Philadelphia
  • Five Shootings Leave Seven Wounded, Three Dead in Violent Four-Hour Span Across Philadelphia
  • 1 Dead Following A Pair Of Police-Involved Shootings
    • Philadelphia Demographics: 44.3% Black 36.6% White
      Philadelphia has long been considered a "black and white" city of mostly native born African Americans and Whites.

    Illegal Immigrant in Prison for Dragging Cyclist to Death Appeals Sentence

Nicolas Dutan GuamanMatthew DeniceMatthew DeniceMILFORD, MA — A man who is serving a sentence for being convicted of dragging a Milford man to death is appealing. Nicolas Guaman, an Ecuodorian immigrant, is serving 12-to-14 years for the death of Matthew Denice. Guaman was charged with second-degree murder, along with other felony offenses, involving the August 2011 death of Matthew Denice, a 23-year-old motorcyclist who police say was struck on Congress Street by Guaman. Guaman then fled the scene. The case quickly became controversial when it was determined that Guaman was in the country illegally, and ignited debate about immigration reforms. Denice, of 22 Debbie Ln., Milford, had the right-of-way as he was traveling north on Congress Street, when he was struck by a pickup truck, which ran a stop sign. Denice was reportedly dragged for about a quarter of a mile up Congress and Fayette streets, and at least 15 people had witnessed the events.

  The mother of a young man who was hit and killed by a drunk illegal migrant is against a bill - Feb 4, 2014

  • that would allow for illegal immigrants to get licenses. A hearing regarding that bill originally set for Wednesday was changed to March due to the snow storm. Maureen Maloney is very passionate when it comes to illegal immigrant issues after the death of her son, and her voice has the potential to become a powerful one in this debate. She is a mom and an accidental activist. "There's a part of me that doesn't want my son to be the poster child for illegal immigrant issues." Maloney lost her son Matthew Denice 2-years ago when illegal Ecuadorian immigrant Nicolas Dutan Guaman allegedly hit and killed the 23-year-old with his truck, dragging Denice's body down a Milford street. Guaman has been charged with Denice's death.
  • Nicolas Guaman Not Competent to be Tried; Judge to Revisit Case - April 11, 2013
  • One year after Milford man's death, the pain remains - Aug 23, 2012
  • Guaman indicted on murder charge in Matthew Denice's death - Oct 21, 2011
  • Milford motorcyclist was dragged by truck - August 22, 2011
    he was struck by a pickup truck, entangled in its wheel well, and dragged about a quarter mile to his death by a driver who did not stop. Witnesses who saw Denice pinned screaming under the truck ran out and pounded on the vehicle, crying out to the driver who kept going. Police say Nicolas Guaman, 34, an illegal immigrant from Ecuador who had his 4-year-old with him in the truck, was drunk when he ran a stop sign and hit Denice’s motorcycle.


Illegal Aliens Sentenced For Beating 90-year-old (White) Minnesota Farmer to Death
Edson Celin-Dominguez Benitez and 35-year-old Reinol Godiness Vergara Earl OlanderTwo illegal aliens will spend decades in prison after tying up a 90-year-old farmer in Minnesota and beating him to death last April. Reinol Vergara and Edson Benitez pled guilty to second-degree murder and assisting to second degree murder. “They left him helpless on his living room flow as they ransacked his home, as he was bleeding to death, they cut the phone line and left him for dead,” Carver County Attorney Mark Metz said. The alien killers preyed on Earl Olander because they knew he was elderly and alone,


  • Stolen Bible Leads to Charges in Death of 'Wonderful and Loving' Carver Co. Man - 05/13/2015
    ...the two defendants reportedly entered Olander's home either late April 9 or early April 10 and found him sleeping on the couch. The pair covered his head with a blanket and hit the 90-year old repeatedly with a shotgun as he struggled for his life. Eventually they held him down and duct taped his hands as Olander lay on the ground bleeding. Investigators say Vergara and Benitez ransacked the home, taking items including coins and collectible bills, silverware, and a large bible written in a European language. It was that stolen bible that eventually led investigators to crack the case.





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    Cowardly Crazy Negro, 2 Victims Dead (WF, 80 her daughter critical & M, 56) After Stabbings In Taunton, MA - mostly attacked women
Arthur ‘AJ’ DarosaPregnant Sheenah SavoyGeorge HeathPatricia Slavin


Dangers of interracial dating


  • Psalm 140:1 - Deliver me, O LORD, from evil men; preserve me from violent men

    (Drunk Negro) sentenced to consecutive life sentences in the death of (White family of) three
Demetrius Price Shannon West, Jason Fields and 22-month-old Ruby FieldsOKLAHOMA CITY — A man who pleaded guilty to manslaughter in the death of a family of three is now facing multiple life sentences. Demetrius Price, 23, was sentenced today to three consecutive life sentences for the deaths of 34-year-old Jason Fields, 30-year-old Shannon West and 22-month-old Ruby Fields in Oklahoma City. According to the 22-month-old's mother, La Jan Fields, Price was asked by the judge if he was sorry for this crime. "I apologize to myself every single day," said Price. Price entered a guilty plea on March 7th to three counts of manslaughter and three counts of causing an accident while driving a vehicle without a valid driver's license after waiving his right to a jury trial. - (Black-on-white)  

    (Black) Abilene man gets 55 years in murder of (White) former Cooper football player
D'Angelo Bell Kaleb CoryIn a 42nd District courtroom overflowing with people and emotions, D'Angelo Dquan Bell, 20, agreed to a 55-year prison sentence Wednesday morning in connection with the July 27, 2014, stabbing death of a former Cooper High School football player. According to court documents, Abilene police responded to a disturbance at The Grove apartments, where they found that Kaleb Cory, 19, had been stabbed repeatedly. Cory later died at Hendrick Medical Center. On Wednesday, Cory's family and friends came by the dozens, some wearing pins with a picture of him in his No. 44 football uniform. Others carried mementos. All wore their heart on their sleeves. "He was a wonderful child and even better man," said Cory's father, Brent, from the stand, directing statement at Bell as many teary-eyed onlookers listened intently. "You took a life that wasn't yours to take ... You thought you were a man that night, but you were a coward." Brent ended his statement by saying, "No. 44 is forever in our hearts. That's all I got to say." Bell was indicted in November 2014 on one charge of murder and one charge of assault on a public servant. The assault charged stemmed from reports that Bell, after being arrested and placed in the back of a police cruiser, allegedly kicked out the vehicle's back window, resulting in an officer being cut on the arm by glass. Bell pleaded guilty to murder March 2. He originally had an offer to serve 40 years but is now scheduled to serve 15 years more. Bell already has completed about two years in prison.  

    (Black) Man already accused in one murder, now suspected in second (murder of White woman in 2011)
Markus HenrySheila TuckerDAYTON -- A suspect has been indicted in the 2011 murder of Sheila Tucker, and prosecutors say that suspect is already in custody awaiting trial for another, unrelated murder. Markus Henry, 31, was indicted Tuesday on 15 counts relating to the Tucker case, which had been cold for the last five years. Tucker's loved ones were left with questions about her killer after Tucker's body was found shot, raped and burned in a garage set on fire on North McGee Street in Dayton in 2011. The Montgomery County Prosecutor's Office says they now have biological and DNA evidence identifying Henry as Tucker's killer. Coincidentally, Markus Henry had already been in custody at the time of this latest indictment. He was indicted and jailed in June 2015 and charged with the 2010 murder of Resa Anne Lee. Police said Lee had been found stabbed to death outside the Job Center in Dayton. - (Black-on-white)  

  • Woman whose body was found at garage fire had 'long, sad history'
    Police and court records portray a troubled 43-year-old Dayton mother who could neither read nor write, was the victim of domestic violence, addicted to drugs and alcohol and had numerous prostitution arrests and convictions. “No matter what their history, no one deserves to die like this,” said Sgt. Dan Mauch, head of the homicide unit. Sheila Tucker was homeless at the time of her death.

    2 (Ebonic-named black) men shot, killed at Indiana Borough apartment - (white female and Hispanic female girlfriends arrested)
George ExumCatherine HullenbaughConsetta MentaTwo men were shot and killed in Indiana Borough shortly after midnight Wednesday. Police said one of the victims died inside an apartment at the Essex House on Oakland Avenue and the other died at a hospital. The suspected shooter, George Exum, 21, is a student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He and two women were taken into custody. Investigators said the shooting happened when three women and two men arrived at Exum's apartment. One of the women, Catherine Hullenbaugh, 21, told police the group had planned to buy marijuana from Exum. When Exum and the two men began to fight, the women ran outside to their car. Catherine Hullenbaugh, & Consetta Menta charged with murder in Indiana Co. double homicide. Hullenbaugh told police she heard gunshots, and a short time later one of the men, Shawn Richardson, came outside and told her he had been shot in the neck. Hullenbaugh drove him to the hospital, where he died. The other man, later identified as Jamar Watt of Pittsburgh, died inside the apartment, police said. Exum said he shot the two victims in self-defense. Exum told them the other men attacked him with a tire iron, and that Hullenbaugh was there at the time of the shooting. Exum also told police that Menta let the group into the apartment.  

  • IUP student, 2 women arrested in double fatal shooting in Indiana Borough
    INDIANA, Pa. —Two men were killed in what the Indiana police chief called a "drug deal gone bad" at the apartment of a newly enrolled college student, one of three people charged in the killings. Police said five visitors from out of town went to George Exum's apartment at the Essex House on Oakland Avenue late Tuesday night to buy marijuana. Two of the visitors were shot to death. Hullenbaugh said the men told her that they were going to steal marijuana from Exum. She said that after the men started to fight over a price for the drugs, Hullenbaugh told police that one of the men, Shawn Jaquet Richardson, came outside holding his neck and saying that he had been shot. She called 911 and drove him to Indiana Regional Medical Center, where he died. Police said the other gunshot victim was found dead inside the apartment. The Indiana County Coroner's Office identified him as Jamar Watt, 34, of Pittsburgh. The women knew him as "Menace," according to the criminal complaint. "Our theory with regard to the two females is that they were active accomplices in this proceeding and that they were not the ones who actually pulled the trigger"
  • Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks


Dangers of interracial dating

    Trial set to begin for (black) man in sexual assault of girl, 12
Brodrick WalkerNEW BOSTON, Texas—Opening arguments and testimony are expected to get underway this morning in the trial of a 28-year-old man accused of sexually assaulting a 12-year-old girl in 2011. A jury of six men and six women was selected Tuesday at the Bowie County Courthouse in New Boston to decide if Brodrick Walker is guilty of assaulting the girl in her bedroom Dec. 16, 2011. Walker was at the girl's home the night of the alleged assault playing video games with her brother and another young man, according to a probable cause affidavit used to create the following account. The girl's parents questioned her about Walker after he reportedly returned to their home to find a missing $20 he said he accidentally dropped while he was there. The girl's parents became concerned when Walker allegedly found the dropped cash on the floor of their daughter's bedroom. The girl told her parents Walker allegedly threatened to harm her if she told anyone he sexually assaulted her. The girl told a forensic interviewer at the Children's Advocacy Center in Texarkana she was in bed when Walker entered her room in the early morning hours. She reported that Walker asked if she'd ever had sex and that when she replied she had not, Walker assaulted her in various ways.
    (Black) Man arrested for rape, robbery in Tulsa
Anthony HallA Tulsa man faces serious charges after his arrest Tuesday night. Tulsa police took 56-year-old Anthony Hall into custody Tuesday. Officers booked hall on first degree rape, armed robbery and possession of a firearm after felony conviction. He remains in the Tulsa County Jail on more than $200,000 bond. His first court appearance is scheduled for May 17.
    (Black) Man Wanted In Connection With Assault, Attempted Rape In San Bernardino
black rapistSAN BERNARDINO — Authorities have released a sketch of a man they say is wanted in connection with the assault and attempted rape of a woman in San Bernardino. The incident unfolded near Del Rosa Drive and Baseline Street early Sunday morning. That’s when detectives say a woman who was walking to work was attacked. “Sometimes I have to walk to work. And it’s scary,” said Anjelica Corbett who lives in the area. Corbett says it wasn’t too long ago she too was sexually assaulted and hopes this person is caught very soon. “It put an emotional scar and damage on me,” she said. Detectives say the victim fought back, punching the suspect in the face several times and poked his eye. She was able to break free and run away.  

  • San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department Press Release
    SUSPECT(S): Unknown light skin African American, Hispanic or Pacific Islander adult male approximately 25 years of age, approximately 6 feet tall, weighing approximately 240 lbs, dark hair, unshaven - short beard and mustache last seen wearing a dark colored hoody, grey baseball cap and jean shorts

    Police: (Black) Suspect at large after attempted rape of 72-year-old Capitol Hill woman
black rapistSEATTLE - Investigators are hunting for a man accused in the assault and attempted rape of a 72-year-old woman at her Capitol Hill home, police said Wednesday. The incident unfolded Saturday at about 11:45 a.m. near 17th Avenue East and East Denny Way, said Detective Mark Jamieson of the Seattle police. He said the woman had just entered her residence when she noticed the suspect standing in her front door. The suspect knocked the woman to the ground, attempted to sexually assault her and hit her several times, Jamieson said. The victim was able to elbow the suspect in the face and he eventually fled. Officers, medics, forensics specialists and sexual assault detectives responded to the scene after the victim called 911. Patrol officers conducted an exhaustive search of the area, but they were unable to locate the suspect. The victim was taken to Harborview Medical Center, where she remains hospitalized for serious injuries suffered during the attack. "This is a horrific attack. It's something we take very, very seriously," Jamieson said. "It fortunately is not something we see a lot, but when we do see something like this we are taking it very, very seriously." The suspect is described as a black male, about 40 to 50 years old, with a dark complexion and a heavy build. He was described as having a long face and a thin nose, with unkempt short hair. He was last seen wearing a red and black lightweight parka and jeans. Anyone with information is urged to contact Seattle Police Detective Gallegos at (206) 684-5767.
    Hearing Set for (Black) Pennsylvania Man Accused of Killing Police Chief's Nephew
Glenn Walker IIIThomas CarterA preliminary hearing is set for the man accused of fatally shooting the nephew of Harrisburg's police chief. Police say 19-year-old Glenn Walker III shot 36-year-old John Carter III after an argument became physical on March 26. Carter is the nephew of (black) Chief Thomas Carter, who promised to crack down on violence in the state's capital following the shooting. Walker was free on bail after three prior arrests when the shooting occurred.  





    Azizjon Rakhmatov, 28, originally from Uzbekistan, charged with funding Brooklyn ISIS wannabes
4 of 6 Jihadi Muslim terroristsA sixth man has been charged in an ISIS recruitment plot tied to Brooklyn. Azizjon Rakhmatov, 28, originally from Uzbekistan, helped fund the foiled trip of Akhror Saidakhmetov and Adburasul Juraboev to Turkey and Syria so they could join ISIS, Brooklyn federal prosecutors said Wednesday. Both men were arrested before they were able to leave the country. The Brooklyn group allegedly had plans to join ISIS, kill President Obama and bomb Coney Island. Rakhmatov, with three other previously arrested men — Abror Habibov, Dilkhayot Kasimov and Akmal Zakirov — helped to fund Saidakhmetov’s pursuit of joining the terrorist organization. He had discussions with Habibov about paying for Saidakhmetoy’s travel expenses and eventually buying him a gun upon his arrival to Syria.

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  • White Nationalist Out as Trump Delegate
    William Daniel Johnson, the leader of the white-nationalist American Freedom Party, was selected as a delegate from California on Donald Trump’s slate, Mother Jones reported Tuesday. Johnson allegedly disclosed details about his extremist political beliefs in the application to become delegate and he has been an outspoken supporter of the presumptive Republican nominee in recent months, setting up robocalls in various states on his behalf as well as a hotline for Trump supporters who have felt “marginalized.”


  • (White) Former South Carolina police officer who fatally shot (black suspect) Walter Scott indicted on federal civil rights violation
    The former South Carolina police officer who shot and killed Walter Scott as he fled a traffic stop last year was indicted by a federal grand jury that charged him with a civil rights violation. In the indictment filed Tuesday, the grand jury accuses Michael Slager, a former North Charleston police officer, of depriving Scott of his rights under color of law. The grand jury said that when Slager shot Scott “without legal justification” in April 2015, he took away his constitutional right “to be free from the use of unreasonable force by a law enforcement officer.”



  • Foul mouth priest Rev. Michael P. Reilly, in hot water at Catholic high school
    “unleashed a constant stream of rude, crude and inappropriate remarks including saying the word f–k in almost every sentence in some form,”
    The man of God even unleashed homophobic and racist tirades, joking that he wanted to kick a black teacher “back to the jungle” and calling an administrator a “fat f—ot,” the suit says.


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    (Black) 17-year-old arrested in death of (White) Lehigh Acres teen
Tarozjay CherryJonthomas HobbsLEE COUNTY - Lee County sheriff's deputies tracked down and arrested the teen they say is responsible for the shooting death of another teen in Lehigh Acres. Tarozjay Cherry, 17, appeared in front of a judge Tuesday morning at the Lee County Justice Complex and stands accused in a Sunday night shooting that left Jonthomas Hobbs, also 17, dead on Wanda Avenue. Deputies say a drug deal was the reason Hobbs and three others were meeting with Cherry. An argument broke out, Hobbs was shot in the shoulder and later died at a hospital. Cherry was booked overnight on a homicide charge and another charge of robbery with a firearm. The judge ordered Cherry not to have any contact with co-defendants in the case, but neither the Lee County Sheriff's Office nor the state attorney's office are aware of other arrests connected to the shooting. - (Black-on-white)   

  • Editor note: Don't do drugs. Especially don't buy from, sell to and/or share drugs with blacks

    (White 'Dog Samaritans') Woman, son beat up (by black savages) after freeing dog from hot car in Clay
Jalamb Trinney and Kendra SmithMelanie May and her son Bradley AllenTwo people were arrested after a woman says she and her son were beaten up for rescuing a dog they believed was overheating in a truck in Clay County on Saturday. Melanie May said she and her son Bradley Allen saw the dog foaming at the mouth inside a truck parked at Dollar General around 2:30 p.m. "Somebody left their dog in 93 degree weather. They had about an inch of air on either side with their windows down," May said. She and her son opened the truck door to let the dog out after they went into several stores to look for the dog's owner. Kendra Smith, the dog's owner, came outside and began to argue with May and her son. "(She) was very mad, very irritated, and very violent about messing with her vehicle," May said. May said Smith, 27, called a man and the two of them beat up May and her son. Officers found Allen laying on the ground, he and May had blood coming from their nostrils and mouths, according to the police report. Both were taken to the hospital with injuries. Allen got four stitches in his lip and three staples in his head, May said. One of May's teeth were knocked out and three others are loose from the attack, she said. Smith and 25-year-old Jalamb Trinney, who May said is Smith's brother, were arrested and charged with battery. - (Black-on-white) bongo
    (Black pimp) gets long prison term in Phoenix child prostitution case
Andre Antonio AdamsPHOENIX - A man convicted in a child prostitution case in Phoenix has been sentenced to nearly 331 years in prison. Maricopa County prosecutors say 33-year-old Andre Antonio Adams was sentenced Monday. Adams was arrested in January 2015 and accused of causing two 15-year-old girls to engage in prostitution and providing them with drugs. A jury found Adams guilty last March on 10 counts of child prostitution and two counts of transferring or selling drugs to a minor. Prosecutors say Adams has prior convictions for aggravated assault, conspiracy to commit sale of marijuana and possession of marijuana.
    Arrests made in alleged sexual assaults of 2 Kennesaw State students
Romelo Alfred LewisTyree Robert MewCobb County police have charged two men for allegedly sexually assaulting a Kennesaw State University student at an off-campus house. One of those two men, also a KSU student, is also accused in a second sexual assault in March, police said. On Nov. 14, a woman told police a man removed her from her bedroom at a house on Wetherbyrne Road, about a half-mile from the KSU campus, an arrest warrant states. The woman told police she was put on a couch and blacked out, and it was hours later before she regained consciousness. But while the woman was on the couch, she was assaulted by two different men, Romelo Alfred Lewis, 21, and Tyree Robert Mew, 23, who took turns, according to police. Then on March 28, another woman, also a KSU student, told police she was held down against her will and assaulted while she yelled, “No!” and tried to scratch and kick her attacker.
    (Black demon) named 'Christ' convicted of second-degree rape of homeless woman in Baltimore
Christ BessimoBALTIMORE - The Baltimore State's Attorney has convicted a local man named Christ Bessimo of the second-degree rape of a homeless woman. On January 13, 2015 a homeless woman was sleeping at a bus station on Cathedral St. by W. Franklin St. when 35-year-old Bessimo began staring at her and her friends. When the victim asked him why he was staring, he punched her in the face, then climbed on top of her and sexually assaulted her. During the sexual assault, the victim's friends yelled for help. A passerby heard the noise and ran over to help, grabbing Bessimo off of the woman and holding him down until police arrived.
    (Black) Man Accused of Sexually Assaulting Female Cab Driver Gets 60 Years
Michael HayesQUINCY, FL - A man accused of attacking and sexually assaulting a cab driver in Gadsden County plead no contest. According to the Gadsden County Sheriff's Office, Michael Hayes called a cab in Tallahassee on February 4, 2015. Deputies said the victim was carjacked, driven to several areas in Havana and sexually assaulted. The victim, after reportedly being dragged out of her car, was able to escape and drive to the hospital in her taxi cab, unclothed. Hayes did later confess to the assault in an interview with investigators. At a hearing Thursday, Hayes plead no contest to charges of kidnapping, sexual assault and robbery. Hayes received 30 years for the kidnapping charges, 15 years for the sexual assaults and 15 years for robbery, which will be served concurrently, the courts said.
    NOPD says DNA links arrested (black named 'White') to 2013 knifepoint rape
Aaron WhiteNew Orleans police booked a man Monday (May 9) with first-degree rape after they said a DNA match linked him to a woman's sexual assault at knifepoint in 2013. Aaron White, 31, is accused of forcing a 38-year-old woman into an alley and raping her at knifepoint shortly before 2:30 p.m. on Oct. 17, 2013. White is married and lives in the 4300 block of South Galvez Street, less than a mile from the site of the alleged attack. He was taken into custody Monday at 12:20 a.m. at 1040 Elysian Fields Ave., the address of Gene's Po-Boys. White's arrest register said he is employed as a security guard.
    Minneapolis man sentenced for transporting women for prostitution
Ronnel JohnsonFARGO—A Minneapolis man was sentenced Monday, May 9, in U.S. District Court here to three years and four months in prison for transporting women for prostitution. Ronnel Johnson, 31, was also sentenced to serve five years on supervised release and ordered to pay a $100 special assessment to the Crime Victims' Fund, according to information provided by U.S. Attorney Chris Myers. The case came to the attention of law enforcement after a North Dakota Highway Patrol trooper stopped a rental vehicle Johnson was driving on Interstate 94 near Valley City. After Johnson and a female passenger in the vehicle gave conflicting stories about the purpose of their trip to Williston, N.D., a search of the vehicle revealed cellphones containing text messages that implicated Johnson in directing prostitution, according to Myers.  

    (Black) Ex-US Rep. Mel Reynolds - convicted of sex with his 16-year-old former intern - wants to plead guilty in tax case
Mel ReynoldsCHICAGO -- Former U.S. Rep. Mel Reynolds says he wants to plead guilty to misdemeanor federal charges of failing to file a tax return. Reynolds was arrested April 11 at an Atlanta airport when he arrived from South Africa after failing to attend a hearing in the tax case. Reynolds was previously convicted in 1995 after having sex with a 16-year-old former intern. He was charged in that case with criminal sexual abuse, child pornography and obstruction of justice. In 1997, while serving a state prison sentence, he was convicted in federal court on 15 counts of fraud related to illegal campaign fundraising. His 6 1/2 year federal prison sentence was commuted by then-president (intern-abusing sex-offender) Bill Clinton in 2001. bongo

    (Black) Suspect charged with murder in Houston dancer's death
Jonathan GreenHOUSTON -- A suspect has been charged with the shooting death of an aspiring Houston hip-hop artist, reports. Jehlan Nakai Vaughn, 20, was gunned down at his apartment and Jonathan Green, 20, was arrested Friday and charged with murder in the case. Police haven't released a motive. According to the station, Vaughn was a dancer and choreographer who was making a name for himself among some well-known entertainers.
    71-Year-Old Man Arrested, Charged With Murder - stopped by police and shot self in mouth
Leroy ClarkABINGTON, Pa. — Montgomery County authorities announced the arrest of Leroy Clark, 71, on charges of first-degree murder and related offenses in the shooting death of 73-year-old Robert Duncan on December 23, 2015. Police say that Clark shot Duncan after an argument and fled the scene driving a Dodge Caravan. Less than 15 minutes after the incident, authorities say Clark was stopped by police and refused to surrender. Authorities say he fired his weapon, causing self-inflicted gunshot wounds to his chest and mouth. Clark underwent surgery and was transported to Philadelphia for treatment. Clark was arrested on May 9 and is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on May 20.
    Black accused of stabbing girlfriend claims his own lawyer is biased against him
Arthur Wyche A Brooklyn man accused of stabbing his girlfriend to death unsuccessfully attempted to fire his court-appointed attorney Monday–claiming he’d just learned the lawyer had been stabbed, and was therefore “biased” against purported stabbers like himself. Defendant Arthur Wyche told Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Matthew D’Emic there was a “conflict of interest” between him and attorney Hermann Walz, given that he had just learned Walz was “recently stabbed.” “This is complete news to me,” a stunned-looking Walz said in reference to the motion, turning to look at the still-cuffed Wyche. “I had no idea.” “There is a conflict of interest due to the fact that my attorney was recently the victim of an assault, which resulted in an injury by way of him being stabbed.” Wyche wrote in his motion for reassignment of counsel, dated April 15. “This has made my attorney bias [sic] towards me.” Wyche is facing charges of second-degree murder for allegedly stabbing live-in girlfriend Dorina Webster to death in their East Flatbush unit on Aug. 31, 2015.
    ‘Love-seeking’ gunman sentenced to 25 years in prison
Cush Wrigh-ElA Baltimore man who claimed he was only “guilty” of “looking for love on Facebook” and not the random shooting spree of which he was actually convicted was sentenced Tuesday to 25 years in prison. Before Brooklyn Supreme Court Justice Suzanne Mondo handed down the order, gunman Cush Wrigh-El futilely attempted to push the sentencing date back 30 days, vaguely claiming he needed to “tie up some additional affairs.” Wright-El, who represented himself after canning a series of court-appointed lawyers, was convicted last month for shooting William Mayo, his 16 year-old nephew Kayshawn Mayo, and Judith Daniel when he opened fire on a tranquil Bed-Stuy block in Oct. 2014. He was collared after a fast thinking relative of the victims jumped in a car and ran him over.
    (Black) Man found guilty in shooting that killed teen girl on bus
Kevin McClintonA Queens man was found guilty Monday of shooting at a passing city bus and killing a 14-year-old girl as she made her way home from a Sweet 16 party. Kevin McClinton now faces 25 years to life in prison for the murder of D’aja Robinson, who was on the Q6 bus in Jamaica on May 18, 2013, when she was gunned down. On that day, McClinton’s crony Shamel Capers allegedly pulled out a handgun and started taking pot shots at the vehicle. McClinton, 24, grabbed the weapon and continued firing. One bullet smashed a window and hit Robinson in the head. He was trying to hit a rival gang member to settle a Facebook beef.
    3 (black) Girls Charged In Connection To Fatal Assault Of Delaware High School Student
WILMINGTON, Del. — Three teens have been charged in connection with the beating death of a high school student in Wilmington, Delaware. The Delaware Department of Justice announced the charges on Monday against three girls in connection with the death of Amy Joyner-Francis, who died as a result of an assault that took place on April 21 inside the restroom at Howard High School. Prosecutors said the medical examiner’s report played a key role in their decision on charges against the three minors. It was ruled that Joyner-Francis died from a cardiac incident that took place because of a pre-existing condition. It was determined that if the assault had not taken place, the cardiac incident would not have occurred. Trinity Carr, 16, was charged with criminally negligent homicide. Authorities said Carr is the person who hit Joyner-Francis and sparked the injury that led to her death. Prosecutors said they would seek to have her tried as an adult due to “the severity of her offense,” which is punishable by up to eight years in prison.  

    Black Sports: Carjack Victim Says He Picked Marzjahn Beach From Photo Lineup
Marzjahn Rivers BeachsuspectsuspectsuspectA man who said he was carjacked near a dog park in Chattanooga on May 1 testified Tuesday that he picked Marzjahn Rivers Beach out of a photo lineup. General Sessions Court Judge Clarence Shattuck bound to the Grand Jury charges against the 18-year-old Beach of carjacking, possession of a firearm during the commission of a crime, and unlawful possession of a weapon. Kevin Dossett said he and Dedrick Haslerig had been to Planet Fitness and he was about to head back to Nashville when he halted at a stop sign. He said a black male came up to the passenger side of his car and told him to "Give me everything you've got." He said the man was armed with a black semi-automatic pistol that he aimed at him. He said his wallet and cell phone were taken, and the gunman drove off in his car. He said he was joined by another black male who had approached the passenger side of the vehicle as well as a third person. Mr. Dossett said he recognized a fourth person at the dog park because they had played football together at Tyner. That person left in a gold Altima. Beach, who was a receiver for the Brainerd High football team, is also charged in a carjacking in Knoxville.
    (Black) Man Charged With 21 Counts Of Burglary On Railroad Property
Samuel CarlisleA man has been charged with 21 counts of burglary, six counts of criminal trespassing, and six counts of interference with official traffic control devices. Samuel Carlisle, 21, was arrested on Friday. Norfolk Southern said that Carlisle trespassed onto a number of trains and individual containers located on railroad property without consent and with the intent to commit a theft. They said the trains were delayed, resulting in the interference of Norfolk Southern Railway to furnish service to the general public.
    Baltimore Police Arrest 6 (Black) Teenagers For ‘Bump and Run’ Auto Thefts
4 of 6 black teen carjackersBALTIMORE — Baltimore Police have arrested six teenagers in connection to a string of “bump and run” style auto thefts that have been prevalent in the city recently. Last week, the commissioner convened a task force to investigate the incidents, which involved suspects intentionally rear-ending cars on the road and then carjacking them, police say. “It’s absolutely scary. You don’t expect to get into a fender bend and somebody jumps out and takes your car,” said TJ Smith, Baltimore Police. These carjackings have been happening all over the city. Police say the suspects deliberately bump into people’s cars and when the drive gets out of the car, that’s when everything goes downhill. Police say the teenagers would then take off with the victims’ vehicles, leaving them stranded. Since the arrest of six individuals — 18-year-old Barry Diggs, 17-year-old Jaquan Bennet, 19-year-old Kenyawn Megginson, 19-year-old Jasmine Gerald and two 16-year-old males who police have not identified — there have been no additional reports of these style of vehicle thefts.
    (Black) Woman Kicks, Punches Man In Face On Subway In Queens After He Asks Her To Move Feet Off Seat
black face kickerNEW YORK — A woman is accused of attacking a man on the subway after he asked her to move her feet off a seat. The NYPD said the incident took place April 4 at 9:15 p.m. inside a Queens-bound G train. Police said the suspect punched and kicked the 44-year-old man in the face after he asked her to move her feet from a seat so he could sit down. Police said the woman fled the train at the Court Square station in Queens. The suspect is described as a 5-foot-6, 120-pound black woman, with black hair. She is approximately 30 years old and was last seen wearing a dark-colored coat with a fur-lined collar and black sweatpants.
    (Black) Man Punches 74-Year-Old Woman Inside Queens Subway Station
black puched 74-year-old womanNEW YORK — A close-knit Queens community was on edge late Tuesday, as police searched for a suspect who punched a 74-year-old woman on her way to the subway.The attack happened around 5:15 p.m. back on Sunday, May 1, at the 65th Street station in Woodside. The woman was walking down the stairs when a man walking up the stairs “got in her face,” police said. The man then punched the woman and fled the station, police said. Surveillance video showed the man sauntering down the sidewalk at 69th Street and 38th Avenue just after the attack. Investigators describe him as a black man between 5 feet 10 inches and 6 feet tall, and said he was last seen wearing a red jacket and blue jeans.
    Third (black) Suspect In Custody After Assault Of Two School Officers
Edwin BurgosPHILADELPHIA — A third suspect was taken into custody on Monday in connection with an assault of two school police officers which took place near Northeast High School on the 1900 block of Cottman Avenue on May 2. 23-year-old Edwin Burgos was arrested on Monday. He is charged with two counts each of criminal conspiracy, aggravated assault. simple assault and related offenses. Burgos is the third suspect in custody following the assault which was captured on video. On May 5, a juvenile suspect was taken into custody and charged with aggravated assault and related offenses. The day prior, 19-year-old Roger Millington turned himself in and was also charged with aggravated assault and related offenses.
    Police searching for 5 (black) people involved in huge Mother's Day brawl at Japanese restaurant in Georgia
5 blacks in brawlEAST POINT, Ga. — Police are searching for five people who were involved in a brawl at a south Fulton County restaurant on Mother’s Day. The fight broke out at Kiku Japanese off Camp Creek Parkway after an employee smiled at a problematic customer, according to the police report. Plates, trays, an ice bucket and even a cart were thrown during the brawl. One family, who found themselves caught in the middle of the brawl, recorded video from two separate angles. Police are now using that video to identify the four men and one woman involved in the brawl. They say all five could face serious charges, including battery, theft of services and inciting. Sailyn Barlow, 14, who recorded one of the videos, said she had to duck several times to avoid being hit by the flying object. The restaurant’s owner Charlie Son says he lost around $5,000 between damage and the people who got up and left without paying.
    (Black female Hispanic) Cop suing NYPD over ‘discriminatory’ language policy
Jessenia GuzmanA Hispanic cop is suing the NYPD over its English-only policy — saying she was reprimanded for answering a colleague in Spanish. Jessenia Guzman, a Bronx resident whose family is from the Dominican Republic, claims in a new Manhattan lawsuit that the policy violates her civil and constitutional rights. Guzman claims in the she didn’t even realize the rule existed. Guzman’s supervisor disputed her version of the incident. He says Guzman was “continually” speaking in Spanish to another female officer while he was standing in front of her. “With over 50 different languages spoken by employees of the Department, our Office of Equal Employment Opportunity has established guidelines for members to speak English when they are conducting business
    Voorhees Police Seek Two (black teen vandals) In Connection With Several Vandalized Vehicles
2 black teen vandalsVOORHEES, Nj. — The Voorhees Police Department is asking for the public’s help as they seek two individuals, wanted for questioning in connection to the vandalism of at least five vehicles. Officials say the incidents took place on Tenby Chase and William Feather Drives. Police say the two individuals were going door-to-door, telling residents that they were selling magazines. When homeowners refused to buy, police said the pair took to vandalizing area vehicles.
    (Psychotic black) Inmate was "beaten, starved, treated like a circus animal before left to die", family's lawsuit claims
Jamycheal MitchellJamycheal Mitchell was arrested in April 2015 for stealing $5 worth of snacks from a convenience store. He died the following August alone in a Hampton Roads Regional Jail cell with feces on the walls and urine on the floor. Portsmouth City Jail health care providers described Mitchell as continuing to be psychotic. The suit seeks $60 million in damages.  

    'I'm Sorry I Killed Your Daughter': Hispanic Man Faces Charges After Allegedly Raping, Strangling Girlfriend, Then Texting Her Mom
Veronica RodriguezA Philadelphia man sexually assaulted and strangled his girlfriend to death as her children slept in the couple's Kensington home early Monday, then called 9-1-1 to tell police he killed her, authorities. said. Now, the man, identified as 25-year-old Juan A. Camacho, is facing a slew of charges in his girlfriend's death. Police on Tuesday said Camacho is charged with murder, rape, sexual assault, abuse of corpse and related offenses for assaulting and then strangling 27-year-old Veronica Rodriguez in the couple's house. It appears, according to Rodriguez's relatives in Florida, that she and Camacho had split up, and that Camacho was attempting to win her back when things went terribly wrong and he allegedly killed her. Rodriguez's mother, Maribel Guzman, said that Camacho had been Facebook messaging her asking how he could win her daughter back. He later sent Guzman a chilling text message, she said. It read, "I'm sorry I killed your daughter." Camacho also called 9-1-1 about 2:30 a.m. and told emergency dispatchers that he had just choked his girlfriend to death, leading police to respond to the house and find Rodriguez's body in a bedroom.


    Ex-Staples manager Alaa Saadeh gets 15 years for assisting ISIS
Alaa Saadeh NEWARK, N.J. — A former office-supply store supervisor who pleaded guilty to conspiracy for helping his brother travel to the Middle East to join the Islamic State group was sentenced Tuesday to 15 years in prison by a judge who denied his attorney’s request for a lighter sentence. Alaa Saadeh was charged last year and pleaded guilty in October to conspiracy to aid a U.S.-designated terrorist group. The 24-year-old West New York resident, a former supervisor at a Staples store, planned to travel overseas to join the Islamic State group and allowed his brother to buy a plane ticket with Saadeh’s credit card to fly there to join the organization, federal prosecutors said. The government also alleged Saadeh sought to erase evidence of his brother’s trip by tampering with a cellphone, and counseled an associate to lie to the FBI if questioned. The 15-year sentence was the maximum allowable under Saadeh’s plea agreement.
    (Black) Man sought after (White) NC mom and daughter killed, another woman kidnapped
Camiah WalkerBridgette Nicole BurfordSherry Ann BurfordCASWELL COUNTY, N.C. — Caswell County Sheriff’s Deputies have issued murder warrants for a man suspected of killing a mom and her daughter early Saturday. Deputies have two first-degree murder warrants out for 24-year-old Camiah Tylequis Walker of Burlington. Deputies say Walker should be considered armed and dangerous. Authorities responded to a home on Shady Lane near Gibsonville around 4:15 a.m. in reference to two people suffering gunshot wounds on Saturday. Sheriff’s deputies found two women unresponsive inside the home. First responders tried to save their lives, but the victims were pronounced dead at the scene. The victims were identified as 45-year-old Sherry Ann Burford and 20-year-old Bridgette Nicole Burford of Yanceyville. Relatives on Facebook and profiles on Facebook have indicated that Sherry Ann Burford, who goes by Sherry Ann Mclean, is the mother of Bridgette Nicole Burford. A third victim, a 21-year-old Courtney Michele Lunsford, who lives at the home, was taken against her will at the time of the shooting. Sheriff’s Deputies say she was found unharmed by the Thomasville Police Department. Walker shared a child with Lunsford and that the two women who were killed were an aunt and cousin of Lunsford. The toddler daughter of Lunsford and Walker was present in the house during the shootings and kidnapping. - (Black-on-white)  


Dangers of interracial dating


Unless checked, the modern human (Homo sapiens), as a species, will soon collapse. The degeneration is already apparent.

  • An Epitaph for the Western Culture
    The Western Culture came to America with the early settlers from western Europe, primarily the British Isles. It was predominantly based on the Christian religion with elements of English jurisprudence and commercial law. It was a productive and uniform culture which extended into the minute detail of human behavior. It was extremely successful in the development, in a space of only two centuries, of the United States from a small isolated community of pioneers to the productive, wealthy and powerful country that it is today.
    This culture is now under mortal attack, is severely wounded and will succumb in the near future. It has already lost over half of its supporters and its enemies have the high ground in the media, justice, governing, and education institutions. Its life expectancy is now less than two more generations through our public schools.

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